Ayo Eat

560 Johnson St, Victoria
(250) 590-4231

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Cel Kee

Has to be my favouriteFood in Victoria so far! It tasted amazing but it’s very spicy! We had the green curry and the spicy hard boiled egg dish and wow… we will be coming back soon!!! Good prices (13-20$/dish)and great location. The owner/cook is very kind too! I would recommend to anyone

Lola P.

I absolutely adore this place!! The food is so packed with flavour, fresh, and authentic. Bana is so so lovely and sweet I'm absolutely in love with the food he cooks. I wish there were more places like this. Definitely make sure to drop by!! Highly highly recommend!!

Koby A

Always phenomenal, and for a very reasonable price. Without fail, I'll bring friends here if we want a delicious causal meal.The owner is super nice, and you can tell that they are passionate about the food that they make.This spot is my go to for takeout when I'm downtown.Given the small scale, they can get busy quite quickly around the lunch hour, so plan ahead :)

samantha cheng

Not bad at all but not all the dishes lived up to my expectations.The spring roll was delicious (tofu, egg, vermicelli, spinach) and the peanut sauce is perfect. Satay chicken skewers used the same sauce but the chicken itself was a little bland. He was very nice to give us four instead of three! Spicy hard boiled eggs with rice was good, the chile crisp sauce flavourful, coconut rice paired well and pickled veggies was a nice addition. The beef in the rendang was very tough and did not have a lot of flavour, but it could’ve been an off-day because we were the last order.Keep in mind that the dishes are quite spicy except for the skewers and spring rolls. The chef is very kind and works hard to make all the orders as a one-man team! Get there early as we came back after an hour to pick up our order. Overall came to around $50 for the four items!

Mr. Beaver

As Korean, I thought I could handle spice but this is some next level spicy! It's good spicy tho! Its hot, crunchy and yummy. Boss is a real gentleman which is a plus.

Priscilla Skylar Lee (PSL)

Green curry (chicken) was awesome. Just the right amount of spice where it’s making you break a sweat but it’s manageable. There was a good amount of bamboo shoots and chicken. $15~ dollars.We also got the beef rendang, which was good, but the beef was a little tough. It came with shrimp chips and a crispy potato chip Sambal mixture which tasted was interesting. Probably wouldn’t order it again but it wasn’t bad by any means.Recommend this place for a nice Indonesian takeout experience in downtown Victoria.

Nicholas Pinto

I was skeptical of the simplicity of the dishes, but every part was extremely flavorful. I don't think I'll ever get to experience a better spring roll. I got satay chicken and spring roll. Highly recommend.

Melissa Boulanger

It's always a treat to get Ayo Eat's, it's one of my go to spots for a nice light lunch on a sunny day. Although I've been meaning to try more of the menu I inevitably always end up with the chicken satay. The flavour of the chicken, rice and pickled vegetables is just too good to pass up. As previous reviews mention, it is a bit of a wait due to it being a one man show but well worth it. I usually order and then go for a walk before returning to chow down. So thankful to have found this little corner gem.

Kara Anderson

Everytime I come here he refuses to make an order. Never answers the phone either. It's not an exaggeration when I say 2/10 times I've visited I've managed to get food. But hey, I wouldn't be so annoyed if the food wasn't so good. Chicken satay is delicious. I hope to one day try the curry.


Was visiting Victoria and came across this place in Market Square - was NOT dissapointed. Ordered the rolls and peanut skewers and both were absolutely delicious with great flavour. This was my first time trying Indonesian food and definitely won’t be my last. The cook was a one man show and very pleasant. Expect to wait a bit since it’s only him but it will be worth it!

sulthan shally

Such a great day and good food, completely delicious and authentic indonesian taste !!The best in the town !Fully recommended for all of you, just perfect!Terima kasih banyak, Horas !!

Bo Roberts-Leung

Been by 2 days this week and it’s never been open during their listed operating hours. Not sure if they are still in business or what’s going on. Will change my review if I get clarification but they seem very unreliable..Update - Ok so I called ahead of time on my third attempt and he answered that he was in that day. The food was really delicious and great value. The chicken satay has a wonderful peanut sauce on coconut rice and the fresh tofu spring rolls were great. Glad I was able to try it, worth the 5 stars for the value and quality, but I would recommend calling ahead to make sure he's open.Food 9/10Atmosphere n/a takeoutService 8/10Value 10/10

Yenny Kusumahendra

When you are in Victoria this is one of the food that you must try. I am from Indonesia and I can say that the taste is amazing! The sate as well as Nasi campur!! Back for the 2 times in a row

Mark D.

Best food i've ever had. Everything on the menu is incredible. My favorite is the Rendang and the Goreng. Bana is an awesome Chef. Check it out next time you are in Victoria.

Elle Brown

Simple place with a small menu. We got the chicken satay with rice and green tofu curry. Good for two people with small appetite. Eating on the square on a sunny day. About a 20 min wait but you can call ahead.

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