Baan Thai Wok & Bar

777 Royal Oak Dr #400, Victoria
(250) 658-0057

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jim rondeau

I had eaten at this restaurant a few times but recently ate a chicken based soup that tasted great going down but not so good coming up. I had food poisoning within 3 hours of eating at Baan Thai, and spent an entire night on the toilet and threw up regularly, and my body was shaking for 6 hours. This was my only meal that day after breakfast 71/2 hours before I ate at Baan Thai and so it was easy to point to the cause.After this experience, I quietly went to the counter to explain what happened and I was told that the manager would call me back. This did not happen. I went the second time and again this did not happen. Finally, I went the third time and was told go to CRD inspection and that I would not get any compensation for my meal. I will do this to protect other unfortunate customers who choose to eat here.I was told by the manager that dozens of people would have been sick if I was sick, this is simply not accurate. Poor hygiene hand washing, food handling, or storage can affect one serving of food.I expected a call back and my money back for my soup. I received neither. As a former Minister of Healthy Living in Manitoba, and a person very familiar with food handling, I am shocked by this restaurants unprofessionalism.I do not recommend this restaurant ever.

Chris Lai

Our young family always has the best dining experience here. Today, our server Kerry was a superstar. Kerry was prompt and attentive. She was super accommodating with all of our requests like having chopped chilis on the side – I love spicy food, but the kids not so much. We also asked to split an orange juice into two kids cups and that was handled no problem. Our family favourite dishes include Por Pya spring rolls, Kow Phad Kee Mao drunken fried rice, Bangkok noodles, Tom Kah Gai soup, and Panang dried red curry. The food is served quickly, and always tastes fresh and tasty. Sharing plates are available and I encourage it so you can taste all the different dishes. The only really minor area of improvement would be to clean the kid's high chairs more often or at least rotate between them, as often the first chair is used the most and can be stained or grimey. Still giving 5/5 for the excellent food and super service.

Jonathan Poppitt

App is terrible, it always says our order can't be processed before the restaurant closes. Obviously this is not the case when ordering at 530. Called our order in. Went to pick up and they can't find it. The only reason they get 2 stars is that the food is actually quite good. Take out is always a disaster. Previous times we have been missing rice and other parts of the order. Won't be ordering from them again not worth the frustration.

Dare Devils

I had really good experience. I went to broadmead branch today evening . Amy was polite and friendly. Food was amazing. Loved Drunken noodles and spring rolls. They are worth trying. I also want to thank Amy for being down to earth and amazing. ??

Gregory Beaumont

Delicious. The Moo Gratiem (Garlic pork) and the Thai cold coffee were perfectWe will back


Tried gluten free Satay - Grilled chicken skewers. Very nice and sweet. The place wasn’t busy on a Wednesday afternoon, attentive service ?


BEST Thai food out there!! Amazing service, atmosphere and servers!! Would recommend to anyone, especially the Phad thai!!! 10/10 experience!!!

Vishal Patel

We are only 5-adult and 15-month old and waitress count her 6th person to charge gratuity. So needyness. This owner should pay better wages. They charge extra $30 on our bill. Not going here anymore or not recommending anyone. Also, none of the waitress paying attention after finishing our meal and expect to tip them.Veryyy bad experience..

Thomas Kobylarz

We order from this location generally 1-2 times a month, primarily take out. In the past we have had no complaints and feel satisfied. We usually order the "Mild" spice option for the dishes we choose.Today our food was very bland without much flavor. Salt seemed to also be absent.I would have given a 1 star review but the noodles were cooked well.

Jonathan kou

I frequent here often. Their food and service has always been spectacular.They don’t deserve to have less than 5 stars but I do want to mention that one time their chicken wings were fried in old oil. It was dark brown as opposed to the golden brown I’ve been accustomed to and smelled burnt. However, they did comp me on my next visit. On the next visit, I found the chicken wings on the bland side.I hope these were off visits because I love their chicken wings!

Serena Anne

The squid appetizer was really bad. It was over donee day dry . I sent it back and even the remake was too crispy… It was bland and needed more flavour and more juiciness! Very disappointed didn’t even eat it all… Too bad as I heard the rest of their food is really good

Bacon Butty

Hit and miss. Went for lunch with a friend. Were brought our starter soup. Waited about 45 minutes, no main dish. Then we were brought more soup. We explained we already got our soup and wanted the main dish. The food arrived about 10 minutes later. The female servers seemed more interested standing around chatting than serving customers. Our server forgot about us. Won't be going back. Food is ok, much more attention should be paid to serving customers.

Gisele Verrier

Spacious location with windows on all exterior walls…very pleasant space filled with natural light. Great service. The generous lunch specials are delicious and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Ali Skye

Best Thai food in the city.. the chicken noodle soup and the drunken noodles are to die for! The servers are always so wonderful and knowledgeable on the menu options. Carrie is the best, we like to request the booth seat by the window, and she’s always extremely accommodating with our group! We have been regulars for years, and it’s our favorite place to go for a night out.

Warren Steel

I was seated and served pretty quickly. Staff were friendly and attentive.

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