Cococo / Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut / Broadmead

777 Royal Oak Dr, Victoria
(250) 744-1561

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Chelsea Reed

This chocolate is so smooth. Tried it for the first time in a mocha and it was heavenly. I can't wait to try it in baked goods.

Jeffrey Osier-Mixon

Great variety and quality chocolates

Christopher Chan

Amazing place to buy chocolate! Great selections of yummy chocolates and the service is amazing!!! Highly recommended ?

Katharine G.

The BEST service ever! Great products and an amazing manager - Brad. He went above and beyond to make a customer happy. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this wonderful gem.

Maria Lewanski

Excellent service! Due to the Covid restrictions, we were not able to travel from Europe for my mother's 90th birthday. Brad from Cococo made a special custom box, with 90 chocolates, and delivered it personally to her house - thanks!

Ingrid Lorensen

Received Valentine chocolate heart with small chocolates inside, after years of exquisite Bernard chocolates. Incredibly disappointing. Chocolates are misshapen, crumbling, and tasteless. Whole thing wrapped in foil because falling apart. Bernard illustrated pamphlet enclosed is a joke. This seems like predatory business practices, is deceptive and fraudulent to use name of Bernard. No comparison. What a disappointment.

Michael Tuttle

The primary reason for our disappointment is the change. We just ordered two Christmas logs and a box of chocolates. These chocolates are NOTHING like the chocolates we used to order only a year or two ago from Bernard Callebaut. The company has obviously been bought by another company and the product was changes. The other chocolates were the best EVER according to my wife and kids. What we got this year were just squares of chocolate in different flavors...nothing in the different textures or ingredients....just different colors and flavors...all just simple squares of chocolate about 3 centimeters deep...totally different. Even the website currently still shows photos of what the old chocolates looked like. What you see on the website is not what arrives at your house. Very sad. I read online that the company had financial troubles, so I assume they were purchased by someone else. Whoever bought them has not preserved their recipes or quality sadly.

Natasha Isabel Huth

Thank you Brad! The chocolates here are so tasty, yum.


The best chocolate around!


We lived in Calgary for many years, where Monsieur Callebaut made his Canadian home base. Long & storied career - the BEST chocolate of all the chocolatiers. Living up Island, where there is not as much selection - it was great to get his chocolate again - lots of variety/selection and delicious !

Karen L.

Delicious chocolate!! I highly recommend this store! This chocolatier, far surpasses Rogers (awful) chocolates. This store, most definitely, has the most delicious chocolates in Victoria! Heavenly truffles, hand dipped chocolates, chocolate bars, and other items, are made by using, world famous, Belgium chocolate. Cocoa, and other items, are also available.The staff here, are warm, friendly, and inviting. They offer customers, a free chocolate to sample, which is not only a kind gesture, but it has lead me to buy chocolates that I would not have bought, had I not sampled them, and realized how delicious they are.

Clancy Harder

Great product priced well friendly staff excellent quality.

Jessica Stein

Delicious chocolates and friendly helpful salespeople. Nicely decorated with seasonal displays. Plus there's always a free sample.

Ken Y

Nice staff. Nice location.

Christine Belliveau

Always something new to share with chocolate lovers in your life.

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Cococo / Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut / Broadmead

777 Royal Oak Dr, Victoria, BC V8X 4V1
(250) 744-1561