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Pritpal Kanda

Asked for a pulled pork burrito and I got one piece of dried chicken in there instead. The tortilla want even toasted and just tasted like like a 2 dollar frozen burrito. Spent $15 and I wish I didn’t. I went in at August 9th at 12:15.

Megan Jones

Amazing staff, food, and atmosphere! One of my favourite places to go for lunch

Tina M

We have been coming here since this place opened. I even get chips and salsa to take out when we are making our own Mexican food at home. It's a staple as everyone loves their homemade chips and salsa. Sent my son to pick some up this week and the salsa is completely different. Definitely did not taste homemade - more like from a jar. And the large chips are more the size of a medium now. Portions have definitely changed which is understandable - but maybe a warning about the salsa change when people are buying large containers to take home. Won't be doing that anymore!

Hugo Donais

Terribly overpriced for what you get. Order 4 chicken burritos (they’re tiny) with extra chicken, nothing else, $85. Of course the machine asked you for a tip even tho it’s take out. $100 hair cut for 4 small Mexican burritos. Let’s not blame inflation. No thanks.


We picked up a take out order. Food was mediocre at best. Burritos were mostly just beans and rice. Burrito bowl had max 2 tbs chicken and same w beans. It was all tasteless rice. Save your money and go somewhere else


Honestly pretty dissapointed…. I’m celiac so I can’t have gluten. Basically everything on their menu has gluten except for the taco salad. I couldn’t get the tortilla strips in it and I don’t like refried beans so I told the girl at the counter to Include more lettuce instead…. This salad costed me $15!!! There’s a very small amount of shredded lettuce which is just ridiculous because lettuce is cheap, they shouldn’t be stingy on lettuce in a SALAD!? After reading another review of their salads it seems like this is a common issue… I’d suggest management to rectify as I’m definitely not going back now knowing their portions are tiny, and quality/quantity of food is overpriced ?

Tage Harrison

Good grub. Love grabbing lunch here. Convenient, decent price, and tasty. Good job cafe mexigo.

Lynn Millar

Such a disappointment!! I ordered the chicken avocado salad today and was beyond sad to open it up and see what they served me. Avocado was next to non existent, 2 slices of mushrooms, and maybe a teaspoon of salsa. When I called the restaurant back to complain over the quality and quantity, all I got was a , Sorry ?‍♀️ As well, I asked for a creamy dressing, paid for an extra……not creamy at all. Overall one of the worst salads I have bought in probably 5 years. Never again!

Cathy Connell

Tried this cute little restaurant for the first time today.. super clean.. very friendly staff.. prompt service. Hands down the best Chimichanga I have ever had. Great place.. great prices.. great food

Cheyanne C

Absolutely love this place! I’ve been eating here for many years and have never once been disappointed. Staff are always great, food is very consistent and yummy!

Mitch L

Delicious, fresh, mexican food. Couldn't do 5 stars because NO Taco Tuesday....


Honestly one of the saddest burritos ever... go to mucho please. I'm literally upset eating this thing... no filling, no veg I should have just thrown my money out the window, at least it would have gone to a good place! This is not even Texas mex food. Just some stuff slapped together. Take it and go should be you're slogan.

Scott Taylor

Good cheap food, never had a bad meal here

Matsonia Matson

I always get a craving for Mexigo every couple months. Even though I love meat burrito I am looking forward to trying out enchiladas. Service and her kindness went beyond since I have been temporarily impaired using a knee scooter. I also feel safe because the place is aways clean and uncluttered.

Markus Wenzel

Refreshing, crunchy and fresh avocado chicken salad with honey lime dressing hit the spot as a light dinner.

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