Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill

1638 McKenzie Ave #101, Victoria
(778) 265-0908

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All the sauces are good and they give a generous amount. I like the cilantro lime crema the best. The staff is friendly. The kids meal is a good value. The only negative is that the drink options included in the kids meal are all sugary. I wish they offered milk.

Heather McCue

Don’t order online as there is a good chance your order won’t come out as you request. This has been my experience on more than one occasion. Go in person so you can ensure what you ask for is what you get. Lovely staff and great food. Just order it face to face.

Skye Andersen

My pregnant self was craving a burrito so badly, so my husband kindly went and grabbed me a steak burrito from this location. When I got it I was ecstatic because it’s all I was craving! I took one bite and it tasted burnt, no cilantro lime sauce like I asked, there was barely any steak in it, I asked for extra pico de galo and got none. I had asked for rice and there were only beans. It was awful.I was so upset, and all I wanted was a delicious burrito that I remembered having before. I don’t normally complain, but I called shortly after and had to leave a voicemail. It was a Sunday, so I wasn’t expecting to get a call back right away. I waited until Friday that week and then I sent an email. I have not heard back from the manager of this place still. I don’t normally post bad reviews online but this is absurd, and I am so disappointed.To sum up, if you are thinking of having yourself a delicious burrito, take yourself to Mexigo in broadMead. It is beyond fabulous, reasonably priced and you get what you pay for. I will never step foot in A mucho burrito ever again. You’ve had your chance to redeem yourself and you utterly failed. Shame on your management.

Booyaka Stubbs (

First time eating mucho burrito outside of my goto Langford location. I love the food here and it never disappoints my wallet or stomach. Food is fresh and was made promptly. Not too busy inside the store but outside was a mad house. Would have been 5 stars but the location sucks hard. The parking is a nightmare and the spots are very small and cramped together. Staff was friendly and polite and happy to know that I support the few franchises on the isles and eat there often. Keep up the good work and great food..

t g

Poor customer service . They wouldn't let me order over the phone, and then when I got to the online ordering , it wouldn't allow me to order what I wanted. Mediocre lukewarm food. I will not go back or recommend it to anyone else.

The Medieverse

I love Mexican food and have gone to this location many times in person and have left satisfied, but that was 2 years ago before I moved back to Victoria. My last experience with Skip delivery was atrocious. My mucho burrito arrived cold and the cheese inside was that nasty vegan stuff that didn't even melt. I felt disgusted trying to take out all the vegan cheese with my fork before I threw the rest away in shame. I was just stoned looking to munch out but ended up auditioning for a horror film. Never again!

Noah Wass

If your hungry, this is the place to visit !! Their burritos are gigantic and packed with serious flavour and fresh ingredients ! Better grab a handful of napkins, you won't be disappointed ! The staff are friendly and quick too

Fumika M

It was a brick of a burrito and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! 2 servings here for me.Got regular size chicken with pickled cabbage and yams. Get corn too! The burrito sauce went really well with it. They don’t serve water here so bring some if you’re too broke to pay for drinks, bc you’re gonna need it.

Lanaya Dale

This place is an actual health hazard. Most disappointing meal and I'm filled with regret. My spouse and I ordered delivery and mine was ice cold while somehow my spouse's was still warm. My tacos were soggy and when I picked them up the entire bottom fell out of all of them and they tasted off. I should have never eaten them because I got instant heartburn and not long later I became violently ill. I'm not allergic to any of the ingredients that were in the tacos and I'm certain it was from eating this food. Both my spouse and I were sick the next day. Never again.

James DeBeck

Excellent food and service. Doesn't take long for me to get my lunch which is great. Great burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and stuff. It's just too bad that "Mucho Burrito" has ditched their "Mucho Burrito". For those who like large burritos, the title's a bit misleading.I don't understand why they still call it "Mucho Burrito". Why don't they just call it "Mucho Cafe" or something?

Mark Cross

I have been going here for years. Recently however the service is just way too slow. I was in yesterday with only one customer ahead of me and due to skip orders and confusion it took over 25 minutes to get one burrito. I could go to a sit down restaurant and get my food faster. They need to hire more staff or streamline.

Jen T (JenTap)

Ordered online and when I went to pick it up, it wasn’t started. Seemed like they had completely missed it. Whatever, it happens, and they got it ready within a few minutes. Deal breaker was all the rotten lettuce they gave me though. No plans to go back.

Erich Weiss

Don’t offer spare masks and terrible customer service

Dave Critchley

Gave them 5 stars before, because I loved it. Then they changed their recipe and started putting cilantro in everything (and still have the bucket of cilantro at the end for those that want it). I used to eat here all the time, now I don't at all and I miss it.

Senayet Negusse

Best burritos!!! Love that they toast them.Please open one in seattle

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