Romeo's Pizza

777 Royal Oak Dr, Victoria
(250) 744-1177

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Too bad I was left wanting more wine to enjoy my meal, and that the fettucine alfredo was so heavily seasoned with oregano. Italian food does not use oregano so much as garlic, basil and onion. Oregano is a Greek thing. Less truly is more.

Frank Gibbins

Visited this restaurant a couple weeks ago. They weren’t particularly busy but still the service was poor. For example, ran out of my drink halfway through the meal and the server never came back for a refill.My pasta was over cooked and was kinda rubbery - like it had sat under a heat lamp. Portions were on the small side.My meal wasn’t particularly expensive, but I’d be happy to pay more for better quality and larger portions. I feel like Romeo’s isn’t what it used to be.

Alex Yasinskyy

These guys have no clue how a real pizza should look like, it’s a total joke. They’d rather call it hot pie but not pizza. I would politely suggest they should visit some authentic pizzerias in Vancouver to get a feeling about real pizza or they should stop calling what they do as pizza, it’s disrespectful to Italian culture and cuisine.

Tony Finch

Best pizza and pasta ever! I live in Vancouver now and Romeos is always my 1st stop whe I visit the island.Wish there were locations outside Victoria.

Amanda Brodie

I was given a gift card at Christmas. When I went to use it there was a glitch in their computer system and it wouldn't work. The Broadmead restaurant made me pay full price for my pizza and when I got home it was cold and I had to microwave it. I spent weeks calling the store and head office to get a new gift card and it still hasn't been dealt with. I will not eat here again. The restaurant has terrible service and the pizza is too expensive for the quality. Romeos pretends to be upscale but I've had better pizza elsewhere for less.

John John

I've been enjoying the pizza from Romeo's for many years. Unfortunately the pizza seems a bit inconsistent to me. I've noticed that they seem to be lighter some days and the toppings seem somewhat sparse at times (Pepperoni pizza pictured)We still really like the food there though.

Stephanie Maccc

Been to this particular Romeos at Broadmead Village. Despite being super busy on a lunch time weekday, the food came out promptly and the wait staff have been very good at checking to make sure we have all we need for our meal. My group of three (myself included) ordered two fish and chips, and a pizza. The fish and chips were nicely portioned, not overcooked (I've had overly fried/dark brown before), as with the pizza. No complaints. The ambience was welcoming for us, and from what I could see, all staff knew what they were doing.


I am a huge Romeo's fan, frequent Duncan and Langford locations. Was headed to Butchart Gardens for Christmas light show so decided to stop at Broadmead location. Found the menu expensive, especially the appetizers, not great value vs plate served. Appetizers and main arrived at table at the same time which was disappointing. Server was friendly besides our party was disturbed that she offered free refills and then refilled our drinks with same glasses and straws as we watched her carry them to the bar by the rims... Was at table near the bar, bar was full of regulars, no social distancing when bartender was removing mask or pulling down mask, maskless people coming and going. Seemed owner showed up, well dressed polite man, told the server to give a child anything he wanted, guessing it was a family member. Most of the bartenders removed masks and started chatting, on both sides of the bar. Just didn't feel safe to us. Will not return to this location. Unfortunate because Saanich is my families old stomping ground.

Louise Cianflone

Too busy? 30 minutes for order to be taken then another 40 minutes to receive meals. We sat for over an hour with just water. When the five meals arrived, the pasta and pizza were hot but the other meals were barely lukewarm. Very disappointing. Had to ask the waitress three times for the bill. She came when we all put on coats and stood up to leave. Would have been faster to order take out!

Chris Hunt

Great pizza. Call ahead for pickup on your way to the ferry - it tastes better and is cheaper than what you'll find on the ship!Hey Romeo's - maybe a ferry traveler promotion - hand in your Tsawwassen-to-Swartz Bay receipt for 15% off!

Carlos Arturo Gómez Teshima

I like Romeo's food. It is a nice restaurant. They do an excellent job offering a nice selection of what I would classify as Italian food. It would be better if they can offer something for vegans that is not a salad. But everything else is fine.

Monty Mellors

I had an issue with an order. The manager fixed the problem.. Really good food.

Maria Thompson

Great pasta and super friendly service!

Ashish Tripati

Good food and atmosphere. Very helpful staff. I did wish the price was a bit better for the portion size however.

Richard Smith

Ordered veggie pizza and pasta for take out on Oct. 22, 2021. Took it home and ate part of each at 5:30 PM. At 7:40 PM got severe stomach pain, spent the next hour vomiting and having acute diarrhea. This has always been a great place to eat ... but I guess with the current labour shortage the quality of the kitchen staff is creating a dangerous place to eat.

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