Avalanche Pizza

4320 Gate Way Dr Unit #104, Whistler
(604) 932-3131

Recent Reviews

Jasna Acharya

A place where you should only go to get a drunk slice.There is not a lot of love your thought put in to making their pizza

Daniel Swimm

Service is great! Staff is very friendly and kind. The pizza is good at least the pep was. Little pricy at 4 dollars per slice.Food: 4/5

Wayne Brooks

A few days ago I was in Whistler and decided to stop by here since this was my go to place whenever I was there. It's amazing how downhill this place went so fast. They used to have the best sauce on their pizzas, but what I got was an overcooked, overpriced, tasteless cold pizza.

Joseph Robson

Google guide joe says good pizza here! Music is way too loud and bumping though, so go elsewhere for peace and quiet ? thank you from your Arizona friends ???


I just got the pizza and saying this so nobody else would go near this place the pizza was very bad! The crust not cooked! And honestly it tasted like a frozen pizza, not even a good one, a cheap frozen pizza.DON’t go near this place!!

Bev K

Ordered a large ham and pineapple pizza, very disappointing when we opened the box it reminded me of the $ 6.99 pizza from domino’s butbwevpaid $25 for it.


We ended up going here with 6 people looking for their slice and a pop for $5, After starting our order and grabbing our pop the kid behind the counter looked like a deer in the headlights when mentioning the deal clearly marked on their website. A girl then piped up and said we no longer do that deal to which we said you need to take it off the website. It is still on the website. False advertising. Pizza is only ok. Nothing special and for slices they only had 5 different ones to choose from. I don't recommend this. Find something else to eat in the village.


Was always a go to for us. This time when we got the pizza back to the hotel and opened up the boxes the cheese was barely melted and the crust had no crisp whatsoever. There goes $60


Great location, great pizza slices to keep moving between activities. Great selection of slices and always available.

Rick Hale

Always a great choice for pizza in whistler. I eat from here way too often. It’s always great pizza. The best option for late night pizza also.


Waited over 40 mins for a very basic, greasy pizza I’d rather forget. The staff “forgot” to call our name to let us know the pizza was ready. No apology.

Bekah French

Large pizzas, good for a party night in. I order my pizza without cheese and it was not bad. The garlic bread was very good and crusty.


This is a great place if you need a quick bite to eat but the pizza is nothing special. Very greasy and forgettable.


Absolutely massive pizzas, I don’t recommend getting family size unless you’re prepared to really eat! We got the chicken bacon ranch which was really yum! The garlic bread was unfortunately too crispy and difficult to eat. I would come back and eat again

Karen Palmer

Ordered a X-Large made to order veggie pizza and it was basically cheese with a few handful of toppings. Not even joking when I say handful of veggies (sprinkling of mushroom stems wilted spinach and a pineapple here and there) on a X large pizza. 30$ pizza with nothing on it and looks nothing like the pictures they post. Yet their pizza by the slice is as advertised. Really disappointed and even asked them to remake it but came out the same. Will not be ordering from here again unless it’s pizza by the slice so that I can see what I’m paying for. Have to do better than this!!

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