4154 Village Green Unit 10, Whistler
(604) 905-5560

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Robin Choi (지우아빠)

Brown sugar espresso was really good but there's only few sears available.Food: 5/5

Lyn N.

Did you know you can use your Starbucks app here? I had to ask if my app worked since it's from the U.S. with USD funds on it. The employee said yes. I purchased a medium iced caramel machiatto. I needed a pick me up for the long drive (almost 2 hours) from Whistler to downtown Vancouver.

Jess C.

Arrived at 750, and it took 27 min for 2 coffees and 2 pastries... Consistently long wait, even with seemingly short lines.


Hands down THE WORST Starbucks ever!!! The lineups are huge, staff dreadfully rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. They don’t even have the courtesy to apologize for not making the drinks right. There was six of them working this afternoon but they were mostly talking between themselves and were not concentrating on the customers or the drinks they’re supposed to be making. Absolutely shameful and unacceptable behaviour by staff of one of the top coffee shops. We’re a family of five and are loyal customers for many, many years but are highly disappointed with the service at Whistler Starbucks.

Tamara Trbaric

This Starbucks is the worst one I have been to ever!! The barista was extremely rude and unprofessional. I ordered a Strawberry Acaii refresher with light ice and paid for extra strawberries. When I saw she didn’t look at my order properly I kindly said that it was with light ice and extra strawberries. She just ignored me. I once again politely mentioned it to her, thinking she had not heard me but she just looked at me and chucked the entire drink out. No apology. Nothing!! I then spoke to a girl who was of senior status as there was no manager and she kept saying that the additions weren’t on the label, which they were. Her and the barista were too busy gossiping to read the labels properly. No one apologized!! When the drinks were done the barista aggressively dropped them on the counter and said nothing. I then asked her why she was being rude and she got super defensive. Very hostile!! I told her all she could have said was “oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize” and everything would have been fine. We all make mistakes sometimes but owning up to them and learning from them is how we grow. She continued to argue with me instead of taking ownership of her errors.The situation was handled so horribly. I often applaud Starbucks for its brilliant customer service, this however was god damn atrocious. HORRIBLE!!!

Jessica Scholten

Always a hot spot in the village!The staff are always amazing and super quick.Small seating area outside and inside is almost always full. However having the short walk to the Olympic Plaza with a hot drink is never a bad thing.Wheelchair accessible ramp on both ends of the walkway leading into the multiple shops (end of TNA or Basalt)

Brenden Kilpatrick

20 minutes for drip coffee. I wish I could say that it was worth the wait but the coffee was godawful. Lukewarm. Brewed with probably three times the beans as was necessary. So little milk I'm sure they could have labeled it vegan.Dietary restrictions: Vegan friendly

Iva Kubickova

Whoever is responsible for the playlist selection at this location - you’re doing a fab job. Thanks for all the bangers. Dec 2022

Alexander von Kaldenberg

One of the slowest and least efficient Starbucks I’ve been to in a long time. And not because they are killing it with customer service. Don’t come here if you’re in a rush.


Truly the slowest Starbucks of alltime. Waited 10 minutes for hot water and a tea bag to be placed in a cup. Most Starbucks frontline basic drip coffee and tea, but not this one. The cashiers seemed more into pretending to slap each other's faces/play fighting.Service: 2/5

Max Nazarov

I was on a weekend with my friends, very tasty coffee and a super cute girl who made it, I hope the crane brought her good luck, she makes me feel good.Food: 5/5

Максим Назаров

I was on a weekend with my friends, very tasty coffee and a super cute girl who made it, I hope the crane brought her good luck, she makes me feel good.Food: 5/5

Laura huttenhauer

Don’t know what they are doing here. Didn’t even know what was on their menu. The first time they made me a green tea matcha and told me that was their green tea. Then when I pointed out they had regular green tea on the shelf they made me a green tea and sweatened it after I asked for no sweatener. I go to Starbucks everyday and this was the worst experience.

Don Adlam

Other than very long lineups and limited seating, it's a fine store.

Vancity Pete

Hours of operation never updated on the map, never open as per posted hours anyways. Closed before noon on a Thursday today. There is a printed hours of operation and keeps being edited by pen. Also not a Starbucks location connected to the star rewards and app promotions, you'd have to call customer service to hope if you are going to get your purchases recognized. It is always clean inside both at sitting area and washrooms.

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