Tim Hortons

2010 London Ln, Whistler
(604) 848-4161

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Adrian A.

Canadian breakfast in its natural habitat :) My girlfriend and a friend went here because we are over snowboarding, and we are hella tired/ hungry. My mom back in Cali has been mentioning this place for quite some time now cause of its flavorful coffee. I know it's a chain restaurant and I'm not very fond of it (check out my previous yelp reviews lol). However, this location is special! The people that works in this location are hilarious and hardworking, as well. This location is always pack because it's the most convenient location near Ski/ Snowboarding area. They are hilarious because they're all Filipino migrant workers and I actually understood whatever they speak haha. I don't want to get into any details, but its funny af. Comedy and breakfast together.. damn lit lol I ordered their Classic Bacon Belt. Even though this sandwich is made in a fast-food chain, it does not taste like fast food at all. Compared to the fast-food back home in Cali.. ohhh it was like night and day. It's a normal Bagel, Bacon, egg sandwich nonetheless, but it does not taste like factory made. That alone amazed me, coming from a fast-food chain. And of course, I ordered their Red-eye Capped.. its their ice shake coffee. I forgot the word Dun----kin lol.. I actually don't know that word anymore haha. PS: I had a fun experience in here :)


reaaally slow and the staff needs to be trained better, great place to grab a coffee in creekside but bring enough time

Joey O'Rourke

Best spot to grab a quick brekkie before hitting the slopes at creekside

James Know

Regular timmies. Nothing to special. But definitely nice to stop in for a coffee.Food: 4/5

Emilie Frost

This place is let down by the extremely rude server constantly rolling her eyes and being very snappy.Food: 3/5

mark mortlock

Good food but not many staff on duty so long wait

Rachael Brownstein

We ordered 8 sandwiches, received only 7 and 5 sandwiches were incorrect.

Brandon Lord

Tiny place, tiny selection, not super clean. But they have coffee


Disappointing to be honest, got a refund for the mistake but staff really need to be trained on what different dietaries are. Which is a basic operation in a food and beverage outlet. Asked if the wrap was vegan, was told yes, it had non-vegan mayo all the way through it. Isn't the first time I've had this experience at a Tim Hortons either... shows a lack of training on the companies part when they are offering veggie/vegan options. Probably won't return for food until this is apparent.

AFD Productions

The food is pretty good. The service is a little lacking. The staff doesn't seem to know what their options contain or what they are making. Not very vegan/ vegetarian friendly.

Don Adlam

The store seemed slightly grubby, and check the hours because they seem odd.Lineups are typically long in the summer, and it could go faster, so allow 1/2 hour and you will be fine.Otherwise it's fairly standard.

Ayesha Azfar

Been to this Tim Hortons twice this summer and it has the SLOWEST service of any Tims in my experience. No complains about food quality or anything but always long lines, slow to take and give us our order. Both times it took us 30 mins of wait time

Bhumika Bhattarai

Small space inside and has outdoor chairs as well. 1 family washroom. Young staff. Close to main road

Joe Friend

What is it with Canadians and Tim Hortons? Worse than east coasters and Dunkin’ Donuts. Go anywhere but here.


Small space, so to-go is OK but dine-in is not recommended

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