Tim Hortons

4230 Gate Way Dr, Whistler
(604) 935-0581

Recent Reviews

Tim English

All the hey sell is coffee and do nuts

kevin walker

Keeps your Starbucks, this is the coffee you want….Just want to know when I are they opening in the UK?

Dede C.

My Canadian friends said I HAVE to try this coffee and it did not disappoint. Sorry Starbucks but tomorrow morning I'm getting this coffee instead!

Zyndie E.

Visiting from California. Always crave to go here. Tim Bits and an ice cap with oat milk please!


Very pleased to see that the prices at this Whistler Tim Hortons is only slightly more than what we pay back at home. The service was good for such a busy location. The food and drinks were tasty!

Thomas George

Just had a caramel latte and it was ice cold. Too late by the time I realized. Terrible! Not the best timmy in town.

Andrew Deng

A weird tiny Tim's that only serves coffee and donuts (no sandwiches, bagels, etc). It's literally just a windowfront and it's attached to the visitor centre. Tim Rewards+Mobile App still work here, it's not one of those locations.

Soumya Sharma

Service was good however this place is only to get beverages and not anything else.

Mamtha Nagaraja

The first shot of energy ? was a good start of the day

Gordon Gabriel

Good service ?

R Qua

Grabbed coffee here for 9 days in a row. One of the best tim Hortons that I have ever been to. Very very consistent quality. Not a bad cup of coffee during my whole stay.

Raphaela vargas

There isn't a place for have a sit. Just grab and go

Emanuel Ribeiro

Walk to another tim hortons. Still faster to get service walking to another location.

Mark Bullock

Inside the visitor centre is a small one employee cafe, no hot food, just drinks and muffins.

Czie il Italian Lover of food u0026 Adventures

Super busy, but every Tim's is. Beautiful location, the mountain views are amazing.

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