alley & vine

1332 Park St STE D, Alameda
(510) 227-5006

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Leo C.

This is the kind of spot where I feel like I want to make a meal out of just all the appetizers. Great tasting unique cocktails, in-house-made caviar, definitely on the fancier side. But the taste of the food proves that this place goes beyond the fluff. Not cheap, but worth the cost.

Jessica L.

I'm always skeptical of higher end restaurants. Too often, I go in with high expectations to match the higher price points, and I leave disappointed. alley & vine did NOT disappoint! The staff was very friendly, patient, and took great care of us. All the food was SO beautifully prepared. It was a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Drinks: Aloe Gov'nah - Several people at our table ordered this and loved it. It's a beautiful drink to look at, with a long, thin slice of cucumber curled inside and a pretty edible flower, and apparently it's a beautiful drink to drink too. Paper Crane - Non-alcoholic drink. A delight! Not too sweet, super refreshing with a great, fresh strawberry flavor. Bites: Pickled Wild Mushrooms - Tastes as you would expect, but great mushrooms. Tomales Bay Oyster on the Half Shell - Didn't have this myself, but apparently it was great Santa Barbara Sea Urchin - Didn't have this myself, but the sea urchin is VERY FRESH. It's served on the shell and the spikes are still moving! Apps: Mezcal Margarita Ceviche - Very tasty with the full spectrum of textures. Halibut was so tender. Seared Duck Liver - Really fatty in the best way possible with a wonderful duck flavor. Perfect flavor pairings with the figs. Scallop Ravioletto - One of my favorite dishes. A generous amount of perfectly cooked scallop wrapped in the pasta, swimming in the best sauce ever. What an amazing flavor party. I would've licked the bowl clean if it was decent. Mains: Roasted Filet of Beef - Didn't have this myself, but the person who ate it was very happy Sablefish - SO GOOD. Perfectly cooked, ultra tender, buttery, melt the in the mouth fish with 3 chubby mussels, garlic rice, and more INCREDIBLE SAUCE. Again, I wouldn't licked the bowl clean if it was decent. Dessert: Stone Fruit Crumble with Peach Ice Cream - Really tasty. Served hot and packed full of fruit, balanced well with the sweeter crumble on top and a cold scoop of ice cream for contrast. Being an avid baker myself, I really enjoyed this. It wasn't too sweet, the fruit had a range of texture which I liked, and the temp contrast was great. Overall, I was very very happy with my first visit! I'll be keeping an eye on their new dishes on IG and I'll definitely be back for a treat.

Jonathan L.

This place is super cute and nicely located right off of Park st. Perfect for a date night out While the food tasted pretty good, it's quite pricey for the amount and left me feeling hungry by the end. The small bite appetizers we had were all miniscule for $5 each and they were all "pickled" which wasn't exactly what I expected.

Hannah A.

I'm so excited to have this restaurant in my hood. I wonder how it will survive with old-timey Alameda neighbors. I believe the owner moved his staff formerly from the Water Bar in SF . The cocktails are a spectacular production on their own. The food is thoughtful and articulate. Sweet treats are delicate but with bold flavors. The ambience transports me immediately to somewhere other than Alameda. If I say Europe, does that make me a tool? I can't wait to go back with more friends and family.

opentable dinner

Beautiful place ! Great dining experience.


If you go, make sure you sit outside. The outdoor area is very charming (exposed brick walls, creeping vines). But the indoors area is very mediocre / plain. But not in a minimalist, calming way. Just plain. The food is good and well prepared (we had two fish dishes) but nothing extraordinary. For the prices charged, I was expecting some more innovation or a flavor memory. My favorite dishes, honestly, were the appetizers. They had more flavor than the mains. The duck liver was especially good (served on french toast, which was a surprise twist). Desserts were the worst. No creativity at's almost as if they were an afterthought.

Tom B.

What a wonderful, intimate neighborhood restaurant in the heart of Park St in Alameda. Down a side alley the ambiance is quaint and tucked away. Being the first time actually eating at a restaurant since the onslaught of the pandemic it was done with a bit of trepidation, but turned out fine, and very enjoyable. Made a reservation for an outdoor table, as there is a choice, we found it really pleasant with tables spaced well apart and afforded relaxed conversation and a pleasant meal. I was pleased to see they still mandate wearing of masks, and everyone from staff to patrons complied. We started with the olives and bread (epi) which both were good. The epi is perhaps harder to chew than I'd like but dipping it in the olive oil with the olives was ever so good. I had the halibut tartar which was good and came with a tasty green sauce and greens. The only criticism I have is the saltiness was a bit much, with rock salt (kosher salt?) which overpowered the dish. My dining partner had the salad that looked absolutely scrumptious, and he said it was wonderful. He had the pork belly for an entree and said it was expectedly rich, although combined with the cornbread and other ingredients he noted it worked well together. It had a surprise special freshly made ingredient- popcorn! I had the sablefish and it was tender and perfectly cooked. Overall the dish was quite good and pleased the palette. We got a bottle of champagne, and it was a perfect accompaniment to the meal. Ending with cheesecake, it was an all time winner for cheesecake. DELICIOUS! What really stood out was the staff. They were incredibly professional and friendly, very accommodating and seemed happy to be serving and enjoying having the world come back to some normalcy. Kudos to them for a great dining experience. This place is well worth the visit for a quiet, upscale, intimate meal


Great place Very nice service and kind personnal Food was great


Very relaxed yet elegant place for outdoor dining. The staff are top notch professionals, friendly and courteous. Food is creative and delicious.


I have been to Alley&Vine a few times - lunch and dinner - and have had great experiences. The food is presented beautifully and tastes amazing. Love the outdoor seating ambiance. Great service.

Tammy V.

This is a cute little restaurant if you were looking to go on a date for a special occasion but it's pretty pricey to go for a regular dinner. This prime rib was actually pretty delicious and cooked to perfection but this isn't on their usual menu which I think also changes quite often; this was the special for that specific day. I do love how honest they are with their portions when you're ordering an appetizer or their brie dessert... BITE SIZED for sure. The deviled eggs were delicious but not worth $10 per egg in my opinion. The lamb shank was not gamey at all and very tender! I wish I asked to substitute for the side since I'm not a huge fan of polenta but the lamb was delicious. This would be a nice place to catch up with a friend outside over a cocktail. Their service is definitely A1.

Steve T.

Upscale casual fine dining serving caviar tastings as one of their dishes. Food is well made and ambience is couples friendly .


Food and drink were excellent! Service was also excellent!


Our entire experience was wonderful. The food was delicious, the service delightful, and cocktail were tasty and creative! Can't wait to go back. :)


A true gem in Alameda that opened during this COVID time. Staffs are attentive, and the food is intricate and upscale but with casual vibe. We truly enjoyed our evening.

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