Calafia Taqueria

1445 Webster St, Alameda
(510) 522-2996

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Jubilee XJ9

The last time I went here on May 16th, 2022. I would come here constantly when I was younger, but haven’t tried this place in years. It seems to have gone downhill. I ordered and paid online around 6:20 and came in about 7 to pick up my order. The cashier gave me the run around because my order didn’t print out of their receipt machine, something I as a customer have absolutely no control over. She persisted that they were not going to make my order unless it printed out of the machine. My friend and I argued with her in English and Spanish for about 5 minutes until we asked to speak to her boss. He came out of the back and checked their online ordering app on the store iPad and confirmed that my order was there and they had checked it in already but there was no order made or given out. It seems like she was waiting for us to accept that she didn’t see our order and just leave empty handed. It was $33 for a super burrito, a small burrito, a cheese quesadilla, and 2 drinks. Not cheap and wasn’t worth the money or effort we had to put in to get our food. I wanted a refund, but they made the order instead and it was worse than subpar. Only positive I can give is that it was warm, not even hot. The carne tasted like chicken; my bean, cheese, rice, add sour cream burrito was missing rice; said burrito was sloppy, soaking wet and burnt tortilla, fell apart when I tried to pick it up (which seems like it was on purpose considering we gave the cashier a hard time about not bothering to find our order), and the chips taste like old oil. You will be better off ordering from the ‘Mexican’ fast food location down the street that doesn’t wear gloves. Never coming here again. So sad because the inside of the place is beautiful and spacious! Hopefully they get back to how they were a few years ago; who knows maybe the tamales are still fire.

Celina Thapa

I wish I could give the lady who worked on April 1st, 8:16pm like 0 star..I ordered ceviche by Uber eats, I called restaurant twice to make sure if they have one, she said yes they do because they have done mistakes in The past too.She actually send me a fish taco instead of ceviche, and when I called her back, she just tells me manager will come in tomorrow or call Monday to talk to owner. I mean, is this how people work in hospitality industry????

Nilab Atta

I saw the owner of this place at a wholesaler. I saw he had packed his platform cart with a whole bunch of halal meats and I got super excited thinking this man has a halal restaurant. I proceeded to notice he had refried beans and other foods that are served at Mexican restaurants. I took a closer look at the refried beans to see if they had lard and they had none. I approached the owner and verified if he indeed had a halal Mexican restaurant and he confirmed. He gave me the restaurant info and even recommended a halal Mexican place closer to my home. I felt that was very nice of him. Normally you don't send potential customers to other restaurants but he was very nice. I checked the reviews that evening and they all looked great. We finally made it out tonight.The place was nice with a lot of seating. The food tasted amazing and service was excellent. We ordered soft tacos: beef, chicken and fish all three were super amazing. The seasoned the meat just right. Beef Tamales were bomb. I was super excited to try the enchiladas however was disappointed because I did not like the red sauce. In the restaurant's defense, I have always had white washed/Taco Bell Mexican food so I was expecting taco bell style red sauce. This sauce was authentic and I am sure it is wonderful but just not what I was expecting.Before leaving we were asked about our experience and I gave feedback. I was impressed that they cared enough to ask and they made suggestions as well. We left very happy and I was expecting our bill to be way higher and to my surprise it was not and was very reasonable. Will be coming back for sure.

Pako Herrera Hernandez

Good service and nice food.I tried their fish and shrimp tacos and they were good. The salsas were delicious, I think they have the best salsas I've tried in the island (spicy and not watery).The enchiladas were good as well.I'll have to come again and try more stuff from their menu

Brenda Bronson

We’ve eaten here many times before & this was by far our worst experience.Our food (an enchilada plate & a carne asada plate) as good but $5 more expensive than when we were here 6 months ago but that can be explained by rising inflation & food prices. The only difference I noticed in the meal was was it was served on a large fancier looking China plate. My complaint is I tipped 20% while placing my order but we got no service.They announced one of our orders & I trudged back to front & found our they mid ordered so I only had one of our meals. I carried it back to the patio & noted I had no silverware for it. There used to be silverware and water on the back patio. So my husband trudged up to get silverware and my carne asada plate.We had leftovers but absolutely no service so we carried our plates forward so we could get leftovers in a container.I’m old and I’d worked physically hard all day so really wanted to sit down and be waited on. But I didn’t get service even though I tipped for service.

Christy Mathis

These are literally the best burritos I've ever had! I look forward to flying 4 hours to get to Oakland just to have one!

Danae Whisenhunt

Really good salsa. The mild mild one has a lot of flavor but all were great. The sopes were tasty with carne asada. Would go back again for that.

Robert Paine

Calafia has a great low carb burrito. Delicious meat grilled to perfection. I add cheese, sour crème and guacamole. They add vegetables to make it a perfect meal!!

Rob Damus

mediocre, dry mexican. used to be good, will do in a pinch, but since the pandemic started, they have failed to really understand a) how to execute pickup orders, b) manage a load of customers (which occurs because the place is small, there is a single checkout counter, and the guy who runs point cannot multitask).the options they chose for pickup include Door Dash, which charges a 20% surcharge for picking up food, and Uber Eats, which doesn't support pickup. first of all, 20% surcharge to use a website to come pickup over priced food means a $50 order becomes $60 for no reason; i'm using my gas to come pickup this food. second, when you do show up to pickup the order, you end up waiting at the end of the line! so to recap, over charging for already inflated prices, and then you wait even more once you show up because there is no customer service.true story: i called to place an order and was put on hold for 15 minutes, during which i could hear everything happening. why wait? well, after about 3 minutes of hearing several customers put in an order in person, i was fascinated by what would actually happen to me after the orders stopped... turns out the orders inside the shop stopped, and it was another 12 minutes before someone came back on the line (same guy), who then lied to me and told me there was a line; sure, there _was_ a line, but then there wasn't a line, just me hanging out on hold.better to patronize Canasta, which is right up the road and has solved the problem of managing pickup orders during the pandemic by using better web technology and genuine customer service.

Eve De Ley

I eat very limited items here, so can only speak for the items I like! I love the super veggie burrito with their grilled veggies! ( The grilled veggies are really good!) I love that they also let me buy a side of the veggies even though it wasn't on the sides menu and they charged me the rice side price! Then I got a side of rice and refried beans to go with the veggies ! Added my own extras and avoided the calories of the tortilla and had several meals! Thank you Califia! I loved their "Day of the Dead" Altar in which they invited anyone to put a loved ones picture up, very dear. Next door, and connected to them is Super Hero desserts :5 stars : proceeds of desserts go to help their volunteer efforts to feed local homeless, how wonderful is that! You can volunteer with them, too.

Jack Lei

We’ve been looking to find the best burrito in Alameda and our search continues. We ordered two super burritos for take out and we’re very disappointed with the result. It took about forty minutes from ordering to actually getting our burritos. We brought the burritos home to find that none of the “super” ingredients were in our burritos. No guacamole, very little sour cream, etc.This restaurant is slow, overpriced (they charge extra for 50% of their meat options) and they couldn’t any orders right.

Maria Mckinney

October 21, 2021Tuesday around 3:30pm, my daughter and I came into taqueria and ordered a regular burrito, with extra shrimp a extra charge of $3.75. But later didn’t realize I was also charged for the choice of meat which was carneasada and extra $3:00.The second order was enchiladas with red sauce. I had an option to choose a variety of meats, there was a choice of chicken, carneasada, and pork. I picked carneasada no extra charge. Also ordered two Mexican sodas. Total $46.00. When presented the enchilada order, it did not look complete @ $16.75A gentleman behind the register asked me if I needed any help but he had noticed my plate was missing lettuce, tomatoe, sour cream and avacado. And then I also noticed that she did my order to go. My daughter and I wanted to eat in and relax because it was nice and quiet and nobody around. Very disappointed with their service and attitude. When I asked for a receipt she said she didn’t know how to do it so she asked me to screenshot it. I lost my appetite although the young gentleman kepted apologizing to me, I still lost my appetite. Ususally your service is good, it seems like the men’s are more friendlier than the women’s. I wish I can get my money back for the $16.75 enchilada plate.

Steven Kirsch

Very friendly service, clean surroundings, and good food. I had the burrito with carnitas and all the fixings. Solid meal and priced right!

Dr. Birdratio Emu

Ah, It was okay.But I ordered chicken and got pork.A little on the pricey side for the portion. With the competition fierce it is only a half block walk to try something else.Feet don't fail me now.

Mike Nolan

I hope I can add a couple more stars the next time, if there is a next time, I go to Calafia... I have been here a few times but today, they really dropped the ball... I generally have enjoyed their food and service but today, they put several (6-7) people's orders ahead of mine and the got half of my order wrong. When they learned the order was wrong, they initially didn't offer any accommodations until I made some suggestions as to what they might do to rectify the situation. If they were the only taqueria in town, they might be able to slide by this kind of thing but, they are not, and they need to step up their game. I generally try to cut restaurants a fair amount of slack due to the pandemic but, after paying over $60 for two burritos, two salads and two beers, as well as, waiting over 40 minutes to have my order be wrong and made to feel like some how it was maybe my fault, it is too easy say adios for now...

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