Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

2690 Fifth St B, Alameda
(510) 764-3786

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EXCELLENT! Second time eating here, great food both times. Clean throughout, fast friendly service

Cc M

The STAFF is Always amazing and accommodating in so many ways....when you have picky people in your circle and want the Bang for your Buck....the All-American BBQ feast is a major variety for any family. Thanks for excellent customer service and having my family enjoy ourselves with tasty food and fulfilling results. A Huge THANKS! STOP by now and you will feel the Same. See you there!


Nice place. Good was good. Our waiter Rod was very friendly and helpful. Always checked on us. Did a great job!

Anna D.

Oh man, everything is just ALMOST perfect, the only thing they lack is lil butter rolls. If they had these I would live in this place. Like literally. I would straight up just take everything I own, my husband and my four cats and MOVE into the main hall of this restaurant. I would greet every employee at the beginning of their shift with a honest heartfelt I LOVE YOU, whilest looking right into their eyes (which, if you take Rod, a waiter at this location as an example, are going to be a beautiful stunning pair of angelic spheres) (I plan on asking Rod for a selfie, hopefully he'll agree and you'll be able to see by yourselves) (where was I?) Oh, yes, buttery rolls, this place would be absolutely perfect if they had them, but they don't so I'm giving four stars: two for the food and two for Rod.

Donna D.

First time getting famous Dave's. Always wanted to try but now that I have, a little disappointed. Small portion for $24.30. Next time I want BBQ, I will simply go to Everett and Jones for the same price but larger portion of BBQ. Flavors were good. Mash pototao needed a little more seasonings.

Mary Godinez

Worst Experience ever.Our food came out super cold and didnt looked fresh it was mainly leftovers from the night before and the brisket smell rotten and bad.Second the GM Hannah treat us very unrespectful and discriminatived.What a Shame....And worst they didnt even apologize for unsanitary food standandars and management behaviour..Very sad from a prestige restaurant.Pleaae Alameda dnt come to this restaurant NEVER!!

Mary G.

Very bad customer service given by the GM..What happen people no manners the manager Anna didnt even say hi or make us feel welcome.We feel discriminated in all areas ..She looked super angry and didnt want to fullfill our request .What a shame!!!..I manage a restaurant as well and believe me we dont tolerate these kind of actions..We were paying for our food we didnt even request anything free or so...The food came super cold except the wedges..The server was good reason why I gave one star...Please Alamedeans stay away from this restaurant....Theres excellent options out there wirh PLENTY and EXCELLENCE service....Dont come to this restaurant PERIOD.....No wonder it was empty no guests with these management behavior guest will never ever stop by...

Russ C.

The food was good but arrived a little cold. The chopped pork was really good, but the brisket could be better. Service was good but at reduced level due to COVID.

Jeff Silva

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que is highly recommended. Their Pitmasters are excellent chefs and cook their meats superbly. Their customer service is excellent. I haven't had a bad meal from there yet.

Dorla Cummins

Definitely a hit or miss restaurant. I had a miss experience. Ribs were suppose to be St. Louis but definiely were not. And then they were very, very dry with no flavor. As far as cleanliness goes the bathroom WAS AWFULLY, AWFULLY DIRTY. WALKED IN AND TOLETS HAD NOT BEEN FLUSHED IN LIKE 2 DAYS. I IMMEDIATELY WALKED OUT AND REPORTED IT. YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD DO BETTER!!! DOUBT IF I EVER RETURN!!!!

Butter Cup

Haven't been here since pre-COVID, The service was friendly, (two of the 4 stars given). The food (2stars) was ok, rib tips, not much meat, mostly fat - gave to my friend as they like the bone and fat, i try to enjoy the beans and potatoes, was good but, whats up with the one "baby scoop" of beans and garlic potatoes was bit disappointing was like a serving size for a 5 year old. Spending over $75.00 could gotten more for price elsewhere..and fulfilled..oh well..

T L.

I picked up the Feast for Two and received no BBQ sauces! I realized when I got home and had to drive all the way back to get it. The manager was unapologetic saying it was an 'easy fix'. Easy fix for him but I had to drive there and back twice paying $60 to eat cold meat and cornbread. I like the food, but very disappointing service.

Cat C.

I'm often traveling between Oakland and Austin and Famous Dave's is the closest to Austin's Rudy's, Franklin's, and Mickelwaits. I often feel like the texture of the ribs here isn't quite there - like, were the ribs cooked under lower heat for more time, it'd be perfect. That being said; it's good enough to be worth considering the best I've had in California thus far. The smoke flavor is quite good albeit potentially being able to use more dry seasoning. The sides are small but tasty. Price is reasonable given the fare. Please keep staying around, Dave's.

Rosario H.

I came here to eat with my boyfriend. It's a cool place to sit; the back staff is very nice, but the server, the tall guy in the front he's a big homophobic person. He came like 2 mins right after we sat down, and we asked him to give us a couple more mins but 10 mins, 20 mins passed until we asked someone to take our order. The guy just ignored and avoided our tablet the entire evening, then we asked him for the bill, and he brought a kind of throw the receipt on our table and left. I never experienced such a treatment for being gay at a restaurant. I definitely won't come back and they either need to fire him or keep him in the back.

Kevin Boerner

This review is about food only. The service was fine. Friendly people.First time here, ordered from the parking lot, $22 two meat combo (brisket, wings, jalapeño mac, mash) that went fine, good software. Got food home and WOW what a disappointment!! Basically, if your school lunchroom "elevated" their BBQ, this is it... ?Brisket - soft, like boiled meat soft. If this ever saw the inside of a smoker... ?Wings - dry, like the deserts miss the rain dry. ? Dog chew dry...Mac - 1 industrial scoop of spicy cheese mush. Spice was good but you could have eaten with a straw.Mash - 1 industrial scoopCornbread - nah, cornbrick, cornpuck at bestWhite bread - the title says it all.Rich and sassy sauce - the safe space of BBQ sauces.Devil's spit sauce - really, title, really?? Good heat, not too bad. 6/10 ?To anyone who scored this type of food better than 1 (because zero is not an option) you have insulted BBQ and should stick to oatmeal, and white bread everything. There is nothing really good about this food, even the picture looks sad.Take your hard earned ($22 ?) Bay Area money and support real restaurants and not this place.

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