Gong Cha

1501 Park St, Alameda
(510) 263-9665

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Holly M.

Let's Boba! They offer a very wide selection of drinks. I've only tried two: strawberry milk tea and matcha green tea; both were excellent! they're really fast, offer contactless payment and due to covid, it's a one way direction in/out of the ordering - waiting floor. The new go to if ever I am on this side of the bay.

Gladys G.

I ordered a large and a small drink and while the large contains more tea it contained the same amount of pearls. The pearls to drink ratio should be consistent in the drinks.

Wendy G.

My family love the drinks here. The boba has a nice chew to it. The tea they use is good. We love the premium black milk tea, the brown sugar milk tea and the lemon juice with white pearl and aiyu (really refreshing)!The milk foam milk coffee is my dad's favorite. The temperature isn't as hot as he would like it so we need to ask for extra hot each time. The staff is hit or miss. The younger staff have a flat affect, don't greet customers and can be perceived as rude. When I'm ordering multiple drinks, I get asked "is that it?" after each drink. To stop her, I have to preface it with, I have 3 drink orders today. Perhaps it's a youth cultural thing. ‍ There's is a woman who works there (or maybe the owner) who is consistently friendly - she makes my visit to get tea pleasant. Parking can be challenging since it's just street parking. During the week I can get a spot on the same block. On the weekends you're going to have to park further. But it's worth it. There are other tea-boba places nearby but this is my family's favorite.

Jerrica S.

They rang up the wrong drink and when I asked them to please make the correct drink they refused and completely refused service and refused to provide a refund. They just strait up stole my money.

Michael Muscadine

Good place to come to and very quick and good Customer service from one of the young ladies that took our order.

Ashley H.

I was in the area because of some work and wanted something nice to drink on the way home. I ordered three drinks...not all of them were for me. I got one for my sister and mom. They were pretty fast at making the drinks. I decided to order the egg puffs at the last minute because they smelt so good! I saw that they were making the eggs puff and the first one came out burnt so they started making another one. After that attempt they informed me that something was wrong with the machine. I really appreciative that they explained what had happened and offered to fix the machine or provide a refund. Since I was in a hurry I took the refund. I really appreciate the quality of service they provided. I will definitely go back and try some of their other drinks and go back and get some egg puffs!

Alexandra M.

Great boba, the employees here are very efficient. I have never had problems with our family orders at this specific location and I have only been to the other one in Milpitas before this one opened. Thanks, Gong Cha!!

Cary L.

I've been to Gong Cha in many places in Asia and now it's here locally...FINALLY! They unfortunately opened up just recently before the Corona virus pandemic so I'm sure this has hurt them some. But they have re-opened for business in early May! I love their matcha milk tea with red bean! And I must since T4 has been closed I've discovered the popcorn chicken HERE which is totally scrumptious!! My only complaint is that I haven't seen any red chili powder to season it! Another this was last week the cashier person who was taking my order told me that they no longer were offering red bean or other toppings. So I was really confused. Did she mean they ran out temporarily? Or are they really NOT offering toppings permanently...which would be really odd for a boba drink place. I hope this not true. Anyways, I'll go back again soon and see if this is a mistake.

Elizabeth L.

My friends were craving Gong Cha when we hung out a few months ago and we stopped by here that evening. For some reason, I never knew there was a Gong Cha here and this location is fairly closer to me compared to the other locations. It's located in the downtown area, so it's hard to find parking (there's garage parking or street parking). Sadly I didn't know that there was a deal where if you buy food from Baguette (right next to them because they share the space) first, you can get a small discount on your drinks, I wish I knew this beforehand because I ordered my drinks here first before I ordered my banh mi. I ordered my usual jasmine milk tea with boba, which was okay but it tasted a bit off and watery. We also got a marble drink which was alright and not sweet enough, so they had to fix it, but it was still okay after they fixed it. I wanted to take a picture of the pretty layers but ended up not taking a picture because all their cold drinks come in a white cup that I'm pretty sure is for hot drinks. Other than the drinks being off, the service wasn't all that great. The younger girls working weren't all that friendly or patient. The extra star is because this was a chill spot to hang out at. It's a good spot to hang out with friends and/or study because you can get drinks/food here then chill and also they've a bathroom which is a plus.

Annie - RG Florist

Large, bright, clean. I like how they always have new drinks. I've gotten all their keychains and pens before thru the loyalty program. Their banh mi is ok... but they have good popcorn chicken too.

Allen M.

Only ordered tea from this place once. Regular milk tea at 50% sugar was still plenty sweet. Don't even know what 100% sugar would be, but imagine it to be very sweet. Also ordered the lychee oolong tea and it didn't taste like lychee or oolong. Sue Pringle bad tea flavor that actually warranted a negative review. Should've noticed the 3.5 stars on yelp before I went in to order. Probably stick to the other options like iTea or Sharetea (those aren't fantastic either, but definitely better than gong cha)

Debby O.

It took me 10 minutes to get a refund. Went here and used the self-order kiosk. Then a worker called me over to let me know that they were out of boba, but I really didn't want to wait 30 minutes for it to cook, so I asked for a refund. The worker then went to get the manager who refunded me JUST $10. I was a little confused because I had paid around $13. It took awhile longer, but then the worker just opened his drawer to give me the rest. Dear Gong Cha, when we pay $x for a drink but for some reason need a refund right away, you do not have the right to refund $x minus ANYTHING. I usually love gong cha, but this was a very poor experience.

Kathy H.

Been having a lot of boba cravings lately so I am glad this is around. Not previously a fan of Gong Cha since there are so many good boba options in the bay, but I LOVE their Strawberry Milk Tea! I get strawberry milk tea at many places, but this one is my fave! It has actually strawberry bits in it! Super sweet, so I would recommend 50% sweetness. This location is HUGE-- great for studying! They also have games behind the counter, and in the midst of this crazy coronavirus thing, they had a huge bottle of hand sanitizer at the counter (for after you touch the screen to sign and pay). UNFORTUNATELY- they do not take Discover :c

Umar Khan

Customer service gets a 0 out of 5 stars. Since this has happened a few times now for me and my family when we went in evening, I am forced to write this review. They are rude, unfriendly, and simply devoid of any human empathy aspect. No smile or pleasantries. No greetings. I have many diverse friends and am well travelled. I know how asian are reserved and some treat that as unfriendly. Trust me that's not what's happening here. I would not go there again to feel as if I didn't belong there or that it was my honor to be served by them and I am not wanted there. The tea itself is fine. Gets 4 out of 5 stars. But overall it was a bad experience.

Pretty Toni

This is a nice place to chill and enjoy a cute delicious beverage. The ambiance is perf!!!

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