Honolulu BBQ

845 Marina Village Pkwy suite b 118, Alameda
(510) 523-1045

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Barnes Chauvin

We came to this place for dinner since we heard about this spot from many people. Well, we were not disappointed. And we were warmly welcomed by the staff members and that felt good. The food was fantastic! We had a great time enjoying the meals and we will visit this place again. Warmly recommended!!!

Aut Stephanie

love it

Dav M.

Unfortunately these folks were very unpleasant and when I asked for teriyaki sauce they charged me $.50 each which is absolutely ridiculous I will stay away from this place I and never come back. To top it off my short ribs were not cooked thoroughly they were almost raw inside

Warren D.

This little Hawaiian gem is quietly hidden in the Mariner Square plaza where Lucky's supermarket is located. After ordering several dinner combos via phone, my meals were ready to be picked up in 10mins. The combo's were huge with 2 scoops of rice, macaroni salad and an overflowing mountain of either chicken Katsu or BBQ beef/short ribs. The taste was Hawaiiana awesome. Good service, tasty food and great prices. The only item I forgot to order is my side veggie order of Kimchee!

Rich H.

I had a craving for Hawaiian mixed plate style food and I've been curious about Honolulu BBQ. With the shelter in place order in effect, I thought this was a good time to try it. I called in advance to make sure they were open and to place my order. My order was ready when I arrived approximately 20 minutes later (about 5:00pm). I ordered one Katsu BBQ Mix plate and one BBQ Chicken Mini plate. I was pleasantly surprised with the ample portion of chicken katsu. The Katsu was flavorful and the outside batter had the right amount of crispness. The portions of grilled chicken and beef were also adequate as well as tasty. Overall 4 stars for convenience, cost and taste during this challenging time for restaurants. I would come back here again when I have the craving for Hawaiian Mixed Plate Food!

Sandra C.

This barbecue open for business for a while. I loved their fried chicken. The portion is huge! I love every bite. The price is fair. The only thing I don't like is the rice. It is a little hard. I should try the ramen next time. Overall, I love it.

Rodney Winter

Very well organised and convenient restaurant. They offer generous meals and for inexpensive rates. We enjoyed the food very much and the waiters were super amiable and chatty. Recommended.

Joshua Pfeiffer

This place is much better than the l&l that used to be here. Generous portions, And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my chicken katsu botj times I've eaten at this place.

Chris C.

I eat a lot of Hawaiian bbq. This place serves the most meat I've ever seen, and it's delicious. Plus points for also not using disposable plastic for a dine in order

Len M

Better than I expected. Had the Katsu Chicken and fried shrimp combo. Very tasty and portions were generous. Will come back again. Slightly better than L&L

Taylor Lyons

Excellent food in excellent portions at an excellent price with excellent speed. 6 stars

Alex C.

First time coming here and never coming back. Above average price for below average food. Food took pretty long to come out. Then after I paid, I went to grab milk for my son, i showed her what I'm getting and paid for it. She rang me up and I paid her $1.75. Then shortly after she mumbled something and I couldn't understand what she was trying to say. She made me feel like I didn't pay for it. After a while I finally figured out what she was saying. She thought It was a soda and rang me up for a soda and not for the milk. It's was a 21 cents difference! Are you serious? I get it, small business just trying to make a living. I'm all for supporting small businesses, but honestly, the food is not good and it's incidents like this for 21 cents that will make or break a business. she should've just forget about it smh. I'd give 1 star but I'm giving 2 out of sympathy.

Sonny Esparza

This place is doubtless one of the coolest place in the region. Anytime I come there I am highly happy. They manage their very high level service and the topmost level of cooking they serve. You no doubt will love this place. Highly recommended.

Dana Turner

I had the garlic fish with white rice and macaroni salad. Super tasty and flavorful! I personally enjoyed how buttery it was, some may not. Recommend!

Mike L.

I was in the area and checked this Hawaiian place out. There was a number of options on a board as well as on a different wall listing for Japanese ramen. I tried their meal combo of Chicken Katsu (Fried breaded chicken) which came with a scoop of white rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. There was quite a bit of meat offered for $9.50. I also ordered a musubi, and I've always seen spam or katsu musubi but had never seen one that spam and egg, so I couldn't resist ordering it. Besides wishing the egg was a little more runny, it was good. I would rate this on par with some of the other Hawaiian chain restaurants like Ono.

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