Jack In The Box

1257 Park St, Alameda
(510) 522-8865

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Lisa Roberts

I already rated this place fast food is no good. When I'm desperate and hungry and have not defrosted anything for dinner I stop by there on my way home and get one jumbo Jack no cheese no mayonnaise no ketchup just lettuce tomato and onion and then I fall for it every time I get a large Oreo milkshake that's why I don't like to go there and fast food is not good for your system.

Simba Rahhh

Good quick service haven't had any problems with orders so far

Francisco Magana

The cashier she whas very nace beacos I will need to use the restroom she falow up my order in the store very nice ufff

Teresa Kosinski

The employees here are so sweet and helpful!

Real D.

Just know when you come here late at night the service will be horrible. And the Spanish guy that works the window is rude is hell. Food wasn't cook right no napkins or sauce was in the bags. And a little tip for the window worker dont rush your customers and leave your attitude at the door when your working with the public. Please learn how to treat others how you would like to be treated. It's no ones fault that your working at jackbox. Please try to be more professional. No excuse to rude. Dont care how late it is. Give everyone good service.

Dylan C.

I like their bathroom. I love their dark brown colored tiles. It reminds me of my home. However, they didn't have toilet paper when I was taking a really really big number 2. So I had to use my hand and the air dryer so the brown stains can dry off and crust. Meanwhile, my food was ready and hot. In the end I was really happy about their food but disappointed on their low supply of toilet paper. :/

Me Myself

Went here after midnight a few days ago and there were cones in front of the order menu and couldn't get an answer at the window. Went to another location.

Henry Rivera

They skimped me on my popcorn chicken meal no type of fries in the meal and they forgot my cheese cake. Step ya drive thru skills up jack step out the box.

Donnae K.

Came here for a late night meal wanted to try this new cheddar biscuit sausage sandwich and when I got home I looked at it and they put a regular biscuit on it ! I tried calling but no answer... kinda upset I only went there to try this new item but instead I get an old cheaper item

Robert Davidson

Not a huge fan of the franchise but the team here is great. Best costumer service ever.

Re'Francois Williams-Lewis II

Always Thorough, Friendly, Quality Service! Always Slappin' Great Tunes Too?. No Matter What Genre?! Yet To Have A Mistake! That's How Thorough They Are! I'm Sure It Will Be Resolved In A Friendly Manner As Well. Small, Yet Uncrowded Seating. (Pre-Covid-19). 2 All Gender, Private RestRooms. (Code or Key; Pre-Covid-19). If You Didn't Know, It is ONLY Take-Out & Drive-Thru! No Fountain, No RestRooms! There Are Sticker Markers On The Floor Indicating Traffic Flow & Spacing. While They Whip Up Your Delicious Selections For Your Palates, Knives Spoons & Forks! ??

Carol Chong

It's a 3.5 star rating rounded up to a four star. Husband and I happened to be in the hood. I was hungry and we used the drive-thru. It's my usual - chicken teriyaki bowl and a three piece eggrolls. Other tines I would order their tacos and onion rings. Their onion rings are better than another fast food place in town.


The food was hot and my order was corrected. But staff was not friendly and rushed me through my order ..when I got to the window for my food I wasn't greeted in any way just asked if I needed any catch up for sauces. Then handed my bag the food with out any goodbye or thank you. This happens almost every time I go to Jack In The Box.

Jonathan W.

Some Jack in the Boxes and better than others. This particular location is pretty pathetic. The food is always dry and tastes like it's been sitting for an hour. Whenever I order the curly fries, they are burnt and all clumped together and taste like they haven't changed the oil all day. I only come when it's literally the only place open and even then, I already know it's not gonna be worth it. I wish they cared a little more.

Baby Pikachu

The employees could be nicer. Food is decent besides half the time you'll get burnt/over cooked onion rings and mozzarella cheese sticks

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