La Penca Azul Taco Bar

2406 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda
(510) 769-9133

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Service has declined recently.

Scott Humphrey

The LA penca Azul taco bar, even mid apocalypse, is still one of the best. order inside and eat at one of the tables outside. Tortillas are cooked fresh.


I Love mexican food and They know Mexican

scott h.

The LA penca Azul taco bar, even mid apocalypse, is still one of the best. order inside and eat at one of the tables outside. Tortillas are cooked fresh.

Rhea B.

Used to be one of my usual spots for a quick bite. Went today and walked right out. Staff were masked but a customer was not. It looks like they are not enforcing their mask policy. No thanks!

Manuela G.

This review is a little over due since this was prior to COVID but I still felt this was needed. Food was AMAZING! Best sopes I have had and I tend to order them a lot. The rice and beans were delicious as well. Server had great customer service my only complaint is the hostess sat someone else who just arrived before sitting my table down which had been waiting 15 minutes, everything else was so great I wouldn't take a star off for that small mishap. Will be dining in again once everything opens back up

LindseyMindsey C.

My fave Taco Bar in the entire East Bay. I love that you select what you want in your tacos. My fave is their al pastor (bbq pork) and fish tacos. It's so flavorful and you can taste the difference. Their chips and mango salsa is delicious. Their horchata is not bad too. You gotta go try it.

Mike T.

Always come here to grab tacos it is a solid 4 star restaurant great service pricing is not terrible and the portions are pretty large. They have a small amount of outdoor seating.

Daniel C.

We are stuck at home and wanted to order in due to Covid. We ordered a vegetable quesadilla and two orders of margarita for a Friday night. We received the order and there is no alcohol in the margarita so avoid this place all together it is a total scam. Shame as we wanted to support local business and from now on we will only shop from reputable traders.

Missp A.

Spent $62.61 and got to our destination and had no forks or spoons to eat with! We're at a hotel at that!

Steve D.

Good food, tasty and fresh! But it doesn't travel well as takeout. So, it's probably best enjoyed onsite at the restaurant. That's because they use large plastic containers, and the taco slides around. When you get them, don't be surprised that you need to reassemble your taco to enjoy it. I don't think that's intentional by the restaurant, so they don't lose points over that. ( Another Mexican restaurant didn't have this problem. They use paper fiber boxes, and lay the taco in a bed of lettuce so it doesn't slide around). I ordered a Beer Battered Fish Taco, Carne Asada Taco, and Tacos de Costra-Al Pastor. They were good, I think I overloaded the toppings. Maybe next time I will lighten up. Lots of sauces, and the free chips were excellent! This review is during the Covid-19 health situation that limits restaurants to takeout or delivery only.

Milan E.

I ordered a carne asada super burrito and got something really weird and disgusting. First off, a big flat tortilla with mashed watery beans and some pieces of what looked like ground beef, nothing else inside. You couldn't pick it up, it was flat. The sour cream and guacamole was on the side. Probably the most disgusting burrito I've ever have had. This was the first meal of the day at 4pm so I was really hungry and unfortunately made the poor choice of eating it, with instant regret. Why would you not put the ingredients in the burrito at least or ruin the concept of a burrito like that? Seriously, like why? I'm genuinely curious.. But for now I have to use the restroom, i got sick immediately, not sure if I have to vomit or experience diarrea explosiva extrema!!!!!! First and last time I go here, never again!

S F.

Good food. But delivery service is terrible. Will update this review if management provides some feedback. I understand due to Covid things make take longer, but you should work on updating your delivery estimates. 30 minutes turned into 1 hour and 30 minutes!!! not acceptable in any way. UPDATE. AFTER 1 HOUR AND 45 minutes they cancelled my order.

Breanah A.

Im hellllllla mad I just spent 41 dollars on two super burritos and they are DRY as hell! I ordered two super burritos they gave us the SMALLEST container of pico for two huge burritos (Why wasn't it put in the burrito.) I was half way through looking for cheese for my damn cheese I found one piece of damn cheese. Im so damn mad . I dont even want the rest of this shit. Im hella mad. We are in the middle of a pandemic and I cant even die happy. The staff is nice the portions are big but that means nothing if the food isn't good.


Early happy hour. Great platanos, mango salsa, burritos with many options.

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