Levy's Bagels & Co

730 Atlantic Ave, Alameda
(510) 523-1080

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Sajid R.

Shockingly good. Beauty's Bagel Shop was closed so I opened up Yelp to find an alternative. Driving into a strip mall in Alameda, I was worried that I would get grocery store bagels. I'm glad I was wrong. I purchased a dozen bagels (plain, everything, sesame, and wheat). The bagels were warm and fresh out of the oven. The bagels are smaller in size as compared to a classic NYC bagel. The taste is quite similar. I'd prefer crustier bagels, but their flavor more than makes up for it. They're chewy and have that salty glutinous taste to them. If they were slightly larger and had a crust, they'd make a fine NYC bagel. That being said, these guys don't advertise themselves as NYC bagels. It's a really good basic bagel shop. Don't judge a book or bagel but its cover, give them a shot.

Elizabeth M.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these bagels. I have been on the search for decent bagels since moving here from NY many many many years ago and finally found my go-to spot!

Mindy B.

Levy's is open with fresh bagels and amazing sandwiches! If you are in Alameda grab one, they are the closeted thing to New York bagels are you will get outside of the five boroughs!!!!

Tammy V.

I was craving a lox bagel, so I stopped by here for one. It was OK the lox seemed really off colored and the bagel itself was very mediocre. It must have just been a bad day because I've come here many times in the past and each time was delicious. I'll definitely come back to try other bagels because I love supporting small businesses and believe everyone has an off day.

Hillary Zahn

tastes like a ny bagel!

Samuel P.

Fantastic place! The bagels are legitimate, the workers are friendly, and prices are fair. I've driven through the tunnel from Oakland twice now for their bagel sandwiches and have yet to be disappointed. Definitely some of the best bagels I've managed to find in the East Bay! Ordered the lox sandwich both times--very straightforward, no frills, hits the spot. Highly recommend coming here instead of trying to deal with the madhouse Beauty's Bagels has become these days!

raquel d.

Love this place! I'm so glad they open for take out, we love their sandwiches and their hot link bagel dogs owners are always nice

Dennise Rosado-Ramirez

I love it here! Great bagels and sandwiches and super nice staff!


Delicious Bagels and Fast Service!

Tracie Willis

Best bagels in the East Bay!

Andrew Dettmer

Great begals. Great service! In and out.

Priyanka P.

Their bagels are super authentic with a variety of great cream cheese options . They even have a whole wheat option which was super delicious . Best bagels in east bay !

Maggie Y.

These Bagels are SO. GOOD. NY Style, fresh, chewy and really the best bagels I've had in Alameda. I'm *so* happy that its near my home, but also unnerved because I'm afraid of what the addiction might do to me! I've had the morning star breakfast bagel, lox bagel, bagel dogs, and blueberry bagels-- all tasty! My latest addiction has definitely been the lox bagel though. :p The staff is super friendly, and the wait is not bad at all. Parking is fine, though not the easiest because the lot gets pretty busy.

Alex B.

I've been to Levy's a few times. Having moved here from the Northeast and experienced plenty of legit NY bagels, here's my stance on Levy's : much better than Dunkin donuts/Starbucks/Peet's, etc. but not on the level of a NY bagel. Still, this may be the best bagel in Alameda. There is one place slightly better in Oakland with a couple locations, but the price is higher as well.

Harold Lee

The best bagels in Alameda by far. This is my go-to. The owners know the regulars and are always really friendly.

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