Lucky 13

1301 Park St, Alameda
(510) 523-2118

Recent Reviews

Kez Quin

Outdoor only- using in and out doors to move bar orders through. Altogether a painless experience hosted by a kickass staff. Cheers!

Leshanti Smith

It was nice to sit and have a drink but was a little uncomfortable with how many dogs were in the sitting area. Don't get me wrong I like dogs but I did not like having a random dog licking on me.

Jessica P.

I've been going to 13 for over 10 years with out incident! Last night I went in to 13 with my brother to get a drink . The bartender was rude to us for no reason . While I ordered my brother went to the rest room . He didn't see the sign on the door which stated one person at a time in the bathroom . While in there a guy comes out talking shit . The bartender joined in on bashing my brother with out knowing what happened. I chimed and said my brother went in there but if broke the rule it was by mistake. When my brother came out he was calm and apologetic. The bartender proceeded to practically yell at us . And throw our money at us !!! I've never been treated so badly !! They need to hire bartenders with ppl skills !

Tiffany Davis

Probably the only local bar around that's open for outdoor dining during covid-19 restriction. ?

Johnny L.

Love the place, from beers to bartenders to patio. even old farts like me feel welcome.

Rick Dobbs

Great, eclectic dive bar with lots of cool things. Giant, covered back patio but dress warm, no heaters!

Zannder D.

Flew up for business and met up with my uncle. After dinner, we decided to check out Lucky 13 and had a blast. Our bartender Michelle took care of us and made us feel at home. They have a back patio and outside dining. Relatively cheap drinks and a great atmosphere. I would recommend 10/10.

Adam FourTwenty

Delicious fried chicken next door!!

Joel McEwen

Friendly staff, safe and professional. A place I would recommend for anyone looking to get a tattoo in this Covid19 fraught world.

Samuel B.

They are open again, albeit on a limited, Kung Flu basis.  The rear patio is open, but you have to let the bartender check it before you go in, to make sure there is room for you. And there is seatting out front, on Park Street.  

You have to "buy food" in order to get a drink, so the easiest thing is to buy the cheap ass cuppa noodles that they offer you. Buy it, and keep it with you, because the Thought Police May come around to check and see if you actually bought food or not.

All in all, it is still a mellow place to have a drink and listen to music and hang out. So please support this local business during this difficult time!!!

Bob Thompson

Cold beer and cool jukebox.

Kingsley Avery

The best bar in Alameda by far, great service, great tunes, great atmosphere.

Angela Hill

Best bar in Alameda. Best bartender in Alameda (Sam).

Rosa Sifuentez

I have been going to this bar since 2007. Before making this place a regular stop for a drink, I used to go to the one in SF. The atmosphere and music are great. The bartenders are friendly and know how to pour a drink. I don't make it out to bars as much as I used to when I was younger, but this is definitely the place I prefer to go to when I want to go to a bar. I am glad theis place still exists,

Grace H.

Been here a handful of times and will most likely return because of the convenience but as the other yelpers have mentioned, the bartenders are a hit or miss. The bartenders seem to play favorites and will talk and be friendly to their regulars but won't even acknowledge you if you're new or not up to their standards I guess? I've had some good bartenders that will acknowledge you and won't make you wait when it's empty while other bartenders chat with people and make you wait for at least 5 minutes.. Don't even think about coming here on a Friday or Saturday night because I don't even know if you'll ever get you're drink. I enjoy coming here only when it's empty because I'll have a bit more patience to wait around for the bartenders plus I do enjoy the pool table. Just a heads up for people wanting a big bar, this place might not be for you. Also, this place is cash only. There's an ATM for $2 you can use but the line gets crazy..

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