Monkey King Pub & Grub

1315 Park St, Alameda
(510) 522-8882

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Nneka U.

Love this place! My husband and I came here a lot when the NBA playoffs were going on. The vibe is always nice - chill staff, good music and tasty food. We always get the wings with fries. Sooo good! I ask for the white sauce for my fries sometimes. Food comes out quick too! And the portions are large.

Grace D.

Ordered the dried fried ribs and paid like $12 for mostly fries??? Since when do you serve dried fried ribs with flippin FRENCH FRIES!!!??? Super disappointed as this was my very first time trying them out. The ribs were hard as heck .. felt like i was chewing on rocks. Flavor was good but that's too much money to be served with 65% French fries. If i wanted fries i would of ordered McDonald's

Chef ..

We were going to eat food outside so asked cashier to see if they can separate side and food, add some flavor to one of order, substitute one of ingredients but all she answered was CANNOT DO IT like this is what it is! I got noodle with shrimp, there was bunch of water in noddle when i opened it and also shrimp was almost uncooked! I wouldn't recommend their food nor customer service.

Angie A.

I'm so happy they're still open during COVID-19, I'm still able to get my salt and pepper wings and the ninja turtle drink . I always call ahead to place my order

minh l.

They used to be but now their food was way too salty. I complained a couple of times to their chef but they never listen. Because of that, I won't be coming back.

Jared M.

This place is absolute trash now. First came here mid 2019, food was really good so I thought I could make it a regular spot. Came a second time late last year on a Friday night with a party of 8 and got denied service because one of our party members was under 21, yet none of us ordered drinks. When I went to the "manager" to plead my case about us not even ordering alcohol, I was brushed off and told "it's policy sorry". When a customer is literally asking you to spend his money here and all you do is brush him off, that shows how poorly this place is run.Fast forward to today, I figured I give them one last chance. Ordered take out for myself and 5 other people. Apparently they're still allergic to money because there's an $80 order limit on their website. So I did two separate orders so I could feed all 6 people. I come to the restaurant to pick up my orders and they first tell me "oh we only have one order under that name" so I show them the email confirmations they sent me 45 minutes ago telling me both orders would be ready. So we get that sorted out. Then when they hand me the orders they tell me it wasn't paid for yet. Their website doesn't let you order submit the order until you pay, you know, just like every other restaurant website on the planet. They say "our system shows this as a phone call in so you have to pay for it" I show them my bank statement with charges for both orders, they have nothing to say, I pick up my bags of food and walk out. Save your money, this place isn't worth the trouble. Absolute trash now, management doesn't give a damn, go support businesses that will treat you like a human being.

Janiel Bartlow

I've been eating at this restaurant for years now and never had an issue, the food was always fresh and tasty. However 2 days ago I order chicken Mongolian chowmein And the following morning I was tore up vomiting and having the worst waves of stomach pain I've ever experienced. ? food poisoning. I had to go to the er for fluids and nausea/ pains meds. I'm so sad and just urge folks to be cautious when ordering out especially during this pandemic. Nothing smelled off or tasted bad so I'm not sure how else folks would know not to eat it. Just be careful

Vieneese K.

Awesome place. Great staff, great food and great vibes. I am never disappointed when I eat here. I always wish they delivered in my area though. But if you're thinking of going here, do it!Crab fried rice is AMAZING!

Jeromy A.

I've had more bad experiences with this place then good. I usually get the garlic noodles with shrimp and it's always doused in a salty buttery mess. Same situation when I have ordered the Mongolian beef chow phun. More salt in the food then anything. Tonight I thought I would give one last shot and ordered garlic noodles again and after waiting the 45 minutes I bring home the food and the noodles were cold and the garlic butter sauce was lukewarm. You can get better fake Chinese food at Panda Express


One of my favorite places to eat, food always fresh hot. The bartender Linds makes great drinks. Yao is a great server. It does get packed. Make reservations via Yelp ahead of time and check-in when you arrive. I wish it was bigger, it does get crowded. Hood vibe, beautiful people and cool atmosphere.

Sean Lo

Food is good, but the staff is confused. They yell at each other and point fingers

Denny C.

Good food and atmosphere. If you're looking for a place to eat and hang out with friends. I don't recommend this place for kids as they have loud music sometimes. My favorite is the wings any flavor and the Kim chi fried rice

Kuturi P.

Im so sad to say this because I've loved this place from day one. We normally make it an adult adventure here because they are so cool. Sadly I got take out 7/2020 and I was so disappointed. Soggy dry fried ribs, soupy garlic noodles, the wrong noodles in the chow fun and the crab fried rice didn't have its same ka-pow. I talked so much shit to the kids about how everything they make is delicious but they fucked my night up. I would recommend waiting to COVID is over to get food here or monkey king get your shit together because to go should not be this bad.

Keashka T.

The garlic noodles are absolutely delicious. I always ordered to go, because the atmosphere is always crowded. Sometimes even ordering to-go is an ordeal just because it's so crowded. However the food is excellent and I've never had an incorrect order. I highly recommend the garlic noodles with barbecue pork, as well as the elote corn appetizer.

Amro K.

Super delicious food Definitely will be addicted to this place for quite a while. But not really a fan of their attitude tho but still awesome food

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