Scolari's Good Eats

1303 Park St, Alameda
(510) 521-2400

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Danny DeBruine

Tried the fried chicken sandwich with spicy Asian slaw and the garlic scampi fries. Sandwich was very good. Chicken was juicy and crunchy. Fries had more garlic than scampi-ness, but were delicious nonetheless. Only complaint was no public restroom as I had driven an hour to get there haha!

Chris Tigress

I would like to give these guys a better rating but I just can't unfortunately, which is a shame.I went there with my daughter and while the burgers we both got were really good, they messed mine up and I got overcharged for it.I ordered their cheeseburger with no house sauce, add mayo and bacon. I got charged for the bacon but when I got my burger it had no bacon or any sauce on it, meaning the Mayo I asked in place of their sauce.That was a real huge disappointment because the burger was awesome but it wasn't done how I ordered it or paid for.

Sarosh Patel

Nice hole in the wall shop, with good tasting burgers and sandwiches. Loved the fries, they're loaded with dressings, veggies, etc. But pricey though.Outdoor seating, but beware of not-so-nice people walking around.

Michael L.

awesome burgers awesome staff. great atmosphere! will come again with my wife!

Ron B.

This place is #TDF (to die for) the blueberry burger is my fav I've been here about 10x and each time this place delivers. The food is bomb and the staff is amazing. The pizza is from Marley Gs can it get any better? The buffalo fries and the scampi fries are definitely the best fries in the bay. You have to bring your friends and family here when they visit. You're going to spend an extra $10 per person for a burger than your used to but trust me it's 100% worth it. This place slays and it's on my top 5 lists.

Jacqueline S.

My sister took me here my first week upon moving into the city of Alameda and to my surprise this place blew my top off. I did not know that the same owner what a genius is he he owns Marley Gs which is the best pizza I've ever had in Northern California ... as well as Lucky 13 which is the best strong cheap drinks on the island...This place has the best juicy burgers so juicy lick your palate up and down if you're feeling hungry this is the place to come...We ordered the French onion burger which was amazing with the crunchy brioche buns the juicy medium rare beef had my mouth watering..:To be honest I took off the basil off because I didn't like it, I don't particularly like basil and it was not very French oniony, but it was still amazing and it blew my top off my bottom... The scampi fries were the best price as an Italian girl that I've ever had in my entire life the garlic exploded my palate like a tornado running to Kansas on a wintry Friday night....My favorite part about this joint is that you can eat and order your food and then take it to the bar next-door at Lucky 13 or take it to go

Caitlin Mulrooney

Amazing! Food drinks and views

Red M.

So much Yum! I've tried the blueberry burger before and absolutely love it. Today I went for the fried chicken. I got it extra spicy and it was spicy. The Asian slaw was spectacular. It was all YuM! Their fries are perfectly cooked. I absolutely love the outdoor seating too. Just picnic benches, but a great spot to eat your burger. Grab a beer at lucky 13. And a tattoo if you are really down for an adventure!

Kaitlyn B.

We LOVE this spot! We come like once a week. We just moved to the area a few months ago and while we want to try new restaurants, it's hard to not keep coming back here. To start- if you're looking for amazing service or cheap food, this isn't the spot. They get you your pretty food quick and it's worth the $$ to me. We often order and then take our buzzer over to the bar Lucky 13 next door. They have their regular menu as well as a specials menu and while I try to order new things, I always go back to the classic cheeseburgers. The hush puppies are SO good! The fries are too! The only thing I've ordered that I didn't love was a clam and hatch chile chowder that was too spicy for my taste. Highly highly recommend Scolari's!

Celia D.

I had a bacon cheeseburger, and garlic fries. The meat was sooooo good, perfectly seasoned. The garlic fries were ok, they were a little citrusy like the put too much lemon, idk they were off. But the burger was the star, I will be back but no thanks on the garlic fries. Also the service was good. The guy taking my order was super nice. I couldn't see the menu with chalk in the back or the front, it was very hectic.

Sergio A.

So I've been here a couple of times since I'm new to the Bay Area and love spending money on good food. I love the blue berry bacon burger and is what keeps on coming back every time I get a chance. Although the food is delicious I thought it would be time to write a review about the customer service coming from the girl taking the orders, which is totally the opposite experience compared to the delicious food. The first time I was here I notice a little bit of attitude coming her thought she was just having a bad day, is normal. Today she was being like always. Rude and disrespectful like every time I go in to get my delicious burger. Today drew the line since I am very disturbed about her attitude and I will no longer want to go in and spend 50 dollars on food for a disgusting attitude coming from her. I told her I wanted to get her name because I was going to write a review and describe how bad of an experience I'm having with her service and her excuse to provide her name was that "she dint feel comfortable giving her name to a guy 30 mins before the restaurant closes because I'm a guy and she's a girl". Even tho I was with my girlfriend she ruined my night because of her lack of integrity. So yeah I was having such a good night until I came across her poor customer service. I'm very disappointed and bothered about her attitude and lack of care about other people. Wish nothing but the best for her and hope she doesn't take this review in a negative way but for her to see things in a bright side of things.

Ray A.

Met up with an old friend for some dinner in Alameda. The outdoor tables were constantly in use, but we found a table and ordered. I got the Far East fried chicken sandwich and the blue cheese fries. Pretty delicious chicken sandwich - I was just barely able to finish it! There's a parking garage(which is free at night)nearby and plenty of things to do as well.

Nikko J.

Best Classic Cheeseburger! Ever! And that Blueberry Bacon Blue Cheese Burger?! It's to die for! Don't walk to this place! Run! My two centavos!

Miles Lespucci

Over priced basic cheeseburger. Fell apart while eating. Good and juicy but medium rare was well done.

Tish W.

So last day in Oakland and we go to Alameda and stop at this place for a bite to eat. This was such a cool little local place that we were glad to support. The food was delicious and they give you plenty of it. Outside seating and great staff. Would love to eat here again when in the Bay Area again.

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