2212-E S Shore Center Space 720, Alameda
(510) 523-5225

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Fatih D.

Rude staff and awful management. They yell at customers. Hard to understand what they say because of a heavy accent. They don't change gloves often and use the same glove for all kinds of sandwiches. They never crack a smile. There are other subway branches nearby. Get your food from other locations.

Aleatha Farr

Delicious !

Dale Y.

This is probably the last time I'll step foot in at Subway South Shore. Walked in at around 12:15pm to get a sandwich and I saw one employee swatting flies with a fly swatter. Swatted flies couple times and picked up the fly off the floor and disposed it in the trash can and then casually sat back down. When it was time for me to pay, that employee didn't wash it's hand and proceed to ring me up. I was disgusted but that employee luckily didn't touch my sandwich.

Tom B.

A TRIED AND TRUSTED FRIEND. Almost every weekend, I take a 2-mile walk from home to the South Shore Center to mail something at the post office, to buy a gift at Daiso (Japanese gift store), to buy a gift at Whales and Friends, or just to view the seagulls and plovers on the beach. Typically, I also stop at SUBWAY, and I always order the same thing. Got it down to a ritual. I say, "I'd like a foot-long veggie on white bread, with Swiss cheese, and spinach, and sweet onion sauce. No need to toast the bread . . . also, please add some jalapenos, tomato slices, more spinach, and more sweet onion sauce. And I don't need a bag." I know what questions the server is going to ask, and so I just answer all of the questions ahead of time. Sometimes, I ask for bell pepper slices instead of tomato slices. This type of veggie sandwich is my favorite, and SUBWAY always prepares it with perfection. I always leave a one dollar tip, but once I left a ten dollar tip (the explanation is that I had just received a generous annual bonus from my daytime job, and I was in an insanely good mood). OTHER SUBWAY RESTAURANTS. On several occasions, but not as a regular customer, I have also ordered the same kind of foot long veggie sandwich on white bread, at each of these SUBWAY restaurants: on High Street in Alameda, on Carroll Canyon Road in San Diego, and on Twentynine Palms Highway in Yucca Valley. The explanation for my visits at the San Diego restaurant, is that I lived for one year in an apartment located one block from this location. The explanation for my visits at the Yucca Valley restaurant, is that I have explored nearby Joshua Tree National Park on over thirty different weekends, and I know that SUBWAY will be open and waiting for me after a full day of hiking through the desert.

Jeff Leppink

Ran out of bread at 3pm

Jennifer H.

6 inch cold cut combo for 2.99$!! Great deal for this sandwich. After a long day of shopping I would stop by Starbucks and then subway. Staffs are nice and efficient. They have daily deals on different type of sandwiches. Nice little seating tables and small couches.

Jeffrey Leppink

Ran out of bread at 3pm

halima khamis

Sandwich is fresh and amazing. There is a variety of toppings that are generously placed . Nice and quiet place for a lunch

monche d

The price is right for half sandwich

Tamera S.

Ever had your sandwich made with so much attitude that it became distasteful? That's how I felt about my experience today.

Temmara S.

Ever had your sandwich made with so much attitude that it became distasteful? That's how I felt about my experience today.

EEP king

I use to work there and it's just all bad. Even if vegetables doesn't look fresh the manager still makes us put it out. The manager was also very rude. She'd yell at you even when you're helping a costumer. Has her employees do all the hard work and if you stop to do an order she'll yell at you for not doing the job. They also have cockroaches. I was mopping once and a cockroach popped out of the mop. When I addressed it, they seemed to all know except for this other employee. One even crawled on my hand when I sent to reach for cleaning gloves. Also the older employee is very rude to younger costumers (teens) based on their looks.

Robin S.

Wanted a slider with mayo, lettuce and tomato Was told by 2 workers it didn't come on the sandwich. I told them if I was paying I should have it my way. They continued to debate my request. I ended up leaving irritated and hungry.

yellow submachine

nice as always for Sub's . i tried veggie and i love it

Phil Rabe

I got violently ill after eating at the Webster location once, it could have been them...

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