Taco Bell

1900 Webster St, Alameda
(510) 473-0112

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N M.

My favorite fast food restaurant!! A lot of good food for a low price. I come here all the time before school and after work. I do wish that they brought back the fiery taco, naked chicken taco, and the cheesy fries. Everything is perfect here :)

Hashem Khadra

One of my favorite taco Bell friendly staff and you can see them making the food so it's super clean

Karen Gums

Wow, ?‍?‍?‍?it's all glass window panes and organized for Covid19. Clean as a whistle. The machine for indooring order is not visual to see; it to the rite side. Order online so you can use your cards; change shortage.Miss the mexician and central american touch and color climate. Overall, service was good, no long line and quiet. Add some soft lite ethnic music so we call be alert. ?

Michael L.

I haven't been to Taco Bell in years. No particular reason, I just haven't. With that being said, while driving down Webster Street in Alameda I decided to go on a whim. The drive thru was a ridiculously long line so I decided to go inside to order my food. The employees don't take the orders but now there are two kiosks where people can order their food. Simple and straight forward.To my dismay, Taco Bell discontinued the Double Decker Taco. That was such a wonderful invention having a soft taco wrapped over a crunchy taco with refried beans between them to paste the tacos together like glue. A genius idea that will forever live on in my memories, gone but never forgotten. RIP Double Decker. You will be missed.All that being said I ordered a group meal which was $11.99 for 4 crispy tacos and 4 Beefy cheese burritos. After ordering, my food was ready in less than 8 minutes.The crunchy tacos were what they've always been. The beefy cheese burritos were all new to me. Those little tubes of refried beans, meat, and cheese were delicious with the Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets.Overall a decent experience from Taco Bell. They aren't as good as their glory years with the Run for the Border commercials but still decent fast food.

Stephen W.

For the third time in a row, items forgotten at the drive through that were paid for. Most unreliable tb location anywhere. I feel like the little covid "sealed" stickers they put on the bags they hand to you are just to slow down your ability to double check your order and their sloppy work. Unfortunately I'm going to stop being the guy that tries to keep the line moving and pulls out of the drive through right away after they say "that's everything". Apologies to all of you in advance if you end up in line behind me next time, but after 3 strikes in a row I'm going to start double checking my order before pulling away.

Skyla H.

I order a nice cheese quesadilla, but they didn't even cook it!! So mad and hungry . I want my $8 dollars back ):

R Y.

I was extremely pleased with the Drive-Thru service this morning to pick up our Taco Bell App order...very professional and polite service, ready when we got there...SAFE, too....order was accurately filled and as far as a quick, on-the-go, breakfast, did the job..."mission accomplished"...we'll definitely be back...!!!

Sheila c.

FERNANDO ,YOU ROCK ! your outstanding demeanor is fabulous considering the long lines . Love this Taco bell

aaron macholl-stanley

They'll get four stars when the bring back the doritos loco fire shell...Five when the cheesy gordita crunch comes with the chalupa shell.

Tu-Anh N.

WHEN: Monday @6pm I couldn't wait for Tuesday. It's been so long since I had Taco Bell and I'm excited. Because of COVID-19 they were doing drive-thru, curbside pickup, and delivery. Going through the drive through, there were 2-3 cars ahead of us. But we went though it super quick. I was happy to see the staff wearing both gloves and a mask. When paying, they leave the the credit card device for my to insert my card in myself. When I received my order, it was on a tray passed to me. Everything was super quick and efficient. We were in and out so fast! Impressive! Here's what I ordered: CHALUPA CRAVINGS BOX - $5 This Box includes the following 5 items: + MEDIUM FOUNTAIN DRINK I didn't care much for the beverage. Although it's a medium, it's a pretty large size. You can always swap this out for other beverages with a price difference: Orange Juice +$0.10 Freeze +$0.60 Coffee +$0.00 + CHALUPA SUPREME Fried flatbread shell with seasoned beef, a three-cheese blend, lettuce, tomatoes, and reduced fat sour cream. It's really good because the flatbread is light and airy but lightly crisp because it was fried. All the ingredients came together wonderfully with that nice light crunch texture. I really enjoyed this. + BEEFY 5-LAYER BURRITO Seasoned Beef, Cheese, Beans, Nacho Cheese Sauce, and Reduced Fat Sour Cream. No veggies here but its okay. This hefty pouch tastes mostly like beans and cheese. For me that's pretty good since the other two are pretty beefy. This is quite filling, and I enjoyed a lot because I love my sauces! Yes to sour cream and nacho cheese! + CRUNCHY TACO Seasoned Beef, Lettuce, Cheese, Crunchy Corn Shell. You really can't go wrong with this. Never dry in taste and jam packed full of flavor. I add a bit of Mild sauce but it really isn't needed. + CINNAMON TWISTS I actually swapped this out for CHIPS AND GUACAMOLE for just $0.49 more. Isn't that awesome!? Chips were okay and the scoop of guac was good enough for me! I was focusing more on the others. Overall, this Chalupa Cravings Box is such a great deal. It's so much food for only $5, and it's customizable for a tiny fee. My partner and I shared this, and we ordered an additional Chalupa Supreme for $3. Think about it, for just $2 more, you get 4 more items in this Chalupa Cravings Box! And it really fills up 2 people. What a great deal. By the way I would have not known about the Chalupa Cravings Box if it weren't for the app, which they emailed me about. Otherwise it's actually not on the drive-thru menu and I would have not known about it!

Truth H.

Thank God for the bell. Always there when almost nothing is open. Thx Gilda manager of Webster st

Sarah B.

We don't get fast food too often, but Taco Bell is at the top of my favorites when we do. I've had some decent experiences with this location, but that's the best I could say. I have had multiple bad experiences at this particular location. On the worst occasion, my husband drew the short stick and had to make the TBell run. My order was pretty simple, a hard shell taco and pintos and cheese; basic, I know. I ended up with a pintos and cheese taco. You read that right, beans and cheese in a hard taco shell. I made the drive back to taco bell with the receipt and my pitiful pintos and cheese taco. Their response? They laughed and said, oh sorry about that. I got my corrected order and left. I've also gotten home and my pintos and cheese are 1/4 full. Another example. I LOVE buffalo sauce. I decided one day to try the buffalo chicken nacho fries. We got home and there was no buffalo sauce on those bad boys, nor chicken, that's because they gave us the regular ones. My husband went back this time. They took back the regular ones (What are you going to do with that??) and gave us the ones we ordered. They were meh, but I can't place that on this location. I don't like writing bad reviews, but unfortunately the 2 stars are warranted in my humble yelper opinion. My advice, and we need to take ourselves, is thoroughly check each order before leaving the premises.

Donn Christianson

Scolding us (do not like being scolded, no sir) at the drive up window because we're on foot (and don't quote customer safety as defense) and telling us we need to be in a car...

Steve D.

Help! I'm stuck driving around someone who thinks it's cool to be sitting in the Taco Bell drive thru line in West Alameda. Well, I need good dose of high sodium food. And imitation Mexican food should do it. I told my friend, I have to write real restaurant reviews on Yelp.....not my drive-thru ordeal at Taco Bell. Oh well, line move fast. Food was ready, cashier was nice, food was.....acceptable. It's the Alameda Taco Bell next door to the Walgreens

Sara C.

Bad!! We got food Togo through the drive through and I have to say, huge disappointment. They gave us the wrong meal, no cheese in the chicken quesadilla, no ice in the root beer and no receipt.

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