The Local

1333 Park St, Alameda
(510) 523-2116

Recent Reviews

Lauren Merian-Klein

Had the chicken cranberry salad and it was delicious!!! I’d recommend this place for the food, certainly the coffee and the owners seem like pretty awesome people as well.

Jenny Z.

So glad The Local is back in full effect! This town needs and deserves Otto and Erin and their perfectly located coffee house. I can count on The Local for a wonderful almond latte, but today I had a Greek Salad for lunch that was delicious. Yay for small these small business owners that do things right!

Ruby Smith

I loved their coffee and the place is so cool.

Anna Piller

My favorite coffee shop. Great raspberry beret mocha homage to Prince

Erika D.

I've finally found a spot I enjoy studying at. Plenty of seating, good selection of cafe items and it's located right on Park St. There's a lot of natural lighting but it does get dim as you head towards the back corner. There are outlets and I usually bring my extension cord to help with setting a comfortable work environment. I think the only challenging part about this area is parking, but other than that, this place is the best!

Daniel Del Rio

The Mexican hot chocolate is just not right. Spicy hot chocolate is not Mexican hot chocolate. I don't know where they got this information from.

Ryan M.

We were walking to Peet's when I saw this little coffee shop. So we popped in and it was a tremendous idea! It has a very low-key, relaxing vibe, the staff is very pleasant, and the drink are awesome! I got a London Fog and my fiance got the Magic Cup of Health. Although. the Magic Cup of Health took a while to make, it was worth the wait! She started feeling better even after one sip!

Lucy P.

Cute little cafe in downtown Alameda! Super spacious with tons of seating, natural lighting, and tables. Large menu of drinks and food. They also sometimes have musicians come in and play music during the day -- lovely ambiance and a good place to spend a Sunday. I ordered a dirty chai latte and it was just okay. I would come to this cafe again but I'd maybe try a regular chai or a different drink altogether. The chai was spicy as I like it, but strangely very very watery. A lot of other people in the cafe ordered chai based drinks so I assume the chai is good... maybe this was a one-off experience? The wait times for drinks can be a bit long. I believe I waited 15-20 minutes for my drink, but it was Sunday afternoon and the cafe was packed. Pros: - Live music sometimes :') - Plenty of seating and tables - Abundant natural lighting Cons: - Long wait times - Strangely watery chai latte?

Kelly Rose

This shop is lovely. It has a really friendly vibe, and a lot of people were seeing people the knew and saying hi. It feels like how everyone thinks a small town feels. The coffee was good and the service was friendly. I would definitely go out of my way to visit again.

Efrem Rensi

The only remaining non-Starbucks coffee shop on Park street. Lots of seating, and a nice little hang out area by the front window. The coffee is also, good.

Oscar Leung

This place is good for doing work and being productive. Nice chocolate!

Britt Allen

Was my first time here and everything my friend told me about Otto was true — he’s a great guy! He complimented me on my CANADA sweater and was super helpful.I got their Magic Cup of Health and the Lox Plate from their specials menu! I was thoroughly satisfied with the food, drinks, and cozy vibes. If I lived closer I’d be a local. ?

Anna P.

Wonderful place that lives up to its name. Warm local feel, big salads, nice sandwiches and other eats. Try the Raspberry beret latte too!


Was my first time here and everything my friend told me about Otto was true — he’s a great guy! He complimented me on my CANADA sweater and was super helpful.

Spenser V.

**This review is just for their coffee** I came to The Local at around 10am with high hopes that they would have a good cup of coffee in an area plagued by Starbucks and Peet's coffee shops. When it comes to their pour overs, they have two options on their menu; regular pour over, or a pour over with "exotic" beans. I opted for the exotic beans, to which the barista could only tell me that their dark roast was Ethiopian, with no information about the flavor or notes. This was about $5 for a large black coffee. I waited about 5 minutes while they did the pour over. What I ended up getting was a flavorless cup of watered down coffee that was about on par with what you'd get out of any 7-11. I don't know if it was the beans they used, or how they brewed the cup, but I would not recommended coming here if you're looking for quality coffee.

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