The Star on Park

1400 Park St, Alameda
(510) 832-7827

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Dawn V.

I love this restaurant and am so grateful they are open during COVID19. You can do pick up, delivery, and they have tables outside. The Old Mexican is my favorite cocktail (partly because I am an old Mexican! ;) but I really love the meatballs, wedge salad, and roasted cauliflower. We are so lucky to have The Star!!


I ordered delivery a few times from Star on Park, each time the pizza was good and the goddess salad was even better.A good option while staying near the airport in Oakland.

Kenna S.

The pizza here is some of the best in town! So good! We usually get a large white with mushrooms instead of zucchini and add red onion to it. I can't explain how delicious that combo is. The pizza is always excellent quality, and we've never had a bad experience. Even during Covid-19. 6 stars! Give those cooks a raise!

Viola Jackson

Everything was delicious, full of flavor, and we left extremely happy. We will definitely go back. It's absolutely worth the wait for the reservation period.

William C.

Well this week has been one hell of a week...I got some bad news about 1 week ago, and I have had certain other issues happening for the past 5 or so.So when a co-worker suggested we go out for a beer, I was down!!! I went to the Star on Park, and really looked forward to it! I love the location, the ambiance, the "size" (huge inside, and a very high ceiling. So nice!) and just about everything else to do with this place.The wait staff, all masked up, are incredibly accommodating and attractive, and very professional looking. The menu looks scrumptious! Notice I said "looks." Sorry to say, I didn't order food. We enjoyed two A Town Pale Ales. Both delicious! They were extremely accommodating, and had outside patio seating with service. They allowed my friends beautiful, friendly dog to be there. What a great day!I can't wait to return.

jessica hussein

Overpriced food in my opinion. Pizza wasn't as tasty as I thought it would be, too much bbq sauce on the chicken pizza. Broccolini appetizer was tasty though.

Riley Brann

Good pizza. Quality ingredients. Portions are small for cost. There is better pizza on the island imo.

Rachel J.

Been here twice in the past month now, so The Star on Park definitely deserves a review! The deep dish is a must - the pizza is rich and filled with toppings and the tomato sauce perfectly complements the crunchy cornmeal crust. My favorites are the All Star (somewhat like a meat lovers) and the Meatball Deep Dish. Tip: they allow one free substitution if there is anything on the ingredients list that you want to sub out. The large deep dish is plenty for a meal for 2 several times over, so worth the $31 that it costs. The star is accepting reservations for outdoor seating, pick up and delivery via Doordash/Postmates!

Lily S.

For me nothing beats a crispy Neapolitan pizza, but today I wanted to give deep dish a try. I ordered online and was notified that it would be 45-50 minutes. Not realizing there is a separate door for pick up located on the side of the building, I entered through the front door and was kindly directed to the side. Oops. The pizza is still warm out of the box, and it held up perfectly. If I had to describe their pizza in one word it would be "abundant". There's a thick layer of cheese, topped with sausage, then covered in tomato sauce. You'd think the crust would be soggy with all those toppings, but it was firm, buttery, and almost pastry-like. A small pizza is more than enough for 2 people. The pizza was very flavorful and delicious. This place is clean, their take out is well packaged, and their pizza is very good. Does it top my favorite Neapolitan pizza? Not sure anything will, but I could go for a Chicago pizza once in a while.

Dom R.

We ordered take-out, the burrata starter and two small pizzas one regular thin crust, one gluten free. Had been here twice last year for sitdown service and liked it. Not so good this time. Burrata had no tomatoes, it was a slice of bread, dollop of cheese and a drizzle of balsamic, very underwhelming for $11. The pizza toppings were OK, but both crusts were dry and hard like a thick sourdough cracker. This for $66 and a $10 tip? I can get Papa Murphy's for half the price... Sorry Star, but step it up if I'm paying those prices for a small pizza...

Sean Bradshaw

Good Deep Dish pizza. Went for lunch and was told no lunch specials even when it was on the website.

Tiffy E.

This is the flattest deep dish pizza I've ever had. It tastes fine but it is not at all what I was expecting. I regret straying from my usual deep dish place, Zachary's.

Nat M.

Great deep dish pizza, great service good drinks. Be on the lookout for seasonals specials, they are the best.

Owen J.

Soo, I was looking for a deep dish Chicago pizza without going to Zacharys (No disrespect to Zacharys.. Bay Area lengend).. I just wanted to get someone's else's take on pizza pie.You will not be disappointed. Loved crust.. was like a crispy dinner roll.. yeah. Let that sink in. And was still strong enough to handle all those toppings without falling apart.The toppings were fresh and all the flavors mixed very well together. I got the All Star plus added mushrooms. Very good! I highly recommend... Now for the bad.. I also ordered the spicy baked wings.. pretty sad.. Bland.. cooked nice but no flavor to be found. Can you say brine.All in all it was a good experience. Restaurant set up was COVID ready. New normal huh.

Scott H.

The hell kinda deep dish is this? This pizza is so flat its jealous of pancakes.Wont ever be ordering from here again

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