Wild Ginger

1239 Park St, Alameda
(510) 263-8128

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Wing L.

Um. YUM. I've been looking for handpulled noodles since the place I used to go to closed due to covid. I'm so happy to have found this place because it is pretty darn good. The noodles are made right in front of your face and has a nice bite to it. The broth. Man. I love soupy food and this soup is so flavorful and has great depth of flavor. I am salivating while writing this review...it was so good. I can't wait to go back and it's the only place in the east bay with handpulled noodles (to my knowledge...). Come here for a great meal!

Megan H.

Love love love this place. Family-owned, mom & pop owned (literally), and mom & pop are super sweet. The dishes never disappoint!! When you eat in, you can hear them hand making the biang-biang noodles behind the counter. My hubby and I have an unspoken agreement that we get lunch or dinner here when we visit Alameda.


Definitely recommend trying all the foods!! There is indoor and outdoor seating. The noodles are good delicious in any dish and the dumplings are a must have. We had the spicy and tingly beef in sauce and the beef biang biang... I'm going to be a regular. Staff was friend and service was fast. Try it!

Mohmmed M.

They got soup ever..the restraint is so clean and nice and you can just tell they use the most fresh Ingredients and put a lot of love into they're food

Thang P.

The food was tasty and the noodles are what you are expecting. I think the flavor is a bit weak though and could use a bit more of punch with say some vinegar or chili's. I would imagine this would have been there if I ate at the restaurant but I took it to go. Its a bit expensive but I think everything is going up now so I wouldnt let that stop you.

Kim l.

Woweee! This place serves up some really good udon soup. Everything has a kick to it. My fav was the veggie soup. The dumpling soup was so so. The dumpling are soaked in the soup so they were soggy. The dumplings à la carte are décent.

Steven Inouye

This place is so good! The tenderness of the lamb and the spiciness of the broth worked so well together. Definitely coming back

Lynn Schembari

Enjoyed my meal here. Spicy and dumplings were good.

Miranda Sequoia

Delicious and light dumplings and hand cut noodles. The spinach and pork dumplings are especially good. If you like chili spice they have you covered too.Ordering through the website and pick up was fast and easy.

Megan L.

Quite thoroughly surprised by this small hand pulled noodle shop! The Liang Pi was very popular and I wasn't disappointed. It was not a chilled temperature, but cool and definitely cold relative to the other numbing dishes. The Pork Zha Jiang in Sauce was decent, but I enjoyed the Liang Pi more. Their hand pulled noodles were quite thick and I liked the varying thickness. Pork dumplings seemed to have water chestnut in it which added a crunchy sweet kick. The spinach dumplings were so big! Loved how full it was. Also their chili hot sauce is hand made and vegetarian!

Dena Delaviz

Listen..........................sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. Everything was bomb. No photos cuz i at it all. I would encourage you to support them because they seem really appreciate of any business right now as well. And their chili oil is ?

Mandy C.

okay $15 for handmade noodle lamb not spicy, huge disappointment not authentic looks very western noodle thick, its odd long wait and unfriendly service also it was a baddd day for me, a nightmare. the pros for 1 star only mam and pap working nice flavor its covid19 times has changed must spent it on those really worth it first time!

Anjel O.

On a brief stop in Alameda this place came up. It's a small shop with a straight forward menu ordering system. I ordered a veggie Malatang. It wasn't busy (was about to close) but our food came out quick. Wow... I'm used to veggie soups being okay at best with lots of filler veggies, but this had so much flavor, so many delicious vegetables in it, and super generous portions. I can't wait to come back!

Evelyn E.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of our food because it was late and we were hungry. Order online through their website about 30 minutes before they closed. And our 3 bowls were ready in 15 minutes. My daughter got the Spicy & Tingly beef (H5) in sauce. The beef chunks were so tender and flavorful. My daughter was in heaven with the hand pulled noodles. My husband got the pork (H2). He said it was way too spicy for him. So next time, we will probably have to adjust the spicy level. I got the the Veggie (H7). I too was dying from the spicy level. But, it was too good to stop eating! They also gave us Liang Pi which is hand pulled noodles with the sauces on the side. I really enjoyed that since I was able to control the spicy level & flavors. We will definitely be back because hand pulled noodles is the ONLY way to eat asian noodles!

Sandy Y.

I love all types of noodles and the first time trying hand pulled noodles was while I was in the East Coast. I've been on the hunt since! I didn't think the East Bay would have a spot and when I found out there is one, I had to try. Placing an order for pick up was super easy. The entrance is blocked off, but all communication and pick up is done at the doorway. My order was already bagged up, with the receipt and my name taped on it. Quick grab and go. I ordered the spicy and tingly beef - one in soup and one in sauce, and pork dumplings. The noodles had a nice texture and was chewy. The broth was good, but needs a bit of improvement. I was expecting a spicier flavor. I ate the dumplings when it was no longer hot and they were ok. Might have tasted better when they were hot. But the sauce was pretty good. I will come back to try the other items!

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