Xing Yuan

839 Marina Village Pkwy, Alameda
(510) 522-8215

Recent Reviews

Gerrylynn M.

Place sucks. The lady give you the wrong food and thinks it's funny instead of trying to fix it. Not going back to dumpster.

shaela s.

5 stars because they are pretty good and their food is not greasy. The veggie wonton soup is really good. And the chow mein is good too.

Eumin L.

It's a small family place. Right now they only have takeout available. The Hong Kong Noodles w/ Pork was my favorite from this order and the Green Beans! The Tomato Beef Chow Mein and Fried Crab Cheese were great comfort food options, but the Sesame Beef was a bit soggy. Still delicious but I was sad they weren't as crispy.

Rachel D.

Yelping " Chinese restaurants " near location, i came across this gem. I only ordered the Black bean sauce fish, and, General Tso Chicken. When i arrived i wasn't too sure about it because I've had poor experiences with Chinese restaurants located in shopping plazas. HOWEVER, "i tell you" from the items I did buy, I love this place! The fish was fresh and paired perfect with the yummy black bean sauce. The general tso chicken is white meat with a thin crispy batter and sauced in a sweet/spicy (mostly sweet) sauce. Note: it's mostly meat unlike some whom over batter with small amount of meat. Definitely coming back. Looking forward to it!!!

Emi J.

A small little humble Mom & Pop Chinese restaurant located on the west end offering consistent delicious meals through the years. I can't believe I haven't left a review prior. So glad I'm doing this now as the reviews are long over due. Below are my regular go to dishes although I have seen many more on the menu.. Beef with Broccoli Oyster Sauce, General Tso's Chicken is epic (it comes with broccoli but oh so so good) you will never go wrong with this dish! It has a bit of the crunch and flavorful caramelization and is always gone before I could grab a 2nd bite because everyone loves it!!! Kids and adults alike all fight for this dish as well. Another favorite is BBQ Pork Fried Rice always brightly colored with vegetables and texture of fried rice is spot on not greasy like other places. And yet another favorite of mine is Dry Braised String Beans! I wish the owner add fried tofu to this dish as an option for $1! A girl can dream right? Garlic Prawn sounds very good and it is as well but to me there are way to much onions in this dish...more onions than garlic prawns. I also was reluctant to RE-order this because part of me hope that the garlic prawns taste more garlicky and slightly crispy in finish rather than a sauté finish. Through the years we could count on their home made food offerings always made fresh to order and with the love and care of quality! They used to offer free local Alameda delivery on yelp with a minimum $40 order too but these days there is with a fee by yelp. COVID19 or not Xing Yuan is highly recommended by me! I'm glad to see they are in the finals for Best of Alameda too! Good luck By far best local Chinese food in Alameda is Xing Yuan! Looking to maximize your wallet then stop by or place an order for lunch as they also have the best deals during lunch. Have some now save some for later...

Bill Collins

Wow! This restaurant continues to be the best Chinese food in Alameda. No joke! It's a wonderful experience! The sauces are exceptional, the spiced meals are scrumptious!I usually get garlic chicken or shrimp! I love the lunch specials! They serve hot and fresh! Whether you eat in, order over the phone, or take out, you WILL NOT be dissatisfied!!!I recommend eating at the outside tables, if you bring a dog. Dogs not welcome in the interior of the restaurant!

Michelle E.

We phoned in an order. We arrived half a hour later. It took another half a hour of waiting to receive the food. They did not have a door open for air circulation. Also, one employee had her mask below her nose. We asked to cancel our order to get our money back (it was over a hour), they refused twice.

Donna Fong

This is my to go spot for lunch. They make it fast. They make it good and the noodle option is a treat, instead of rice.

Antonella I.

I have no idea why this place doesn't have full 5 stars!? It's such a hidden gem and the food is sooo good! We usually order a la carte and share with the rest of our family and everyone loves it. Their orange chicken, chow menu, and fried rice is delicious!

Grae S.

This restaurant is my home base. The food is always well prepared, hot , and prepared with love. Thank you for years of steady, and great service!!! Their delivery people are second to none.

Happy J.

I'll never give them a second chance to take my money... So one star. Generally the food is weak. I was jonesing for some good Chinese food and did not find it here. To calibrate my star gun, I would give Panda Express two stars and avoid it. There is a huge difference between weak and good Chinese food and this was a $25 bummer. I can't believe this place has gotten good reviews. I'm guessing they hired a business promotion company to "Spike The Punch" online for them. It's a little shopping center fast food joint... Definitely miles away from fine dining. Don't waste your money like I did.

Lauren Bell

Three times I have been here, the front person were all different but always seemingly need training on customer service as on 3 occasions I dealt with a frowning and uncaring cashier. If the food was superbly excellent and they were always busy I would some how understand. 2 stars and I tried to be nice.

Abbie Johnson

Wor Won Tong Soup was delish and loaded with dumplings. Will be back!

Wesley Omi

Chicken salad is the best!

Leni Bp

Food was good, ordered the lunch special sweet and sour pork and it was tasty, the pork pieces were crunchy on the outside and the rice was really good. I would recommend it.

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