Cybelles Albany Pizza

600 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 524-3824

Recent Reviews

James Omori

Fresh high quality ingredients, flavorful sauce and just the right combination of crisp and chewy crust. Very timely getting orders done and completed. Friendly staff too!

James Tyler

Bring back albany pizza company. The new place ingredients were terrible and the pizza slices were burnt to a crisp. Also got rid of the slice deal.

Natasha Brown

Unique, inexpensive fast and friendly !

Gene F

I loved the Kitchen Sink Monster SliceThere are many other great combos on the menu. By all means give Albany Pizza a tryout.

Ricky Freed

from days of ordering 20 at a time for our fabulous Albany PTA events (10+ years ago) to our family's semi-regular half-pepperoni/half kitchen sink orders of today, i've yet to hear complaints. always a smile *and* a friendly discount. even the "by the slice" prices are worth the trip!

Sabina Davis

Good pizza. Nice sign

Owen Flaherty

great pizza been going here my whole life and its only gotten better!

Matt C

Great tasting pizza and great service to go with it!?

Leonardo Hill

This restaurant is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this place. everytime I I need a fair supper, this is the place that comes straight to my mind. outstanding and food and a rich menu.professional staff members, and nice ambience. Also important, the cost is fair. I suggest this restaurant with no hesitation.

Emanuelle O.

This is our go-to pizza take-out in our 'hood. Flavor is great. Love the crust: just enough crunch/chewiness and not too thick. Not exactly thin crust tho. Just right. Layer of cheese not too thick. We love all the various toppings! Delivery is quick too.


Great pizza great price can't lose

Amen Kahlon

Would have given higher rating if they were consistent. Sometimes really good. Sometimes really bad.

Kumail Raza

Pizza was extremely greasy and left me with am upset stomach. I first asked them to put it back in the oven because I thought it was undercooked when the cheese was falling off the slices. When they refused and said "its just hot" I took their word for it.... never going back here again.

Missy D.

I usually make my own pizza, but when I need a nice pie and don't want to cook, I order from these nice people. Is it NYC pizza? No. But it is better than much more expensive pizza places in this area? Absolutely yes! I really like this place and everyone is always super nice!


What a great place to go for great customer service and quality pizza. This spot will eat up Mod Pizza or Blaze!

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