House of Curries

1497 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 559-8477

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Seung Won Shin

Great food and nice service! Really liked the lamb curry and the milk tea.

Nicolas Verschueren van Rees

I've loved this place for the last two years. It's been fairly priced, tasty and my favourite.However, the last two times I picked up food from here I had an awfully disappointing experience ( the last time was today). I feel the need to share my experience and urge the people thinking about getting food from here to look for an alternative.During my penultimate visit, the cardboard container with the pakoras was mushy and uncooked. I couldn't eat them and I took this issue as an occasional mistake.Today, I showed up at the time specified by the online order. The person behind the counter did not seem to understand me or have any idea of an order with my name on it. Eventually he told me to wait five minutes. After good 10 min. of wait, watching other orders being deliver, seen my pakoras put in the microwave and subsequently fried them (they were already cooked), watch the guy behind the counter helping with the cooking and pushing my food into the container with bare hands ( same hands used to accept cash); I received my order without any apologies nor the sauces. At home I tried to eat the burned pakoras. I felt disrespected and they managed to put me off curries (I didn't think this would be possible). I obviously made a mistake with this place. So please don't waste your time or money. Avoid it!

Hamilton Foster

Wonderful food! The curry is thick and delicious. This is our go-to after years of trying all of the restaurants on Solano. They are fast and friendly and delicious. What else do you want in food!

Cap Mo

The best chicken tika masala in the bay


I really want to give this place five stars. It was almost perfect. I love indian food so I am open to a variety of styles and dishes. However, there was a single glaring fault that makes it lose a star.The samosas were excellent: crispy, pleasantly spicy, and full of flavor. Mint and tamarind sauces paired deliciously but weren't necessary to enjoy them. They were just an added bonus.The naan was great. Crispy but still fluffy, generously stuffed, and huge. It was like getting two naan for the price of one.The lamb karahi was ALMOST perfect too. It had a ton of flavor, a great amount of spice, and plenty of bigs chunks of lamb that were so tender you could part them with a spoon. It also tasted like half a salt shaker fell into the sauce. It was closing in on being far too salty to eat. It took me three sittings to get through it all. It WAS delicious though and worth it.A little more careful with the salt next time and I will absolutely change this to a 5 star review. I want it to be 5 stars. It was all so delicious and carefully prepared otherwise. I am legitimately disappointed there was anything wrong because it feels like such a silly error to make with such excellent food.I'm gonna give The House of Curries the benefit of the doubt and call it a fluke, an unfortunate accident where a hand slipped.I would still highly recommend this place. But if I notice oversalting again, I will have to lower it to 3 stars. So close to perfection.

Otto Brown

Great food and lots of outdoor seating

Bryan Singh

I was there to eat at 3 pm they charged me before i want to order more stuff but i had to pay every time besides that I ordered goat biryani it was just goat curry mixed with rice don’t waste ur time chicken tikka masala only tomato sauce food is horrible there don’t know how they can servive

J Sarwar

So glad we stopped by for a quick bite. Everything was fresh out that oven, chicken Tikka was on point. Adequate seating and they seem to be doing a great job keeping things clean in light of covid

Omar Zahran

the best Pakistani halal restaurant

Roger Aba

I used to stay around here and I would often come here for some Masala and vindaloo. Garlic naan as well.I really enjoyed their food. The times I've gone, they have been super busy and the service times could be a few more minutes.Great staff,Great food and for a good price.Portions are good too.

Vikrant Dhore

I ordered chicken vindaloo. FYI chicken vindaloo is made of red curry and not orange.. plus the chicken biryani doesnt have green pepper and and big pieces of tomatoes.. Please make sure you give indian food when you open an indian restaurant.

Paul Whitehouse

Delicious food, casual atmosphere, outdoor dining. Already plotting what to order next time I go.

Sarah Rosenkrantz

So happy to have House of Curries in the neighborhood. The portion were nice and so was the spice. We forgot to grab green sauce - our bad! But let’s show them some south berkeley love. Great to share a walking distance spot.

Mike Duigou

Nothing fancy but reasonable prices and good portion size.

Peter Thelin

One of my favorites. Great Indian food and fast service. Love the spicy vindaloo.

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