Renee's Place

1477 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 525-2330

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Wu

Great restaurant with wonderful, attentive service. I recommend the sizzling rice soup, sweet and sour chicken, and green onion pancakes!

Sakul Rehcalroh

Nice place.The meal was delicious and the atmospheres in the restaurant was very good.Not too crowdy and nice interior.Gonna visit it again!

Sergio Guadarrama

The quality of food has gone down a lot, we used to like this place. It was empty on a Sunday, and it seems they don't have much business anymore.We ordered two types of fish and they were not fresh, have to send them back. Not coming back.At least the eggplant with garlic sauce was still good.

Olivia P.

My friend and I stumbled across this place as we were walking by. We walked in and the decor was gorgeous. The customer service was amazing ,they sat us by the window. We ordered the pork dumplings and the green onion pancake. We got some jasmin tea an order of orange chicken and a order of chicken chow mein. Everything was delicious and my friend even ordered a chow mein to go. I'll definitely be back and recommend. I wish I had taken photos :(

Elizabeth F.

I was so excited to try their Veggie potstickers until I opened the box and saw how small they were . Not to mention the fact that they were filled with spinach only and tasted awful like plastic . Cost about 15 dollars for this . I will never go again .

Anna M.

One of my favorite Berkeley restaurants. Renee is lovely, the food is quite good, nice atmosphere.

Bichen W.

Strangest combination of "Chinese" food I've ever had. The crispy duck was crispy all right. Very little duck left after frying the bejesus out of it. Not sure what the point of the fried tofu was. It was like eating regular tofu with the outside lightly toasted. And the HK pan fried noodles were quite burnt and very crunchy. Nothing against the people working there as they were very friendly and were talking about how their kids are all grown up and going to college which was very sweet. But... the food is definitely incredibly lackluster and overpriced.

Garrett T.

We had a really lovely dinner. Food was excellent and the staff is just the nicest. Kale had a tad too much salt but hot and sour soup was delicious, as was the cumin lamb. Will definitely be back!

Kellie A.

We got take out from Renee's for the first time and it was simply delicious. It's fresh and high quality food. We got salt and pepper shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, pot stickers and chow mein and would get all of them again. Renee's is now our favorite Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. Also, the ambience is lovely, and Renee is warm and kind.

April U

Elegant decor, clean, beautiful place to dine! A great and intimate place to celebrate birthdays. Greatly appreciate the offering of Lundberg rice- which I have found nowhere else. Loved the wild rice! There are many and varied options to choose from on the menu and we will be back to try more!

April U.

Elegant, tasteful, clean place to dine. Greatly appreciate the offering of Lundberg rices which I have seen nowhere else- loved the wild rice! Food is prepared with care- will be back soon to try more from their extensive menu.

Bob J.

I'm not sure I knew Chinese food could be so wonderful. Every bite was a revelation. As we emerge from the pandemic, do not forget Renee's Place in Albany. We drove 40 minutes to get here, and what a great decision.

Len M.

We've eaten in many Chinese restaurants both in the Bay Area and throughout the US. Renee's Place is in a class of its own. While we've tried other Chinese restaurants for variety or in an effort to find another option closer to our home we always come back to Renee's because no other place can match its excellence, consistency, and wholesomeness of ingredients. We've brought both family and friends when we want to make certain that everyone has a satisfying meal and so far, everyone has. In addition, the ambiance is attractive and comfortable, a good place for friendly conversation.

Julie L.

Got $90.00 plus dollars of takeout on Father's Day, a HUGE splurge for us in our post Covid recovery. Our Marco Polo prawns were rancid...I mean stink up the house, open the windows horrible and our vegetable chow mien had beef in it...much to my vegetarian daughter's horror. I called that night and spoke with Renee hoping that she would refund me for those two items. Nope, she wanted me to bring them back to the restaurant so she could examine them. I actually did try on Monday but found the restaurant closed in spite of it being during normal posted open hours. I dumped the disgusting prawns down the disposal when I got home...the chow mien is still in my fridge awaiting the same fate. Too bad, this place was one of our favorites for special occasions. Renee, you lost 4 kind, generous customers.

R. F.

When we lived closer to Renee's Place this was our "go-to" Chinese food place. It's a little more expensive than typical Chinese food restaurants, but the quality of the ingredients comes through. We came back to town after a couple of years & headed straight here. If anything, the food is EVEN BETTER. We had the tea-smoked duck, the Uighur lamb, the spicy beef with basil, & the mu-shoo pork. All were excellent, and I should make special note of the lamb: cumin can be tricky -- but the seasoning here showed a confident & deft hand at work on it. Too little and it doesn't impress, too much & it impresses in the wrong way. Just right is hard, but that's what came on our order. The duck, too, was great & made excellent leftovers as a sandwich with cherries. These were highlights, but all the selections for us tasted great. Renee's Place does a fine job with COVID practices, and the staff remains friendly as ever.

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