Sam's Log Cabin

945 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 558-0502

Recent Reviews

Nathanael Litwiller

Turkey cran sandwich was so bad I couldn't finish it despite being super hungry; tasted like the whole thing came straight out of a can. Salad was just some slimy looking butter lettuce with 3 sad, paper-thin apple slices. Hopefully they do eggs and potatoes better. Ordered to-go so no idea about service.

Jeff Ghoti

Great place for brunch. It would be nice if they added outdoor seating.

Andrei K.

5 starts no doubt ! Delicious food FRESH squeezed orange juice The service is fast as hell and very nice Cozy interior and open area is great I have enjoyed for 100% Thanks

Susan S.

I was visiting friend that I grew up with and they brought me here. Even though i grew up in the area I had never been to this restaurant. Anyhow the food was excellent. I had the Monte Cristo it was on point. My friend had the fried chicken it was also amazing. If you're in the area check it out.

Sara M.

Came here for the first time on a weekend morning around 11 AM. There were only a few parties in front of us at this time so we were seated fairly quickly. The back area is very cute, with a few tables and some bar seating. They have it heated with space heaters so it's a nice option if you're dining in with dogs. We were seated indoors, which was also charming. The waitress took our order and the food was out shortly after. We both ordered the basic breakfast, which is right on par with the price of Broom Bush or Homemade or Bette's as far as the price goes. I think they may have the best basic breakfast of them all. Eggs and toast were great and I especially enjoyed the potatoes. May have just found my new favorite breakfast spot!

Roy A.

This is a great place to have breakfast. You sign up on the waiting list out front and then walk to the back, grab a cup of coffee and sit on the bench to wait for your name to be called. The servers are super friendly and make the meal fun. The daily specials are my favorite. We ate outside and sat next to a heater and enjoyed the cool morning. Must try.

J Turner

It's a nice place for good sized portions. The food doesn't wow me, so it won't get 5 stars, but the wait staff is great. The woman with the cat like glasses is a very lovely person! I wish I knew her name so I could properly give her a shout out!

Hazel F.

I wasn't expecting great food to come out of of this cabin but the food is excellent. I've gotten the trout special with collard greens. I will always order a side of the collard greens. They have the best wings, battered and deep fried and seasoned simply but well. I wouldn't leave here without ordering a side of the wings. They have daily pastry specials that usually include scones. The best pancakes too. Expect a wait, but you can wait in their back patio while you enjoy a coffee.

Joan L.

I can't recommend Sam's for breakfast strongly enough. It's a bit pricey but I am so happy to spend my money on a delicious high quality meal with unfailingly nice and efficient service. The coffee is a yummy European blend. I'm counting down the minutes that they open today.

Rebecca Liberman

I love Sam's log cabin! The food is simple and delicious and they have a lovely coveredheated patio. Perfect for all weather. The wait is never too bad, and it's pretty baby friendly, considering the limited space!

Michelle Lifshitz

Everything I've ever ordered here has been delicious. Awesome staff and management. Worth the wait on weekends and you'll definitely have to wait.

Charles van der Loo

Really nice outdoor seating space in back. Plenty of room to stache our bikes without needing to lock.

Ray B.

Wow - I didn't see this coming! Upon walking into Sam's, I wrote this place off to be another mediocre hipster diner. Boy, was I wrong. The food was anything but mediocre, and the service was very similar to Aunt Mary's. From the seating inside to the very cool patio outside in the back, it really seems like Sam's is dedicated to making a great experience for its patrons. The menu was both unique and awesome. I had the corned beef hash, which I rarely have because most times it's from a can and very salty. This I'm glad I did because it was very, very good. See you again soon BB

Kristin K.

This place is a hidden gem that's not really that hidden! The wait time can be long but the coffee and charming seats out in the backyard make it worth it. So happy to find such a great elevated diner menu for breakfast and brunch in the East Bay!

Will Monge

Definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots in the Albany/El Cerrito/Berkeley area. Great service! The daily scones are always on point, and their scrambled eggs are my favorite on this side of the Bay

Meshell Barrows

Great place for breakfast, small and cozy. Food and coffee excellent. Staff and owner very friendly. Very accommodating. Will be back.

Elaine E.

Overall: not worth the wait on a weekend. Prices: not too hipstery. Food: pretty decent. - Scone: standard American scone. Not my thing but my partner loved it. - Yam & eggs: decent but a bit boring. Adding hot sauce saved it. - Cinnamon french toast: tasty. - Chicken apple sausage: meh. A bit dry. Staff: friendly. Wait: about 1hr on a Saturday around noon. Restaurant: poorly laid out. They could have fit a lot more tables in back. Instead they had an empty concrete slab with plastic chairs scattered around that they used as a waiting area. They could also use some landscaping.

Stillupcooking Y.

Great coffee, espresso, tea, organic ingredients, housemade, house cured meat, impressive breakfast options, like lake trout, that you don't typically find. Fresh biscuits, cornbread, scones, sandwiches and daily specials offered. We've had the Huevos Rancheros, cornbeef hash, pork and collard greens, and Hardly Worked. All were perfect for our breakfasts. Staff provides friendly service. Interior is small and comfortable. If you have to have pristine interiors, put your blinders on and just enjoy your meal. There's also outdoor seating in the back.

John Kelsey

Wonderful place to get breakfast or lunch in a historic Log Cabin building ordered directly old style from the Sears Catalog and was erected here on State Route 123, which we know as San Pablo Avenue in Albany in 1930!

Janee T.

This place is really awesome! My parents and I go out every Saturday for brunch, so we've tried a looot of different places. This might just be our favorite! My mom got the basic breakfast with a blueberry scone, my dad got the biscuits and gravy, and I got the corn cakes with a side of chicken wings. All were really good! The corn cakes were like clouds of cornbread. The gravy on the biscuits was so smooth; not gelatinous at all like some of the other places we've been to. The scone surprised us a little burst of flavor from lemon zest. Aside from the great food, we also loved the ambiance. There's a patio in the back to chill in while waiting to be called. The restaurant advertises organic ingredients; this is showcased by their lovely garden. All in all, this place is awesome and you should check it out

Sun K.

I can't believe I just found this place. It's been around since forever. Amazing food. Amazing service. Great creativity on the menu. One thing you should remember though, if you go here and you write your name on the waiting list, you have to wait in the back not in the front. I want to go back and try one of everything on the menu.

Chris Hunkeler

This is such a quaint historic building on San Pablo avenue in Albany; I've always wanted to try it out. After placing our names on the waitlist blackboard out front, we walked around the back to a nice patio area. There's coffee on the back patio and you can serve yourself. you'll be charged for the coffee but at least you don't have to wait until you're seated to start enjoying your coffee.

Penelope S.

I've been meaning to go to Sam's for a while. I finally did so this morning! The vibe is hip, warm, casual yet full of life and personality. The building is quirky and a bit shabby-chic, but the place still feels plenty clean. The patio is understated but feels really nice. On a Friday, I had to wait for a table for about 10 minutes. The patio was a good place for my wait. The host was friendly, tentative, personable. My table ended up being good-bench seating and not too crowded next to the other 2-tops. My server came fairly promptly. I ordered the basic breakfast with eggs scrambled "soft" (which means not dry, less well don). This is what usually makes or breaks breakfast spots-can they do scrambled soft? Do they know what that is? I anxiously awaited my meal. Hmmmm ok. I wouldn't say they quite hit the mark. I would say the eggs were scrambled standard or even a bit on the dry side. I had to salt them, I think there was no baseline salting that had happened prior to them arriving to me. Ditto the potatoes. The sourdough toast was crack-cocaine-delicious. The iced tea was perfectly nice. All in all two thumbs up, four stars. Please Sam's just work on the scrambled soft technique-everything else is gravy. I've attached a photo of what soft scrambled eggs should look like (not from Sam's but from Google search).

Caroline Y.

It's been a while since I've eaten here. And the food has notably gone downhill. The eggs were overcooked, the biscuits were heavy and tasteless and the fried chicken was a shake n' bake version. Service was good.

Claudia W.

This place is off a really busy street and if you pass it without really looking, you won't really see it; but if you do, it is the cutest little log cabin with amazing food and a really cute outdoor patio where you can go to wait and have a FREE cup of coffee while you're at it. We waited around 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon for brunch and were seated outside (definitely will be back and try to be seated inside since it's so cute!). I ordered the huevos rancheros and my friend got the biscuits and gravy, which we both definitely recommend. We were beyond pleased with the portion we got for the price we paid. Parking was a little difficult just because we came when the Solano Street Fair was happening, but it is mainly free street parking so no complaints there. This place is definitely a hidden gem in Albany and I can't wait to bring more of my friends back here!

Greg S.

This was a fun and tasty find in the area. Thanks Yelpers for some of the tips for getting in. The restaurant is pretty small, but they have a another space out back, not only for dining, but for enjoying some coffee while waiting for your name to be called. We sat inside, right by the kitchen and got to see how well they were all coordinating with each other to get the orders out. Everyone in this place was having a great time, including behind the kitchen counter. The braised pork, collard greens broth with poached eggs was excellent. May sound odd at first. Yes, the eggs are on top of the broth. Think of it as a ramen-ey dish without the ramen. Collard greens were not bitter or tough, just a nice combination of flavors. Partner had the grits with eggs, (and he ordered the collards and pork as well) and that was really good too. It's nice to see a menu with some classic standards, and some not so standard dishes as well.

Simon Jagusch

Best Brunch Ever. Organic, Homemade, Mom & Pop, Delicious!

Anapanasati ॐ

The staff is really nice, in fact, they are saving this from being a two-star review...

Oregon Baba H.

Came here for brunch and it was simply amazing. We ordered corn cakes, roasted veggies, corned beef hash, yam n eggs and a scramble. The corn cakes were a nice change from the typical pancake breakfast. Still soft like a typical pancake but with better flavor. The corned beef and has had a variety

Marc F.

It took me way too many visits to this place to realize that there is a garden in the back where you can relax and have a cup of coffee while you wait to be seated--and there will be a wait. I guess that's to be expected from a place that is literally a small log cabin that's inexplicably on a main street in Albany. But it happens to house some damn good breakfast food, too. I discovered this place thanks to a girl I met on Tinder. We went on a bunch of dates. But discovering this place is probably the best thing that came out of that whole ordeal. The food and scones are great--and the scones are worth mentioning since they seem to make them fresh daily, and there is a rotating selection of flavors depending on the day. You can get standard breakfast fare all the way to things like trout and eggs, which is my favorite. Service is always good, coffee is ok, and the atmosphere is very comfortable. It's worth making the trek out here any morning it's open because you don't have to dread the wait times. Just write your name on the list, walk around the right side of the building to the back, and help yourself to a cup of coffee. Then sit back, relax, stare at the dogs, swipe through Instagram, chat with whomever you're with (you can say things like "I'm so glad we came here," or "Aww this is so fun/nice/cozy") or just stare at the ground and contemplate all the things that make you sad so your incoming breakfast can wash it all away.

Ricardo Corona

I really enjoyed this place. Great chilaquiles, pancakes and scones

Anapanasati ॐ

The staff is really nice, in fact, they are saving this from being a two-star review...

Sarah G.

Fun place for comfort food breakfast. I had good pancakes here. Fast service, nice back patio area.


A bit of a wait on a but well worth it the sourdough french toast was great and the Vegan breakfast my granddaughter had was outstanding. Service is great and the prices are mid range

Jeremy Ciaramella

The drip coffee was good, the bacon was done perfectly, and overall an enjoyable experience. We lucked out because there was a large enough space to accommodate our bigger party. They were pretty busy, but it worked out well and we had a great time.

Hally De Groot

Affordable, delicious food! Healthy options as well as sweet treats. Long wait but you can get started on some coffee and enjoy the beautiful pack patio. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in town.

Karen Permillion

Delicious! My French toast was delectable and satisfying. I hope they do not deviate from their recipe. Bravo!!

John Preciado

Great food. My only issue are the hours however I completely understand why their hours are like that.

Grecia R.

The atmosphere is nice. If there is a long wait you're seated in the back patio area which is large and you can serve yourself a cup of coffee. Most of the servers are very friendly. The food is fresh and there are many organic and healthy options. However, most of the plates here lack some more flavor. Other than that, it's a great place to take your friends or family for breakfast. The seating area inside is rather small so it's not ideal for large parties

Elsa M.

Two stars bc the concept is acceptable- trying to get close to "from farm to table" . . the Cooks need to taste their cooking and they need to realize that cornbread doesn't afford a second chance. The second status for the waitstaff. Excellent in sensitivity to the customers. The host was focused on the sign in waiting list zooming on the guests as they entered to accommodate them ASAP. The back private patio was perfect. Availability of coffee while one waited for a table conveyed a heartfelt welcoming by "Sam". The Kale with slow cooked pork accompanied with soft boiled eggs and cornbread took me back to the South. Memories of one of my Mississippi friend's cooking prompted me to request this dish. The first round heaping spoons of wilted kale strips bathing in clear red broth with a sliver of well cooked ham was mouthwatering. Just that alone would have sufficed. The bursting of the eggs followed with the idea of sinking in the cornbread to absorb the happy laid eggs (at least that was the picture presented-pasture free happy hens) - a sliver of the bread looked promising as it sunk into this broth absorbing the yellow yolk while getting wrapped by the Kale. ... what? Raunchy oiled baked crusted cornbread??? No-no-no ... The pallet was knocked out. Then, the glass of water - room air per request. The glass wreaked with a familiar unclean odor - prompted a close inspection of the glass - let's just say the glass was half full upon my departure. Historically this log cabin conntinues to serve its purpose. The bathroom needs to be away from the customers. Sitting facing it w made my struggle with what was at hand less palatable. Having to witness customers eagerness for the one bathroom reminded me I would be next if I ignored my olfactory sense to gulf down the water. Besides babies crying from a table by the bathroom with a dad trailing after a fork dropped by another toddler to prevent someone stepping on it coming or going into the bathroom and putting it back on his table prompted this review. The proximity from the bathroom to six tables housing fourteen customers surrounding it should 1) not be there 2) by being there - it should have an automatic notification of its availability similar to local coffee houses to prevent customers from second guessing its availability. Who knows if I'll come back ... it all depends on my stomach - if it weathered well!