Solano Yogurt & Ice Cream

1415 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 325-4862

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Sanilie F.

Stopped by on Friday afternoon for a quick treat for myself and family. They originally wanted me to treat them to some Frozen yogurt and since I have taken them to another spot down the street a few times in the past, I decided to let us try something new. Upon entry, it's basically your typical ice cream shop. That's all you see first. In fact, the frozen yogurt machines are behind the counter, so you can't access them like you usually would at a typical FroYo spot. So, the ice cream is what caught my siblings' eyes first LOL they completely forgot about the frozen yogurt and went straight to the glass to select what they wanted. My little brother got cookies and cream and my little sister wanted to try the blue bubble gum ice cream. I made 3 additional purchases of pineapple coconut ice cream for my parents to try. Everyone was happy and enjoyed it.

Claudia S.

Stopped by while in the neighborhood and there was a long line at 7ish PM. Clearly a popular spot :) There is a huge variety of items to choose from, from more than 20 flavors of popsicles to a ton of ice cream flavors to choose from, this place also has mangonada, Tostilocos, etc. and it would take a few more trips for me to try all the things I want to eat. I got a few popsicles last time, and the fresh fruit ones are the most memorable for me. The fresh watermelon pop is made to look like a slice of watermelon and is clearly made with fresh juice (and sugar ofc but def a tolerable amount). Will have to come back very soon for the Tostilocos!!

Dominique A.

Super cute icecream stop! The owners were so sweet and so many options sweet treats to choose from!! They had endless flavors from drinks ,few candy options and duhh icecream!! Stop by and show this local mom and pop stop!! & get some sweet Ice cream scooped out of love!!!

P. I.

In the world of fancy schmancy gelato, and imported European crumbled pistachio chocolate infused whatever, it's nice to have an old school ice cream place that just serves up large scoops of old school ice cream old school style, and did I mention old school. Sundays are a little expensive at around $9, but it's nice to have a spot that reminds me of the old Solano avenue.

Liam Norton

I been going here for a like 9 years and I’m a current 7th grader who is going into 8th grade. Ice Cream great employees great and best ice cream my friends like it too

Anderson Reis

One of the better ice cream places in Albany, it has great selection an tastes great

Meia M.

Albany staple, love this family-fun establishment. Nothing fancy, but oh boy, do they have a lot of options! I love this place because it's non-pretentious, affordable, and it feels great seeing it remain on Solano Avenue after so many years. So happy it survived covid!!


This I’ve cream is SOO amazing the consistency is ???delicious

Annie B.

Love this place. Been coming here for more than 20 years and it's always been amazing. I'm so glad they have been around for so long . Thanks!

Danielle M.

Great quality ice cream for a good price and generous portions! I recently came around and bought a single scoop cone thinking it would be simple and small but it was nice and big! I bought the espresso almond fudge and it was such a quick fix to my cold and sweet cravings! The ice cream wasn't super sweet and it was creamy! I really like how the shop is lowkey and tucked around the less busier side of Solano. Definitely visit if you're in the area!

Su-Yin B.

The warmth and kindness of the staff here really made our night - not to mention my chocolate vanilla twist frozen yogurt and my husband's cookies and cream ice cream hitting the spot. This is our new go-to ice cream spot!

Eric Ontiveros

Always happy when I leave. Good options for fro yo or traditional ice cream with plenty of toppings or sundaes. Dude that seems to always us is nice and not stingy with servings

Korie Boctor

Ice cream didn't taste fresh like it's been in the freezer for a long time. Not worth the calories.

Derek Casanares

Decent ice cream ?

Splash jacksonYT

Great place to go for quick scoop of ice cream?

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