1080 Monroe St, Albany
(510) 542-1811

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Mr. Mr.

Came into this place to pick up a delivery order. The guy with all the makeup Chris was so rude and unprofessional. I literally stood in front of the Pick Up counter for 5 minutes and proceeded to ignore me standing in front of him like he didn’t see me. Then the manager I’m guessing noticed me and finally helped me. If this guy is working there don’t even bother wasting your time. Better off going to a different Starbucks location instead. Maybe he should re learn what Customer Service actually is.

Jennifer Collins

The best thing to say about this place is that they occasionally get my drink right.

Delia Reveles

Es el excelente servicio Ambiente muy bonito

Xitlalic Hernandez

everyone was nice but the gothic dude with make up had some serious attitude. he made my drink and just slid in on the counter and threw the straw on the counter, even tho I was right there. just ugly.

Mark Marcum

The parking is good, it's free and there's enough of it. Inside is clean and doesn't feel overcrowded. The service isn't as fast as some locations but it feels very personal and the staff is helpful and in good spirits. Overall I was very satisfied with this location.

Ana C

Nice store. Relatively new opened for approximately one year. Busy location as most Sbux.

Jacob Monk

They are really good for a Starbucks

Beautiful Harris

My life I'm addicted I cant go 1 day without starbucks

Rinky N.

Even though I am not a coffee drinker I often stop in to a Starbucks by myself or with a friend for a hot chocolate. I found that 95% of the Starbucks are run by frazzled staff and a slew of rude customers who are also caffeine deprived and treat the staff and other customers with great disdain. So....when my friend JT and I stopped by the new Starbucks in Albany my heart was beating fast in anticipation of the unknown. There is plenty of room to sit--tables and chairs, comfy seats all with access to outlet for refueling laptops. When we walked in this one woman who had all her belongings spread out over a four person table glared at us snd her stink eyes clearly stated that she owned that table...grrrrr. The place was half full with most customers calm and focused on their coffee and laptops. We ordered our drinks with a chocolate croissant and 2 cups of ice water. Our server, Josh, was friendly and welcoming. I totally appreciate this. Our order was completed quickly and our iced water came in cups with lids (yay!). JT and I had a nice and leisurely time talking and enjoying our drinks. I noticed how calmly Josh was handling all the customers as the business was picking up. Most people. were sort of Zombie like with expressionless faces. Even though some orders seemed a little picky and complicated Josh handled it all. Josh had some co-workers who also seemed friendly and were busy with other housekeeping---taking care of the trash, etc. I liked the cordial teamwork. All in all the supervisors at thus Starbucks should be proud of their staff and the way things are run.

Michael R.

Josh was cool and personable. Very smooth in his ways and when I asked him questions he seemed like a well informed person about Starbucks and there product. When he did not know the answer he went and found it. Says a lot about his character

M c

Convenient location, customer service needs help. ordered black coffee and they forgot my order twice, it wasn't busy but they were to busy on theirs phones.

Joseph Seibel

Nancy, the cashier, was nice. My order was ready promptly.

Lavette Grant

Nice and quiet. They got my drink right.

cheryl z.

What can you say about an employee who 'has it all'? When I go into Starbucks in Albany, CA, if "Kim-Kim" is on duty, she greets me by my name and always has a warm and welcoming smile, not just for me but for EVERYONE who walks through the doors. She makes it a point to remember her customers' names; works well with her fellow co-workers and is so very helpful, patient and considerate in working with and training a new employee. Whenever time permits she caters to her customers by bringing their warmed pastry or food item to their table should they choose to stay. This young woman is all about SERVING others and doing so with a genuine, caring and compassionate attitude. Thank you "Kim-Kim"! A Very happy customer, Cher

Marilyn Bates

My car was vandalized right out front. No cameras anywhere

Gary Amado

Getting milk for cereal or coffee is very awkward and time consuming due to a lack of decanters except for half & half. I have complained about this many times and their excuse is it spoils if we leave it out, just ask us for it. But in the morning you have to wait in line to male a request to the busy staff. Why is this the only Starbucks I have visited to have this policy? I have never even had this problem when occasionally visiting various Peets coffee shops.


Always love my Starbucks... yummy drinks and quick food when I'm on the go

Carolina E.

I always receive excellent service from Matthew, he is always cheerful and I can see a lot of effort being put on his part since I usually sit nearby the hand off area. He's very thorough and completes his tasks while also sparing time for the front of house baristas. Alease is a fast worker, she knows how to handle the rush hours while still being able to conversation with customers, and never messes up my drinks. Thank you guys! I will keep coming to this establishment often.

A. K.

This is a great Starbucks! Conveniently located with sufficient parking and sitting area. The employees are friendly and happy for the most part, and my drinks have been made perfectly!

terese harris

This was my second time visiting this establishment. It is very nice and clean. The staff is friendly I guess....However, the barista that took my order today had a hard time making eye contact. I found that odd but overall service was prompt.



1080 Monroe St, Albany, CA 94706