Sugata Japanese Restaurant

1105 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 529-4027

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I almost cried when we opened the bag and ate this beautiful, excellent meal. Hard to believe the quality at Sugata has gone up, but it has. Thank you so much for your efforts! Fine dining is alive and well at Sugata. Best meal we've eaten in three months.

Ken Peterson

I hurry ....I don't like it and I ain't proud of it but when I'm in Berk/ Alb/Oakl and I need to git...Sugata makes such a fine inexpensive Bento Lunchbox and in 20 minutes...cannot be beaten.

Jay Noeb

Wow... Ordered food from them for the first time on Uber Eats, and the food is just incredible! The plating, even though it’s just a takeout, still looks amazing and the food is so fresh and delicious. So glad to have them serving even during Covid-times. Thank you!! ☺️

Wenyu Wang

Came across this place on map which reminded me of my unpleasant visit here four years ago. Food was okay. The owner was eager to tell me his strong opinions about Chinese government in a very unfriendly way, right after knowing that I'm from China.

Damon Camacho

I celebrated my graduation last night in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that it was a brilliant evening and the restaurant was definitely the reason for the outstanding gathering. The waiters collaborated in a lovely way, the food was appetizing and my guests were very pleased. We shall definitely visit again for more events. thanks very much.

Krish Abbott

This place never fails to deliver. They have great food for affordable pricing, there no long wait even when the spot is full.

Ian C.

Sugata was good before the change in ownership and has only gotten better since. Really fresh ingredients, well prepared, with a good variety of nigiri, sashimi, rolls, and other entrees. We've gotten takeout twice since the lockdown started and both times it's been great (with complementary add-ons!). Recommended: sake toro (salmon belly), sunazuri (yellowtail belly), o-toro, 49er, dragon, CA rolls.

Mali E.

Really enjoyed dining here. Sushi was yummy and staff was friendly. Can't wait to go back and have some more of that deliciousness.

Asano F.

We just had a great sushi, sashimi, tempora Bento take out from Sugata last night. Last year the original Japanese (Japanese-American?) owners retired but they trained the new owner/chef (who is actually from Mongolia). The new chef is doing a great job reproducing the menu which was very popular with the community. The fish is fresh and sliced thickly. If you have never gone or you are an old fan please go and support the new ownership.

Susi B.

Great food, great staff, great personality! I'm always reluctant to share a high quality, traditional sushi bar because I don't want to lose space at the bar and being able to chat up the sushi chef(s). Pleases support Jerry-The new owner has been here just about 1 year. The previous family took time to introduce him to their patrons and shared favorite recipes. (Folks that have come here for 30+ years, have embraced the new owner and we all continue to be friends). Jerry has a natural talent for the cuisine, and we couldn't be happier with what he has maintained and put his own style on! takeout sushi and Japanese dishes during our shelter in place.

Jean K.

Average on most dishes, but good donburi bowls. Potstickers good. Agedashi tofu has thicker crust which I find gets too gummy in the dashi. I prefer a lighter dusting of flour. Kaisen salad was good but of the three types of sashimi, one was old while the other two were fresh and very good. Futomaki rolled too loosely so it falls apart. Filling was skimpy, I wouldn't order this again. A shame, because this is a real pain to make at home. Tempura was below average and greasy. Shrimps double battered so they looked large but it was all crust. Donburi, OTOH, were both excellent. BBQ eel was generous and delicious. Chicken teriyaki dinner (I was trying for the donburi but the waitress misunderstood) was huge portion of chicken. Points for the restrained use of sauce (many places drown meats in the tare, which is NOT correct). Fresh pickled cucumber slices were a delicious accent. Pleasant interior, good service. We'll return for the donburi bowls which are 5-star here.

Tina Hogrefe Vaughn-Holtzclaw

Small, quaint and very fresh sushi. The service is excellent and the chefs and staff greet you by name. Some originality comes from the chefs. I would like more hand rolls so solo diners can enjoy a variety without sticking to it be roll... but other than that.... so worth to trip.

Jaiden Hicks

I celebrated my graduation today in this great restaurant. Well we passed a marvelous evening and the place was undoubtedly one of the reasons for that happy evening. The stuff contributed in a gorgeous way, the cuisine was appetizing and my buddies were extremely cheerful. We shall no dout visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Ari E.

Delicious, authentic, food with well-balanced variety on menu! A lot of variety in vegetarian options and drinks in a beautifully decorated, casual space.

Ike Hwang

Good sushi and service. Thank you Jerry!

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