The Habit Burger Grill

1080 Monroe St #100, Albany
(510) 526-5560

Recent Reviews

Yolanda C.

This location has really good food quality, the store looks clean, you constantly see the workers cleaning/sanitizing. The cashiers are polite and always answer my questions about certain foods in the menu without problem. Overall I recommend this place! I have a habit with The Habit.

Karen Rae

Love this burger! The best around.

Brandon Molter

This place is one of my favorites! Affordable rates, considerable dishes and the employees are regularly helpful.

Fiona P.

Isn't this the saddest burger you've ever seen? I was looking forward good dinner and now my night is ruined... whoever made this clearly did not put in any care into making it. Aside from soggy oily bun and the greasy patty, someone in the kitchen had left out all the other ingredients.....Unbelievable.

Elisha Kramer

This place simply knows how to satisfy their clients. Consistently with a super nice mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly fresh and clean.

Liana Capers-Davis

This is the best Habbit burger. Even though they got my order wrong. Which never happens. I will still come back. I just don't like avocados on my burger.

Kathleen Price

Good service and ? good burgers in including veggie burger.

Casey G.

This place was super greasy and only has American cheese. Tempura green beans were ok, but I definitely won't be coming back. Best to stick to the Red Onion or ALS big burger.

Sophia W.

The customer service here was atrocious! The other night when I went to go pick up my food, the woman who's name tag said "Fridha," didn't acknowledge me at all and when I asked for extra ketchup she pretended not to hear me. When I asked her again, she was rude about it, she rolled her eyes, sighed and gave it to me and hurried away as fast as lightning. In addition, the food was FREEZING cold. I had somewhat good expectations for this place for my first time, but if the manager continues to act like that, than I don't see any reason to return.

Edgar deLeon

Second time your restaurant forgets to pack my entire order! Drive back and i get an attitude from one of the employees...not good at all!!! I m will stop going to your restaurant and find a local alternative!!!! I don t need to deal with poor customer service!

Oliver A.

BE CAREFUL! Found 3 staples in my food! One in my fries and two within the napkins they provided. I think the staples are falling from the receipts not being stapled properly to the take out bags, but not sure, just don't want anybody or anyone's family members to get hurt. FYI, I love The Habit, but this is just wrong. I tried reaching out to them but can't get a hold of anyone since their phone number directs me to the "Contact Us" tab on their website, which doesn't have a phone number.

Ted Atkinson

I was just told by the cashier at the habit I was overcharged because of the way I ordered my food, the young lady that took my order told me she was new and didn't know how to ring up the menu. Very rude and should not work with the public is all I can say!

Dayan A.

Best burgers in the world customer service are great people the work there are amazing thanks Habit Burger.

Kristine Hill de Rivera

We picked up our food using the online app during this Shelter In Place time. It was really easy. I guess my teen daughter dropped her Real ID but we didn’t realize it until Julie graciously dropped it off at our house. THANKS JULIE!!!!!! We really appreciate it! You went above and beyond.

Hashem Khadra

Must have like in&out if ur out of town simple fresh menue and btw even tri tip sandwich taste great not just the burgers ??

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