Solano Junction

1499 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 527-5383

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Surprisingly good and no wait. Poached eggs were perfectly done and breakfast potatoes were fantastic. Prompt service and decent coffee. Worth a look.

Erin Mansfield

Service is great as is outdoor dining space. Extensive breakfast menu but lunch menu is very, very limited for vegetarians. Only one salad sans meat, the pickled beets salad which was somewhat small for the price & dressing was unremarkable at best. The only veggie burger option is the impossible burger. If I order a veggie burger I want something that does NOT taste like meat. How about a portabella burger or a black bean burger, pls?????

Ton T

Nice outdoor seating with good food. On a nice day, it’s a good place to watch the people on Solano Ave.

ryan laff

Great brunch vibes. Good beer selection. This place will make you a proper Bloody Mary or a mimosa and the food (specially the sandwiches) are amazing

Scot Merideth Peirson

A quiet place with great food in the Solano Corridor of Albany….

Albert Gutés

Our brunch today was mediocre.Portions are really small while prices are in the high end compared to other similar places. The huevos rancheros portion is honestly ridiculous.I give the 2 stars to the waiter that did her job right, but the food quality/quantity and the price took the other 3 stars away.

Alba Viveros

Great first impression. Had French toast and wildcat egg Benedict both were good. I really enjoyed the egg Benedict hollandaise sauce was delicious it stood out seemed authentic to the restaurant. Potatoes were seasoned correctly. Cooks pay attention to detail for example English muffins in egg Benedict were toast just right. The coffee was also great. Customer service was outstanding. Over all great restaurant.

Julie Hensel

Yummy lunches, people at my office were raving about the different chicken salads and sandwiches and they delivered for a small charge! Would definitely order again! - Julie from SunPower

Ross MacDonald

Within seconds of sitting down we were asked if we wanted anything to drink. A second waitress came soon after to make sure we were good. Coffee and OJ arrived in a few minutes. Coffee hot and delicious and OJ fresh squeezed and just below room temperature. Everything perfect so far. The food took a bit long, but worth the wait! The huevos rancheros and eggs benedict were excellent! Some of the best hollandaise sauce we've ever had! Apple sausage delish! The only issue was the poached egg yolks weren't runny. We will be back many times!!

Christine Dong

Great honest food here. The eggs over easy stared at us with happy clown eyes and the poached eggs were perfect like the clown's jiggly balls.The Irish whiskey was so good and strong that we could taste Dublin and hear Finnegan's Wake being read aloud .......

Karina Gomez

If you think pepper is too spicy, this is the place for you.

Johnny Ricketson II

The service was a little slow, however the food was EXCELLENT! My wife and I had the omelettes. Sweet apple sausage, homemade pork sausage, mushrooms and spinach. Delicious! Will visit again.

Tiberius Addams

Excellent food. Would visit here again.

Jay Rose

I've come here multiple times. I've only ordered The Alameda, one of their signature breakfast dishes, because it's that good. They also make this amazing home made hot sauce which is super spicy but so so so good. Their staff is also super friendly and professional. I think this is one of my new favorite breakfast spots in town.

Peggy Haskell

Known for their delicious breakfast and brunch, Now open for dinner and cocktails. My husband and I happily invited our adult son and his girlfriend to join us on our 2nd dinner visit. We were not disappointed Notably, The lamb and the salmon were huge hits, as were the jalapeño poppers and french fry apps. The team of owners and staff are wonderful, attentive and caring. We plan on being regulars!

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