Wojia Hunan Cuisine

917 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 526-9088

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Mike Mian

Great authentic Hunanese dishes with friendly staff and good service.

Alyssa K

Fantastic food and great service! Went on a Friday night and the place was packed. Our favorites were the fried tapioca balls, fried fish and tofu, and green beans. If you enjoy spicy food, you’ll like this place! In terms of Covid, do note that there is no outdoor seating and they were not checking vaccine cards when we went. However, all the waitstaff were wearing masks and most customers had their masks on unless they were eating.

Julie J.

I love Wojia. It's so wonderful. As every review will tell you, the glutinous rice balls are the must try dish - spicy, sweet, crispy, salty, chewy. It's a wonderful blend of texture and flavor. I am obsessed. Beyond that, their sweet and sour pork ribs is usually great to throw on top of their fried rice (caution: many bones). One time, the sugar hadn't dissolved so it was gritty. Can be a little hit or miss. But when it's a hit, wow. Also highly recommend their edible tree fungus with lime (less good when they use lemon), the potato chips covered in Szechuan peppercorns (if you can handle that), and the dan dan noodles. Bring a group! There are so many regular must have dishes that it takes a team of hungry people to add on some new things to try. I want to slowly work my way through the menu because there are likely many other hidden gems.

He Je

Excellent! Absolutely delicious spicy Hunan food! A++We ordered for 5 people:1) Chairman Mao Pork Hock2) Hunan toothpick lamb3) Spicy Boiled Fish4) Fried glutinous rice balls (2 orders, 1 wasn’t enough)5) Sautéed green beans with PorkEvery dish was exceptional and perfectly prepared. I go here regularly for lunch too, all menu items are consistently wonderful.


Fried glutinous rice balls will sooth your soul. Crispy sesame seeds surrounding a chewy, mochi-like ball of dough. Inside all of it is a sweet red bean filling, and the whole thing has a chili oil drizzled on it. Just a little kick.The place is open and comfy. I haven't dined in for awhile, and takeout is just as nice.

richard meng

Amazing hunan food,that was spicy but good tasty,not like only spicy,and food make Chinese style.I like it

YAN SUN (炎锅锅)

Amazing! Real Chinese food here in Hunan flavor. Smoked pork was epic, highly recommend. People are nice there and would love to come again.

Helen L.

Best hunan restaurant in the area! Real numbing spice and great flavor! It is a tad over salty; so I suggest eating with rice, added side of fresh or sautéed veg without any added salt because any of their dishes will supply all the flavor! The mapo tofu is very flavorful, drenched in hot oil and if doing take out, adding a whole block of soft tofu will not even dilute the flavor much. If possible get the wontons in chili oil with sauce on the side for take out, to prevent over salty wontons. Nearly everything is spicy by the way.

Ryan Sun

The restaurant is super clean, the food is extremely tasty, the waiter was so nice. I definitely will return back soon.

Jin T.

All the food is great, but their special is the glutinous rice balls that are literally everything-- spicy and crispy on the outside, with light and gooey mochi around a not-too-sweet black sesame filling. I'm definitely coming for the balls again and to try other dishes too :)

Sandy M.

Came here on Thursday evening and there was no wait. The restaurant is very modern, spacious, and clean. We came here to try the Boiled Fish with Chili and apparently, I ordered the wrong thing, I wanted the roasted fish that comes in a pan, but what I ordered came in a bowl with chili oil. It was a whole fish, some of it was sliced, which was easy for eating. It tasted okay but it was not what I was here for and it was not spicy/numbing enough. I also ordered the Ma-Po Tofu and OMG, it was amazing! This Ma-Po tofu actually has a bit of spice and numbness and is boiling in a stone bowl. Also ordered Hunan Style Sautéed Lamb and it came with lot of pepper, celery, and lamb. The lamb was thinly sliced and if you eat it with the pepper, it's pretty good. I would definitely come back again and hopefully I order the right thing next time!

Penny C.

Still one of my faves! Updating to mention more dishes: steamed fish with pickled chilis. the fish is so tender and delicate, and the pickled chilis are minced and in oil. one half of the fish is covered in red and the other in green. stellar! Other absolute winners: the pea sprouts, dry-dried green beans, beef tendon, jelly noodles, fungus (wood ear mushrooms) with lime, wontons in chili oil. So happy this place is still going strong despite covid.

Jeanny W.

The flavor here is excellent! Go with a large party so you can share a bunch of dishes and get some white rice to eat with all the dishes. For Hunan spice, I didn't find this very spicy, so I wouldn't be too worried if you are not use to eating spicy food but you can get some plum juice to help ease the spice if you need. Fried glutinous rice balls: This was my favorite dish. They bring it out last, which is perfect because it makes a good dessert, and you want to eat this while it is crispy and hot. The inside is a sweet black sesame, and the outside is savory with some chili. The flavor balances out so well, and the outside was so crisp. Organic chicken in spicy oil: This is one of the cold appetizers. It is probably low on the spicy scale, but it is packed with flavor. The chicken was meaty and juicy, and the cilantro on top added a fresh taste. Mapo tofu: This dish is a classic, and they do it so well. It comes boiling hot to the table. This was spiced perfectly. Make sure you eat this with some rice to soak up all that delicious sauce. Sautéed cauliflower with pork: I always say that if someone doesn't like cauliflower, it's because they never tried it cooked properly. This cauliflower is so good and flavorful! I love getting vegetables when eating a Chinese dinner, because it is cooked so well and balances out all the meat dishes. Sautéed eggplants with string beans: The texture of the eggplant was down very well. It was soft but not falling apart. Everyone in my table, including the people who normally hate eggplant, loved this dish.


Best Chinese food I’ve ever had! And I have lived in east coast, mid west and west coast and travelled to >40 countries! No sweet base, just yummy and some really good spicy ? options for spicy food lovers. Not to mention they had multiple meat and seafood options to choose from including lamb and their portions were very generous and shareable. Highly highly recommend this place. Will take as many ppl there as possible- it should be on everyone’s bucket list to have authentic Chinese food! Yum can’t wait to go back. ?

Irene P.

I found this place on Yelp when I looked up Sichuan food and decided to check it out. They have an online ordering system, but I realized not all of the restaurant's items are listed on it, particularly the glutinous rice balls that many people have posted about. I decided to go directly to the store to order, and the complete menu at the location had the items I was looking for. I waited around 15min for the food, which is incredibly fast since I ordered a whole family style feast. I wish they had some dinner meal sets, like order four entrees and get a discount or free rice with it. Word of caution: check your order receipt with the credit card receipt BEFORE you sign and add tips on. I only realized the cashier put in a higher amount on credit card receipt than the order receipt after I got home. It could have been a mistake but check it before you sign and add more tips on! Besides this weird part, everything else was great. The food was delicious and the portion sizes were great for sharing. The glutinous rice balls were so interesting because the inside was sweet with black sesame paste but the outside is savory with a little bit of spice. I think it would have been best eaten fresh because the rice balls were fried and it would have been crispy, but by the time I ate it everything was already soggy. My next recommendations would be the liang pi and the old school style noodles. They were so flavorful, not super spicy, and large enough to share. The toothpick lamb was pleasantly spicy, the lamb was very flavorful, but there wasn't a lot of meat. The bed of dried peppers and diced celery that the toothpick lamb sat on top of took up most of the room unfortunately. The restaurant is not offering dine in but they have many ordering services and methods for take out. I saw a lot of Hungry Panda orders lined up for other customers so I think this place is pretty popular. There is street parking near the store and all of them were free. I would definitely come again but pay extra attention to my bill next time!

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