Birria El Tapatio

216 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 644-8855

Recent Reviews

Steve A.

Pretty decent Birria tacos. Meat flavors were on point. Consume was good, I shared the meat at the bottom of the cup with my dog and she really loved it

Kelsey Repik

We love their queso tacos. Best birria taco truck around!

James P.

Wish I took more pics but I'm so opposed to people taking pictures of food. I picture starving people in Ethiopia stumbling across them somehow and that just seems cruel. So deal with it, no pictures for you! Birria videos and recipes have popped up all over during the past five years or so. I've wanted some since I first laid eyes on one. I've tried to make them myself and did a decent job. I had never had authentic ones though. On a recent trip to Disneyland, I knew there had to be some spots that could bless me with the tacos that have filled my dreams. We found one less than 10 minutes from Disneyland. We drove to this truck and I had high hopes. The truck was clean. The menu was simple: The Experience. That's what I came for and that's what I got. The rest of the menu looked good too. Daughter got a burrito, her friend got two tacos. The person who ordered before me got a green and clear beverage. I heard her say cucumber water which sounded great. Found out when I ordered, that it's cucumber lemonade. Yes, yes and double-yes. Got one of those too. The person taking the order was friendly and attentive, making sure he got the order right. The food took an appropriate amount of time to be served and after sitting down to eat... was exactly what I imagined. The tacos were perfect and survived being dipped in the consume without breaking or coming undone. They also had finely diced onions and cilantro which made it easy to fill the tacos. Everything about these were perfect. My order didn't include the cheese one, instead my wife got mine but who cares when you're biting into something that tasted as great as these. I overheard someone in the truck telling a customer that they are getting a second truck. It doesn't surprise me. Everything about their setup and their food preparation are top notch. This is a must-find if you're in the Disneyland area.

Alaya A.

The horchata here Great costumer service from the staff. A good variety of options too

Nuu S.

This place was a hit! I loved their queso tacos and I prefer this over the birria tacos. One of the staff recommended putting their house hot sauce in the consume and it was flavorful! Staff are friendly and their outdoor eating area is inviting. If you are Anaheim I would definitely recommend this place!

Stephanie T.

Bussinnnn. It was our second time here and we will continue to come here. The employees are very nice and we got our food quick... even if it was busy it's definitely worth the wait. Highly recommend the Cucumber lemonade, so refreshing and bomb!! 100/10

Jessica E.

Woah these tacos are good. Me and my husband both ordered "The Experience" which includes three styles of tacos and they were all delicious. We will definitely be back for more.

richard barrera

Food was great!!! Just parking kinda sucked and they had a mix up with my order ended up waiting a bit longer than usual.

Scott McDonald

The best birria in the county.

Fabiola R.

The Lady that took my order was very helpful and it was my first time eating there. We ordered tacos, quesotacos, mulita and console. Let me tell you everything was delicious. The pricing is reasonable compared to other birria spots. Will definitely we returning.

Thu N.

Food is fantastic but my feelings are sensitive when it comes to food. My first time was last week. My second time was today. First visit they shorted me 4 whole tacos. This was like $15 worth. I let it go and accepted it as a loss. Worst feeling is being hungry and coming home to find you didn't receive your whole order. Second visit today I was still enthusiastic about coming back and was willing to give it another shot. This time I ordered $50 worth of food and yet was shorted 1 taco. My order was very simple and everything was in 4's yet one item only came with 3. Either the cook needs to check orders and count or the order taker needs to be better with communication AND check orders. Receipts are not provided and they almost didn't give me second bag until I asked. Coincidence ? Honest mistake? I don't know but I won't be back a third time even though the food is good.

Rin Jessy

Good customer service and good Queso Tacos :3 wish it had more flavor spiciness kick but juicy yummy Tacos ??

George P.

The queso taco is so good. Crispy cheesy and crunchy. Definitely need to order more next time!

Shawn B.

Birria El Tapatio is so far my favorite birria spot in OC. They are a food truck, not brick n mortar, that has a stationary location in Anaheim. My first time here I went with the Experience which is an incredible deal. For just $9.99 you get a regular taco, dorado taco and quesobirria along with a small side of consume. Everything was just amazing. I think one of the reasons is they make everything to order. They claim nothing even hits the grill until it's ordered. With other birria places I've found the taste to be there but sometimes the tacos or quesadillas don't seem freshly made. I really loved both the quesobirria and dorado taco. Next time I think I'll just get those and skip the taco. Just love how crunchy they were when fresh. The consume was pretty amazing adding some heat and acidity to each dip. I'll definitely come back again soon to get my favorites and try a few more things.

Rachel S.

Birria El Tapatio is my absolute only place I go in all of So Cal for queso birria tacos! The hole in the wall, food truck vibe to this place is awesome. They often play good music to vibe to while waiting for their food and the team is always so nice and accommodating. Plus the food is delicious every single time! It's never a miss here. Would definitely recommend!

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