Chao Village

430 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 844-2671

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John Sellers

Quaint little Vietnamese restaurant here in Anaheim. The food is authentic, the atmosphere is laid back, and the staff is friendly. They've got a pretty nice outdoor seating area for when the weather's nice but indoors is clean and comfortable too.

Hien Pham

Food is surprisingly good. Great environment. Best specialty here is Phở. The original intention of the owner was to open a phở specialty restaurant. But that changed as time went by. Then anything with shaken beef is good. The chef uses quality meet he buys from One World Meet to cook his dishes. Phở has nine spices, but very sparingly used to preserve the fresh and light taste. Eating here I don't feel the after taste side effects I get usually when eating in little Saigon, (sometimes lingering on for half a day). Clean and light themes assuring a less salty, fattening taste; I could tell that the chef is dedicated to his dishes. Eggroll reminds me of my mother's cooking at home. Shaken beef is used with beef marbles of tri-tip, very tasty, not the usual tender but dry fillet mignon you typically get in Little Saigon restaurants. The sauce the chef uses to marinate the beef is itself a recipe where he has to cook the final mixture first before applying to the beef. However, I do prefer the sweeter taste of shaken beef at another favorite restaurant of mine. But really, you got to eat here at least once in your life. There no Cháo (porridge) here, although it was the original intention of the owner to sell mainly Cháo and Phở. The chef/owner is quite talented in many fields, and is a perfectionist. Parking spaces are abundant, and I love it just for this. There is even very nice outdoor seating that could enlighten a nice and jolly group. New York Steak is available on Weekend. So is Shaken Gingerly Salmon. This is definitely not your typical Vietnamese restaurant. If you have a large group, call first and let them know ahead of time perhaps your favorite dishes so they can prepare for you.

James Wang

The food here is awesome. We came to Disneyland for vacation from Texas and my wife found this place. We been here twice already and only been in California for 3 days. Great food and also great service u can’t beat it. We will be back for sure

Ashley S.

Delicious pho, my friend said we should try this spot since she's past by it before and we LOVE pho so we love trying out new spots. We went in and was seated immediately and our server was super nice! When I got the soup I tried out the broth and omg it was so delicious!!! The owner came up to us asking if everything was to our liking which was nice. He also gave us a free order of egg rolls which I did not expect! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a delicious bowl of pho!

Cberger710 ..

Such a tasty find! Left Disneyland craving a warm bowl of Pho and found it at this diamond in the Anaheim here on Yelp- loved it! We ordered Pho Thai and the grilled vermicelli noodle bowl (bun) also the egg rolls for our boys and the spring rolls with shrimp for us. All was fresh and so tasty- talk about hitting the spot! Thanks for the terrific food Chao Village

Ricky N.

Garlic noodles with chicken. Super bomb!! I am from the Vietnamese area but finding this hidden gem behind Disneyland was a blessing! Lots of parking! Great price! Fresh meat and noodles!!!! The owner came over to ask how everything was, which was so nice! Pho - 8/10 Bun bo- 8/10 Chicken garlic noodles - 10/10 Shaken beef garlic noodles -10/10

Juan R.

The Good- The shaken beef is flavorful, tender and addicting. The Pho .... the picture says it all Everything is cooked to order The Works in Progress- The lichee lemonade ... lichee was not fresh The Highlight This is a hole in the wall. Drove up and was having second thoughts. The food came and blew my pallet. The Chef came by and shared his love and care food the good he prepares.

Liza K.

Very good food and good service too ! Definitely worth to try and will come back when we visit Anaheim again

Nanami S.

We came here because we were on our way to Disneyland and wanted to eat something before we got inside the park. We found this place on Yelp with great reviews. I ordered the vermicelli with shrimp and it was amazing! They added fried garlic which definitely adds an amazing taste to it. They're not that busy, but is surprising because the food is great. The owner was back there cooking. I definitely recommend people to try this restaurant. Really great prices too. Which is the best combo. Cheap but delicious. I will definitely be back to try more things.

Ash M.

Staff is awesome and friendly! Love coming here. The spring rolls with grilled chicken are a must. Great for something quick! The vermicelli is also a great choice especially after a workout. Their Ban mi is as well if need another option for a quick bite. Reasonably priced as well :)


We needed a break from Disneyland food so I scoured Yelp for a good pho spot. We ordered shaken beef, bun bo hue, pho, and egg rolls. It was all delicious! The chef came out and talked with us. Really nice, hard-working guy with a passion for his business. This place isn't in the best neighborhood which is maybe why they're unfortunately not getting as much traffic. However, their food is excellent quality and definitely worth trying. Please go and support this business!

Dane J.

One of the best bowls of noodle soup in this part of Anaheim. I got the combo, rare steak/tendon/tripe/meatball/etc., delicious. They have chilies in oil if you ask, which is always a sign of a good spot. The owners also came out for a conversation because it was in between the lunch and dinner rushes, absolutely delightful people. I don't think the place has been around that long, but I really hope it takes off, because it's an excellent addition to the local food options.

Jose C.

Straight up, all the negative comments are straight BS, and probably just "those" people. Ordered a beef pho, and was not disapointed at all, the broth is delicious (some said bland), the beef was soft, melts in your mouth, just an absolute delicious meal. They make you feel welcomed... im a 6ft big dude with a massive chain on my wallet... and not the nicest looking, so i enjoyed the warm vibe they gave, dont get it too often nowadays, overall.. im glad i came here for my lunch. I would def recomend to others reading this wondering if they should come. ( i woulda taken a pic of my food, but i was already done, and drinking the soup like it was a cereal bowl !)

Kiiko A.

Service: 5/5!! Chi Phuong is super sweet and friendly. She would go extra mile to make the customers happy. Food: 5/5!! I've been the loyal customer since day one, their delicious foods keep bringing me back, especially the Bun Bo Hue and garlic noodles with shaken beef. I'm so glad that we finally have a good Viet restaurant in the area. On top of that, she's recently raised the bar with her Bun Rieu. I've had Bun Rieu all around OC but by far, this is the best. It's authentic and full of flavors. Note: Bun Rieu is not on the official menu yet, she only makes it on the weekend, so hurry up and come to give it a try this weekend :)

Stacy N.

Went here for a late dinner last night with my family, 15 minutes before they closed and the owner still greeted us nicely (unlike other Vietnamese restaurants). Very attentive customer service overall. We ordered Pho, Shaken Beef noodles, and Spicy Bun Bo Hue. The Pho and Shaken Beef was the bomb. So far, it's the best Shaken Beef I have had in OC. The meat is tender and not over seasoned like other places. It technically melted in my mouth. I think the Bun Bo Hue was ok. The place is sparkling clean and spacious, the outdoor section has string lights which make the place look pretty romantic at night. Definitely come back again for their Shaken Beef noodles.

Katie A.

Delicious pho and amazing service!! We have gone to a lot of different pho places and this was by far the best. The place place itself was super clean too. My boyfriend and I both ordered the beef broth pho with 2 choices of meat and they even gave us some egg rolls for free. Definitely check this place out.

Supardi D.

Great food and service. Nick (owner/chef) is taking care his customer. Good Vietnamese restaurant near Disneyland. Not in the midst of rest row. The Garlic Noodle and Shaken Beef is so tasty. The beef was tender and juicy, not chewy at all. Stir Fry Noodle is also good like typical chinese flat noodle. The Rocket Shrimp is tiny but satisfying. Bun Bo Hue Soup is right on the spot. Not spicy enough for me though. We were enjoying so much that I forgot take some of the pictures. Don't forget the free wifi too. Need it for kids.

Cook-ee Irvin

We had a party of 22. It took 1.5 hours to.make food for 11 people. The rest of us had to get back to work and left without having our food made. There was one cook. Several women that busied themselves with pouring water and tea. I would not recommend this place.

Robert E.

First time here, cant believe that I havent been before. This is a great restaurant! Its classic Vietnamese food made fresh daily with the best ingredients. We ordered the beef pho, the shrimp pho, the fried rice, and the crispy chicken. It was all delicious. What makes the pho stand out is the broth and the meat. You can tell that it has a more seasoned flavor and not the usual water flavored broth. The meat is really tender and very flavorful buy itself really better than other meats I've tasted in other pho. The crispy chicken is really fantastic, they use a glaze on the chicken they call CV sauce , really really good and the shrimp pho at least 6 large shrimps in it not the usual 3 or 4. So yeah I highly recommend this place and we will be coming back for more for sure! One last thing the place is really nice and clean on the inside!! Even the bathroom!

nicholas kim

Very kind family-owned restaurant. Clean and sufficient parking, althought it was not populated when I went. The pho was good and the yelp check in gives you free eggrolls during weekdays!

Chao Village

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