Chao Village

430 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 844-2671

Recent Reviews

Yong C.

I have been eating pho for many many years. And this is the best pho ever !!! Owner told me that he used 9 ingredients to make pho and I tasted it different. It's just opened few months ago. I definitely come back and recommend anyone.

Brandon S.

Driving by you would think it's just a hole in the wall place. They have a balcony dining area but I hardly see anyone eating outside. Finally a closer spot to get some good Pho without having to drive to the congested Westminster area from Anaheim. I wanted to try something different this time so I ordered their Bun Bo Huey. A darker broth with thicker white noodles lavished with some different veggies. It was really delicious. I always try to finish the broth off the bowl to appreciate the time and effort it takes to make those stock.

Luis Salcido

The food is always so good? like always with such a rich flavor ?

C Sixtos

Great service!!! The owners were extremely nice. Garlic noodles with shaken beef (tri tip) was delicious and fresh. We will definitely be back.

Christine S.

My boyfriend and I love this spot! It's a cute little spot with amazing service! The owners are so sweet and helpful! I try to stop in every time I'm in the Anaheim area for delicious pho, noodle dishes, and amazingly tender meat. My favorite is the catching fire noodles and the shaken beef. So delicious every time!

connie p.

Beef broth was so authentically good without tasting cheap The chef came out and explained how he uses the quality bone to make the broth I'm coming back for more

Tyler Leavitt

Small little Vietnamese restaurant with a nice outdoor seating area. A lot of Pho places I’ve been to don’t have a lot of flavor but the Pho here is PACKED with with flavor. Also the staff is very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Chester V.

We tried this place because we were craving something Chinese / Vietnamese and we were not disappointed. We had a wide selection the pho, bue bo hue, the garlic noodles and the fried rice. Everything was exactly how we wanted it the portions were a great value. Overall a great place to eat while trying to take a break from Disneyland. Probably will stop by again next time we hit up So Cal.

An D.

I wanted a quick snack, so stopped by for the Goi Cuon to-go. The lady here was so nice, she even asked me if I'd like to have some water while I was waiting. I love restaurants with good customer service. I will have to come back and try their other dishes.

Magan C.

I came here with mY 4 year old after a long day at disney. We had the fried egg rolls, garlic noodle shrimp and a combo pho for me. I thought the pho was perfect, not overly salty and with a good base. Plenty of noodles and the meat was fresh! Very filling. The egg rolls were good as well, my kid devoured them. The garlic noodles were so-so for us, I passed and she ate the noodles sans shrimp. The bathroom was outside in a separate part of the building, but it was exceptionally clean! My favorite part of the meal was when the chef came out and asked how the meal was and gave a smiling face to the well prepared food. Def stop by if you're in the area, small business needs business!

Christopher T.

Great place close to home. The staff is really nice, and the owner is beyond kind. He always comes out to greet us and see how we are doing. You can tell that this place is his passion and he wants happy and satisfied customers above all else. The restaurant is clean and service is solid. The food is good, the pho is my typical order and the broth is clear and flavorful. I also recommend the shaken beef. If you are looking for great Vietnamese food and near Disneyland, this is the place to go to. You won't be disappointed!

Leif A.

First time trying out this restaurant. It was quiet and the food very homely. The beef dishes were prepared well and my kids enjoyed the noodles. We will definitely return again in the future.

Jenn J.

Super delicious! Food is made with high quality ingredients and super fresh! The Shaken beef was soooo good. Everything was amazing! Wished I lived closer, this would be a weekly spot for me!

Minh T.

I must say that we walked away quite impressed at the flavors at this restaurant. We eat a lot of Vietnamese food in the we Westminster area so can be quite selective on it when we eat any other area besides that but this establishment really hits the taste buds spot on! We ordered the garlic noodles with shrimp and the vermicelli noodles with egg rolls and loved the flavoring the chef put on it. Everything was spot on to the point where I also ordered the garlic noodles with tri tip beef to go as well! They also allowed us to redeem the shrimp yelp check in even though yelp made a mistake and didn't put in that it was supposed to only be available before 5 pm from Monday through Friday. We definitely plan on coming back and would highly recommend this place if you are in the area.

Emily A.

Great customer service friendly people that's why we keep on going. We order the #11 pho. You can tell the ingredients are fresh. Very yummy and tasty.

Kaycee K.

There's no option for a "half star", but I give them a 2.5. If this review was based solely on the quality of the food, they would have received a 4, maybe even a 5. However, the service was SUPER SLOW and they could have handled the situation better. We picked this place because it had such high ratings on Yelp, but unfortunately the service that evening didn't warrant a high rating. We went here a few weeks ago on a Sunday and arrived just after 7 pm. Four of our 11 party members arrived first. To be fair, the server did warn us that it would take awhile for our group to get our food, but we were hungry, didn't know the area, and with the other 7 party members already on their way, we didn't have time to select another restaurant. Plus, pho places are typically known for fast service and there were only about 6 other diners in the place, so I figured it couldn't take THAT long. I was wrong... We did the check in to get the free "rocket shrimp", which was tasty. It still took awhile to come out, but it was crispy on the outside. I ordered the Tri Tip Pho and hubby ordered the Shaken Noodle with Beef, both of which ended up coming out maybe about 20 minutes after we ordered? The pho was really good and the size was huge-- the broth was flavorful, not overly salty and the tri tip was excellent. Hubby enjoyed his noodles and beef very much as well, but the portion was on the small side, so he ended up eating some of my pho to fill up his tummy. However, the others in my party were not as fortunate. My friend ordered the bun at the same time I ordered my pho, but her dish didn't arrive until about an hour later! The rest of the party arrived about 20 minutes after we got there and placed their orders, but I was done long before some of them got their dishes. My MIL was the last one to get her bun-- at around 9:00 pm! The owner did finally come out after we awkwardly waited around for the rest of the dishes to come out. I didn't hear the full explanation, but it sounded like they had an exceptionally busy day and had run out of stock items for some of their dishes (i.e. the bun), so they had to start from scratch. They did offer a 20% discount on the final bill, which was nice. What they could have done better to handle the situation was explain to us upfront which dishes they could quickly prepare and which ones would take longer. We would have adjusted our ordering accordingly, especially since we had 3 kids in our party! They also should have come out sooner to give us an update, instead of making us wait awkwardly for over an hour for the food to come out. Maybe they were just having an off day, or maybe this is a normal occurrence, but when I'm back in the area, I'll be looking around for another pho place to go to.

Jackie M.

I'm visiting from Houston Texas and I approve of this place for sureeeee. Very friendly staff all 4 meals cook to perfection. And they kept checking up on me and my family. Definitely a place worth checking out. Didn't took any pictures because I went ham the second that plate got to my table.

Dieter Unrath

This was my first pho experience. It was delicious and the staff was wonderful.

Victoria Lynch

Great service and the food is really delicious!! Definitely a must go too!!

Raj Singh

Honestly I’ve been eating pho

Chris F.

Eating at this place felt like being in a beautiful dream that I didn't want to end. I was greeted with angelic smiles from the friendly staff, and seated right away. Everything on the menu looked so good but I was feeling rather frisky, so I went for the Bun Bo Hue. When it came out a few minutes later, the aromas alone sent me to another realm, free from the fear, uncertainty, and doubts of this earthly place. The first spoonful of broth was heavenly, the second spoonful launched me into a cosmic haze of pure bliss. I don't remember the third spoonful or even what happened next 10-15 minutes. Before I knew it, my bowl was empty and my zest for life was completely full. I needed this, and so do you. 5/5 would recommend.

Shea E.

Spent a very cold day outside and needed some soup badly to warm our cold bodies. So I searched for pho. Came across this little place and we are sooo grateful. We ordered the 2 meat pho with flank and clean brisket. Our daughter got the chicken noodle soup. All three of us were very satisfied. The owner/chef came out to ask how we liked it and if we had any complaints or concerns. Very good customer service. Definitely going to hit this place again

Amani Latif

The best Garlic noodles and pho is amazing too

Nimet E.

My new favorite go-to pho spot!! Staff is extremely hospitable and the food tastes super fresh and high quality :)

Jammy Lee

Great service, very clean restaurant. As for food quality, I am from Vancouver, BC and this place's quality is top notch even compared to the best Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver. Highly recommended

Hector Fernandez

Drove down for work, got in late and tried this place before closing. Great garlic noodles with chicken. Great flavor and loved the onions in the dish.

Ra B.

Okay I don't really leave yelp reviews unless the place and food stood out to me. This place has great prices, extra meat is 1.50$ the quality of the meat is delicious, its not fatty and the texture is phenomenal and tender. I usually go to another place but this is my new spot. Egg rolls are great! Water and drinks are good prices! It's very very clean everything to the tables, floors and the environment is well taken care of . Parking is right outside. The staff is very friendly. 10/10!

Charles L.

Chao Village. Prices were kinda high. Service was good. The place was empty except for us. Excellent Thai iced tea. Food was mediocre to good. I recommend the pho. Waiters and waitresses were friendly. Give it a try if you are in the area and feel like trying something new.

Brian N.

Hidden gem! The owner/chef really puts his heart into his food. You can tell by how delicious the food is. Very friendly service, good size portions, and very rich in taste. It feels like we're back in Vietnam with the food. Thank you! Everyone needs to come try this hidden gem! Definitely recommend the shrimp egg rolls and the shaken beef garlic noodles. So good!

John S.

Great atmosphere, loved the food, seemed very personal and the chef was open to feed back, give this place a shot guys!

Scott C.

This is our 3rd or 4th time here. Each time, I have ordered something new and have yet to be disappointed! Tonight I ordered the Shaken Beef(tritip) on Garlic Noodle. It was spectacular. And at these prices, next time maybe I'll order two! Pro's great value, great fresh food, friendly staff, and nice decor. Cons-- None

Michelle L.

My parents and I came for lunch today. Service was super sweet and friendly, and the food was great for a good price! We're definitely returning and we would recommend it!

John Sellers

Quaint little Vietnamese restaurant here in Anaheim. The food is authentic, the atmosphere is laid back, and the staff is friendly. They've got a pretty nice outdoor seating area for when the weather's nice but indoors is clean and comfortable too.

Chris Y.

The hunt for food close to Disneyland brought us to this little place only about 5 mins from the Mickey and friends lot. I had been tired of all the Mexican food and needed a change of pace so Vietnamese on a hot day was exactly what I was in the mood for. My gf ordered the shaking beef and rice and I ordered the grilled pork vermicelli bowl with an added egg roll. This place is bomb and had super reasonable prices. The thing that set this place apart is the super nice owner who came out from cooking to make sure we were extremely happy with our orders. He even brought me out a special spicy pepper from his private stash bc he just knew I would be interested by lookin at me. Give this place a try! He told me he's planning on an annual pass holder discount soon, so stay tuned and take a nice little break from the park here. Support local business! Don't believe me? Just look at he pictures...

Clark T.

What a difference a year and three months makes. After visiting today I could no longer in good conscience leave my original 5 star review here on Yelp for Chao Villiage. So... I thought I'd go in for an early lunch before the Clemson & Texas A&M football game started at 12:30 today. Upon sitting down the waitress came over rather quickly and handed me the menu and a glass of water. After a few moments she returned to take my order. I decided on the Bun with grilled pork. Most Vietnamese restaurants include an egg roll or two with Bun but not so at Chao. They do offer to add an egg roll at $1.50 each, which the waitress didn't seem to be aware of. I had to point it out to her on the menu. Well after what seemed like an eternity at least 15+ minutes the Bun bowl finally hit the table. Mind you there was only one other customer in the restaurant than myself and she had already had her meal served when I came in. I've never waited so long for Bun. Unfortunately the wait wasn't worth it. I removed the egg rolls to the plate the bowl comes on, added the 'dressing', mixed it all up and started to eat. The first few bites of noodles were not tender. But after that they were just right. The pork was very disappointing. Tasteless, overly fatty, and much of the larger pieces had tooooo many burnt spots. NOT good on thinly sliced pork. The vegetables were good and crispy and thank goodness for the crushed peanuts because that was about the only flavor in the bowl even with all the dressing poured on. The eggrolls did have a good crunch to them but alas, other than that they were rather tasteless as well except for my 'dipping' sauce. Other than bringing my menu...taking my order...and bringing my food I never saw the waitress at my table. Even to say something about why the order was taking so long, or maybe apologize for it, or 'it should be out in a moment.' Anything would have been better than...nothing. Another woman did come over after I stopped eating and asked me 'how was it'. I told her thinly sliced pork should not be burnt as I pointed to all the large pieces on the plate that had too many burnt spots. And I commented on how tasteless much of the meal was. That lady was the one who processed my card for meal payment. If I was her I would have at least 'comped' the egg rolls while apologizing profusely for my tasteless meal. But that didn't happen. So sorry Chao. This will be my last time dining at your restaurant. With so many great Vietnamese restaurants in nearby Garden Grove one has lots of choices.

Juliette C.

Love this place!! Decided to try by chance on the way home w/the hubby and we are so glad we did. We are big on the Pho and garlic noodles w/beef platter, as well as the rocket shrimp and egg rolls. Everything is super tasty and not overly saturated with oils, and don't get me going on their super hot seed chili behind the counter! Wonderful, wonderful people run this restaurant and the chef/owner always makes a point to come out to ensure everyone is satisfied. Very happy we have this gem so close to home. Thank you Chao Village team, keep the phenomenal work up!!

Hien Pham

Food is surprisingly good. Great environment. Best specialty here is Phở. The original intention of the owner was to open a phở specialty restaurant. But that changed as time went by. Then anything with shaken beef is good. The chef uses quality meet he buys from One World Meet to cook his dishes. Phở has nine spices, but very sparingly used to preserve the fresh and light taste. Eating here I don't feel the after taste side effects I get usually when eating in little Saigon, (sometimes lingering on for half a day). Clean and light themes assuring a less salty, fattening taste; I could tell that the chef is dedicated to his dishes. Eggroll reminds me of my mother's cooking at home. Shaken beef is used with beef marbles of tri-tip, very tasty, not the usual tender but dry fillet mignon you typically get in Little Saigon restaurants. The sauce the chef uses to marinate the beef is itself a recipe where he has to cook the final mixture first before applying to the beef. However, I do prefer the sweeter taste of shaken beef at another favorite restaurant of mine. But really, you got to eat here at least once in your life. There no Cháo (porridge) here, although it was the original intention of the owner to sell mainly Cháo and Phở. The chef/owner is quite talented in many fields, and is a perfectionist. Parking spaces are abundant, and I love it just for this. There is even very nice outdoor seating that could enlighten a nice and jolly group. New York Steak is available on Weekend. So is Shaken Gingerly Salmon. This is definitely not your typical Vietnamese restaurant. If you have a large group, call first and let them know ahead of time perhaps your favorite dishes so they can prepare for you.

James Wang

The food here is awesome. We came to Disneyland for vacation from Texas and my wife found this place. We been here twice already and only been in California for 3 days. Great food and also great service u can’t beat it. We will be back for sure

Ashley S.

Delicious pho, my friend said we should try this spot since she's past by it before and we LOVE pho so we love trying out new spots. We went in and was seated immediately and our server was super nice! When I got the soup I tried out the broth and omg it was so delicious!!! The owner came up to us asking if everything was to our liking which was nice. He also gave us a free order of egg rolls which I did not expect! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a delicious bowl of pho!

Cberger710 ..

Such a tasty find! Left Disneyland craving a warm bowl of Pho and found it at this diamond in the Anaheim here on Yelp- loved it! We ordered Pho Thai and the grilled vermicelli noodle bowl (bun) also the egg rolls for our boys and the spring rolls with shrimp for us. All was fresh and so tasty- talk about hitting the spot! Thanks for the terrific food Chao Village