Charleys Philly Steaks

265 S Euclid St Ste 165, Anaheim
(714) 817-7909

Recent Reviews

Bob Wilson

Great food and good service!

ana depaul

Unfortunately this time was a disappointment. My daughter is allergic to pickles . I asked the not to put pickles but the kids helping did not pay attention. They put pickles. Luckily my daughter notice. She couldn't eat it the sandwich. Unfortunately I lost the email to where you want me to reply.

chano Meza

Have to say the best. Fast service Yummie food great staff.

Daniel H.

It's sadness to come with a family of five, minutes before closing (10min) to a fast food restaurant, but only to be rudely be yelled at "Closed, get out!! by an employee named "Isaac". In these time of helping one another, this Charley's Philly steaks location has lost itself within it's true value and being helpful to the community. Though we are a paying customer most businesses management and employees are biassed on an income mentality, rather than providing a grateful customer service experience. Unfortunately it exist, people like Isaac are the worst kind of employees in any type of business. Never to thrive or seek opportunities within the a business company but only there for a simple paycheck.

Mary C.

This review is based solely on their customer service. My first time here, I ordered 2 separate items and sat down. As I look up from my seat, I see a big poster in front of me that shows exactly what I ordered as a special for $2.50 less. Thanks you ass of a cashier, you could've told me. The poster was against the wall, facing away from where you order. Coincidence or a place that doesn't care about your business? I'll take my money where they somewhat appreciate it.

Luv2fish M.

YUM! Hot, fresh, so good sandwiches. My favorite. Come here often. Great service, clean restaurant, reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Ronda C.

yummy chz stk but could benefit from a bit more meat & chz to bun ratio sweet tea was very tasty with no bitter tannin after taste I've come to expect from almost anyone's sweet tea other than my own LOL asked for fries crispy & they were on point Jayden makes a very positive impression on register & other staff worked quickly & efficiently as well.. next time i'll do dbl meat/xtra chz

CaedenForGaming _

Great quality of food, always hot, and good price for the amount of food too!

Caeden C

Great quality of food, always hot, and good price for the amount of food too!

Oliver A.

This place is garbage.sandwiches don't taste authentic! Didn't even finish the whole sandwich. Really gross food!

Ericka G.

This review is for the great service. Everytime me and my husband go in, the employees greet us warmly. The food is always freshly cooked and delivered fast. Yesterday a young cashier named Andrew helped us and he was very helpful, even helped out my mother in law since she only spoke Spanish. There is also a really nice cook with a neck tattoo that is also really friendly and prepares our sandwiches perfectly, not like other places that deliver them so sloppy. Hope the owner reads this, your employees are great and they are doing a great job. I will continue visiting this location Thank you guys!!!

Melvin Basallo

The chicken sandwiches are awesome. They use fresh ingredients.

Angel G.

Although i love charleys,twice they messed up my order.i wanted ultimate fries and they give regular fries.i tried calling them but no one picks up.ill probably not return tonthis location.they need to be diligent.

Alexandra Cabrera

quality sandwich made by some quality people

Robert Niederhauser

First time here. Was very good.They are a little light on the fillings. More bread than meat.

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