El Torito

2020 E Ball Rd, Anaheim
(714) 956-4880

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OpenTable Diner

Food was great but music to loud


Everything one and everything was great. Greta food and service the manager was great and welcome and the staff was warm and friendly.

OpenTable Diner

Food leaves a little to be desired! Not so goid


I took my now 7 year old boy for his birthday and let the server know so they can sing to him. She later came back to ask for his ID in order to sing for him. I cannot forget the look of disappointment on my sons face. Who carries an ID for a 7 year old? Service was also very slow.

OpenTable Diner

Mediocre food, high price


Haven't been to El Torito Anaheim in a while, it's changed a lot. Extremely poor service, either they are short staffed or poorly managed. We had to ask for soft drinks three times, ask for napkins four times, ask for menus, three times. They weren't very busy and we decided to go to the lunch buffet. Only one person working the buffet line so it took several minutes for each person to go through the line. There were people lined up waiting to be served. Food was cold and over cooked (or kept in a warming oven for a long time prior to serving). Isn't what it used to be for a fun lunch. Won't be returning any time soon. It's too bad.


Hot food was cold. It would have been excellent if it had been kept warm. No warming pans underneath or overhead heaters over most of the food. Front doors were open, making restaurant cold inside. It was odd to walk in to a huge open room. We were disappointed because we'd been to one in Brea which was fantastic.


Very good dining experience.

Jesse S.

Went to celebrate my sisters bday, she loves their wings, guacamole and tacos! Large group of us (13 I know!) but the staff was able to accommodate us right away, thank you host and manager (who I didn't catch his name) but thank you for the accommodations. There were a few hiccups without order but we were patient and understanding and the staff was able to make things right for us. I know sometimes mistakes are made and we all have off days so even though there were a few little mistakes we were very happy with our experience. To our server, we know you're newer and sometimes things will be overwhelming, keep working hard, learn from mistakes and keep chugging along! To the manager, again sorry I didn't catch your name, huge thank you for helping out, you making the bday dinner a positive experience. Best of luck guys, positive vibes only!

Araceli R.

First time coming to this El Torito , and it's been one of the best experiences so far. Angel the Server/Bartender was super attentive, gave us good recommendations on what to order, & had a great vibe and energy. The Manager Luis and all the staff pretty much made us all feel welcome :) definitely will come back to this location.


Having dined at this El Torito for many years, this was the worst experience. The waitress seemed annoyed from the start. We were only drinking water, no alcohol.. We ordered soups and flaming fajitas. She brought both out at the same time. The fajitas were not sizzling, and barely warm. We had to ask for straws, an extra plate, and when the birthday dessert was brought out, we had to ask and wait for spoons, while the ice cream was melting. All in all a very bad dining experience!

Luis G.

I came to El Torito for drinks and let me tell you the drinks are spot on with the perfect combination of flavor! The bar tender was amazing! Nothing beats this and football! I will definitely be back very soon!

Angie B.

Love this El Torito, everyone is always so friendly. I've been here a few times and the staff is great, especially the manager Luis. Fun atmosphere for happy hour as well!

Mario F.

Great Ambience, The Service What impeccable Food Was Well Cooked And Seasoned I Would Recommend This Place For The Family Plenty Of Choices To Eat Alberto and Eduardo Did Great Serving And Taking Orders

Shima M.

I am not kind of person that writes a bad review, but I had one of the worst experiences there. We celebrated my husband's graduation and they ruined our night. The food is great, the place is amazing but service is terrible. I booked 2 nights before and I called them that they and asked when we come there please give us a fast service, because our guests had a long they for graduation celebration. Can't even imagine that I booked for 7 pm, our table was ready 7:20 then our server just said welcome and left us for 15 minutes. We ordered pitchers of margarita, he came back we the preachers, no glasses. He brought 6 glasses and we waited about 5 minutes to have other glasses. One of our guests had a kid, he ate salsa and was so spicy for him we asked for water 3 times, he came and forgot to bring water, we asked for more chips and salsa, he brought after our food. Usually when we go there, they bring a chips and salsa for 2 of us, but that night he brought 3 for 10 people. The most important thing was that I called them morning and ask them to order the food and drink, but she said come here 15 minutes before your guests arrive then order your food, because we don't know the exact time you get here, so I did what she had said to me. The lady which was in reception told me that why do you want to order your food now, your server will get your order on your table. I said them that I put a not for you when I booked and I called today, it is so easy, just get the order. She didn't accept and I said I want to see a manager, It took 20 minutes to meet the manager, and he said ok wait I will call your server, but server came 20 minutes after all of my guests arrived. We had booked for 7, our table was ready at 7:20, and I arrived there at 6:30 because I suggested to get there before my guests. During this 1 hour before get our table, 3 times I asked to see manager from 3 servers, they just said please wait he will come. Totally we had a terrible experience especially when the kids was coughing and 3 times we asked for water, my friend asked for some napkins, he forgot again, after he brought our food i said my daughter asked for chips and she is still waiting, the he brought it and disappeared, even didn't come to see we need more food or drink, just when we wanted to leave, he came with a big smile and said I hope everything was good and you had a great time, congratulations for your graduation and if you are ok I added the 20 percent tip because your party is bigger than 8 . It was my favorite place for many years I never go there again.

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