Fly to the Chicken - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

2117 E Ball Rd, Anaheim


Reviews for Fly to the Chicken

They have delicious Korean fried chicken and it's closer than driving to GG. Their chicken is cooked perfectly, tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. I usually order the 10 piece wings and add the Sweet Soy Sauce for a little extra. I definitely recommend this over just getting the original (plain) flavor. The sweet soy sauce isn't too sweet and has that umami taste. It's definitely comparable to Koko's!

I love chicken, and have become a big fan of Korean Fried Chicken. This place didn't disappoint me. I ordered the 1/2 chicken with the sweet spicy sauce. KFC places cut their chicken differently. They're cut smaller so you get more pieces for sharing. The chicken was piping hot and juicy. The sauce was more sweet and not to spicy so it's good for the kids to eat. Expect to wait about 15 minutes because your chicken is cooked to order. Everyone here is really nice. I think full review

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