Formosa Tea Time

263 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 399-8295

Recent Reviews

Eliud Garcia

Delicious drinks. Great prices. A lot of variety! We loved it!

Jason F.

They did have a owner change recently, not sure when. The previous guys behind the counter haven't been there in my last couple visits. The popcorn chicken did change, no longer the heaping bags but in a box now, still a decent amount. Does seem a bit better than my last visit about a month ago in terms of portion. Mild spicy still quite spicy. Seems the seasoning has changed, it's not as salty. The best part of their popcorn chicken is the meatiness of the pieces, not just getting small parts of chicken with a lot of batter. Seems the large size of the drinks has increased in size, its 32 Oz now. I seem to recall it being smaller before.

Kassandra Hammond

Simply delish.Tiger milk teaStrawberry milk tea with rainbow jelly.

Bich T.

The quality and quantity of the popcorn chicken have gone down since last month. They used to give us a full paper bag of fluffy popcorn chicken. Now it's a smaller box of less battered pieces of chicken. The taste changed too. Pretty disappointed this time.

Karleen A.

I ordered a green tea with salt foam and boba, which is my go to order for a new boba place and was not impressed. The boba was too hard and the foam had such a weird flavor.I could not even finish the drink. I will not be coming back The staff was nice though

Gracelyn K.

Have been going to this little boba shop since we moved to the area 6 years ago. Always stop for us, if we go to Target.

Cecilia C.

This place makes the best popcorn chicken in this area, they use the right batter, authentic Taiwanese popcorn chicken!

Sudheshna M.

Got a couple order of their Thai tea with Boba and spicy fried tofu. Their snack menu is very poorly written with very poor service by the staff. Apparently they have levels of spice but they don't actually describe them to you or give you options they just asked if you wanted spicy or not. There's not any sort of level of spice. The tofu is extremely spicy with no other flavor it's like they just dipped it in Cayenne

luis aguayo

Popcorn and the fries are bomb big portions it's worth the money and time... Don't forget the tea pineapple black tea is the best.

Andrea F.

It's amazing how nice and genuine all the employees are! They have a great system on ordering a drink and paying is simple and fast. I come here almost 2x a week. I love it! Thank you to every staff member!

Michelle N.

I love coming here for their popcorn chicken! They give a generous portion for the price! I usually get no spice, and the chicken is always super crisp and flavorful.

Britany T.

Love this place. The owners are so friendly and respectful. The drinks are always on point.

Lanel M.

They have a great avocado boba! (soft and chewy - boba cooked right.) Staff is very friendly. There is a punch card that I always forget and if you check in you get 10% off purchase. The squid balls were very good too. It seems to have a steady flow of customers and most of them are repeats because they know the staff.

Kristen Boone

Great drink, nice staff. I ordered the golden oolong tea with cheese cream. I like the tea they they brew right after ur order, it took longer than usual bubble tea place but worth the wait. The tea flavor is good and the cheese cream not covering the tea taste. Will surely come again.

Bella A.

My bf & I love coming here. Best strawberry/banana smoothie! The prices are great & the staff is always super sweet.

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