1560 S Lewis St, Anaheim
(714) 929-1033

Recent Reviews

Adrian Keith

Inedible, over-priced and not even close to what’s on their website. I ordered the CBR (chicken, bacon and ranch) sandwich and the 3 piece chicken fingers. The chicken sandwich didn’t resemble anything on their website, it seems like they took the top of a hamburger bun and folded THAT in half to hold everything. In both cases, the chicken was pounded, over-salted and deep fried over 1000 degrees for an hour in oil that’s been saved from the weeks prior. It’s hard to believe this restaurant has more locations if this is what they serve. What I got could hardly be considered food.Either someone doesn’t care about their job or the business’ reputation because this was just plain awful. The photos are after I ate one of the chicken fingers, I ended up tossing the rest of it.Hard pass.

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