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101 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 778-8996

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Elena J.

man i waited so long for my pizza, then i asked for cheese and peppers and they didn't have plates i said okay no problem. the two workers then began to talk about the cash register and ignored me for like 5 minutes AND i didn't know you had to pay for peppers and cheese. ridiculous he could've just told me from the start. please pay more attention stop making customers wait for so long.!

Antonio A.

I'm satisfied with the wings and pizza. Good pizza, customer service, and freshness too. Carry out is a breeze!

Brandon M.

placed an online order, and was greeted a man who asked if I was picking up. said yes. picked up my order and went home. pizza barely had any cheese or sauce. was basically all bread. never coming to this location again.

Xavier G.

This pizza had the worst pizza ever i order pizza it came to my house fast but it seem like they rush to make the pizza. Instead of pizza we got cheese bread

Nicole C.

We got the pizza just like bake for 1 minute.... Cannot even eat it and it cost $27...really expensive and not worthy. Don't order it unless you want to back it yourself

Tiffany M.

We have decided to stop ordering from this location because of a particular employee who doesn't wear his mask, seemingly ever. Earlier in 2020 we ordered twice and he wasn't wearing his mask over his nose and mouth both times, so we started ordering from a different location. Picked up from this location last week because it was on the way home and the same guy was actively cutting pizza with his mask fully around his chin. He was also talking to another person in the waiting area without his mask (was not another employee). When he handed me my pizza, his mask still wasn't covering his nose. All three times I took the survey to let Pizza Hut know about this employee and apparently it hasn't mattered and nothing has been enforced.

Jessie S.

Checked the box for contact-free delivery. The delivery guy was standing at the door with his mask around his chin. Paid for several ranches, got none. Asked for a refund for the ranches, got store credit. Come on... it's not that hard to deliver a pizza

K. R.

"F" Pizza Hut and their expensive sucky pizza and their extra California service fees on top of that

Jamie P.

It really takes a lot for me to this upset. I have lived in this area for 20 years and normally don't have an issue. And if there was an issue they did rectify it however, last night I placed an online order. Large pizza,wings breadsticks. Contact less delivery. My ring app notified me I had someone at the door. K cool. Then I hear the ring chime again. So I am assuming the delivery guy left. I open the door he's still standing there it was pretty weird actually and it startled me Bc I thought he walked away and left it there. I did say I ordered contactless delivery I thought you had set it down. Didn't realize you were still out here. He doesn't say anything but sets it down and leaves. I bring the food inside and the seal that is supposed to give us all peace of mind during this pandemic is completely broken and not by me. Bread sticks and wings no seal. When Covid first happened this location was on it !!! Contactless delivery right at the door all packed sealed and in a bag tightly tied up! I called and the manager didn't seem to care. I called back later as it really upset me and didn't feel like this manager expressed too much concern and now I'm uncomfortable to eat this food..the female manager would not provide her name said u can call back tomorrow and speak to Miguel Z. Would not say what the Z stood for and in fact she said "I don't need to tell u that " when I asked for refund straight up said no. At this point if I don't get refunded it is what it is but delivering food sealed and seal is broken by the driver not ok!!! The management not ok!! No one out pizzas the hut right lol And on top of that I felt hella sick today so not sure what this guy did to the food but Anaheim Pizza Hut have a meeting with you employees on Covid protocol you have strayed away from public safety concerns.

Marc M.

It takes a lot for me to complain but here goes. Tonight I ordered pizza and wings from my local Pizza Hut, same as I've done a million times. I pull up, call in for the touchless carryout, and watch some guy grab my pizza then start talking to his workmates. Finally he brings out my food and puts it in the back seat.I get home and no $16.00 wings, I got a $5.00 cookie! Ok, stuff happens so I call in. I get put on hold. I call back and I explain what happened and he asks me if I still want my wings. Yes. He says bring back the cookie and get my wings. I say you have delivery drivers and please drop off my wings. He snickers and puts me on hold. 10 minutes later I have dial tone.I called back, got Mr Snicker and he immediately put me on hold.I brought the pizza and cookie back and got a refund and I will never go back.

Erin C.

People complaint to much... came here during the pandemic and the workers here are super nice and chill. Curbside pickup is a breeze. 10/10 would recommend

Angel C.

May 16th 2020 @9:16 PM I place my order online for delivery. This is what I received almost an hour after my order was placed! The pizza boxes were smashed up, the pizza inside was a disaster! Literally looks like someone dropped both pizzas and picked them up and put them in the box again and then delivered them to me that way! I called and asked why they were still delivered to me like that and that I wanted a refund, all I got from the manager was what do you want me to do! To this day I haven't seen my debit card credited the amount I paid for $40.40 mind you Pizza Hut is my go to for weekends and this ruined my whole taste for Pizza Hut in general... don't order from here if you must order the next best one is on la Palma, before harbor... still waiting on a response from corporate as I emailed them right away....! Too bad I have to select a star to place this review "ZERO STARS IS WHAT IT DESERVES"!

Lupe S.

I just ordered the Big Dipper pizza . It's terrible, it tastes like dried up cheese sticks. Just one large pizza with stuffed crust and Pepsi endeded up paying like $60 for that. Way over prized for the quality of the food, definitely not ordering again from here I would say little Cesar pizza tastes better than what I had today for half the price.

Jonathan S.

WOW IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD DO SO! On March 2nd(monday)2020, at 11:25pm I ordered online a large mozzarella poppers pizza and a side of ranch, I also had a free 8 piece bone out wings reward included In the order. All in total WITH delivery fee and tax fee included it was 26.20. I also had a credit amount already with this location due to FINDING A HAIR IN BETWEEN A GOOD AMOUNT OF CINABON ROLLS!!! So on March 2nd at about 12:15pm my order arrived I was going to pay cash but I only had a $100 bill driver did not have change for $100 of course so I wasn't able to do anything but cancel it sadly. Today on March 3rd I attempted to re-order what I canceled on March 2nd night. I wasn't able to re-order it online due to the wings being free from my rewards so I tried calling the store. I tried explaining to the person on the phone that I had placed and order last night n it got delivered but had no change for $100 bill BUT he didn't seem to care to look into it so he didn't ask me for my account phone number or name all he did was ask me what I had ordered last night which was 1 large mozzarella poppers pizza Free 8 bone out wings Side of ranch After that he told me ok 30 mins thank you. That's all I waited for my order when it got here they told me my total was $19.69 right away I knew something didn't seem right because yesterday night they had told me my total was $16.20. The guy that had "HELPED" me charged me for the wrong large pizza it was not a large mozzarella poppers pizza! He charged me for the large pizza and 8 bone out wings and a side of ranch! Really upset I'm getting over charged plus no condiments I have to pay for chese and chili flakes outrages!

Claudia Tapia

Pizza lover ???

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