Pizza Hut

500 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 778-8996

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It was alright they were a little rude and got my orders wrong twice

Michelle Sandoval

I'll say it's okay, I've had a horrible experience here before when they gave me raw chicken wings. Stopped going for a while but have been back, and their pizzas are okay, sometimes they are made really good but other times not so great. But I do love pizza hut!

Julian Campbell

If ur using EBT, then don't show up. U will end up having to walk into U.S. HQ at Washington DC to speak in court hearing. Due to Network being down for almost 2 months. If this were a crisis or National disaster wed all be dead. Cause no one is doing their jobs, still trying to figure out what they paid for???


Food is well the typical pizza hut food... I order online for two reasons.... 1. Easier to see the deals and 2. Fastest.... they usually don't have enough workers for there busy times so if you call be ready to wait or have the phone ring a few 20 times before they answer

Avery's Hillyer SHOW

Freaking bull ,I call they say machine is working to pay ,my husband drives there and they said they don't have the order , he drives to another one thinking so he drives all the way back and now the machine is not working .... Why say it is working if they are not sure instead of waisting people gas . Not everyone has the money to just drive around town , make sure that your costumers questions are answer with facts not with what you think is truth but facts . Gas is not free

Tonya McNear

The Pizza and service was awesome

Moses C.

I'm not to sure if they were trying to be funny or ? I'm just confused for starters the pizza I ordered had a missing piece like some one grabbed it with there fingers ! I opened my boneless wings and 1 of them looked like a man's privates! I tried calling them of course no 1 picks up! Is this place ran by kids? The driver was nice and had nothing to do with it five stars to him !

Letty P.

This is Pizza Hut you either love them or you don't but this review goes out to the five-star customer service given to me by the young guy at the register he was not the one that rang me up however he's the one that walked over and said, "don't worry about it we will take care of it, we'll make you a new one" So I did an online order as a perk through T-Mobile Tuesday hook ups now I don't know if it was a human error or a computer glitch but I selected a large two topping bacon and pineapple pizza now what the register printed up was a cheese pizza the lady who originally rang me up kinda wasn't backing down and I really think that management needs to remind her that it's what the customer wants after all I'm the one who is paying for it not her. When she opened up the pizza and showed me a cheese pizza I shook my head and said no that's not what I ordered she pointed to the receipt and said yeah cheese pizza that's what's on here I shook my head again and I said no but that's not what I ordered let me show you luckily I took a screenshot of my online purchase and it clearly shows one large pizza with two toppings still after showing her the picture she insisted that it was a cheese pizza that is what the computer printed out, then that's when the younger guy walked over and took care of everything. The easy way he handled that small situation is what customer service is all about, he'll be a great manager someday if he isn't one already.

Amber C.

Everytime I go to this Pizza Hut they are very kind. I had a long day at work and was really wanting a pizza and the first place that popped in my head was this Pizza Hut also the garlic knots are Amazing! Thanks crew!

antonio esqueda

The pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks were really dry. Thus facility does not have a heater oven to keep your food warm, so if you plan on placing an order dont wait too long to pick it up.

Jose Gudino

Poor customer service, they also took my order incorrectly and blamed me. And as the cashier supposedly fixed my order and made me wait onther 10mins when i came back my order had not even been started and said there was no order for me even when the cashier had put my name with the time on the "carry out orders screen"

KMiko Tuju

I ordered carry out... Once I got my final order I was happy with it & it was good... s/o Leanna hopefully I spelled that right. She has great customer service.

Steve Kleine

They're really awful. Just make yourself a sandwich instead.

Joesapp37 ..

pizza is my fave. pizzahut always my go to spot during the later night hours. for decades this location has a good delivery service and carry out is a breeze. never disapointed.

Jonathan Salgado

Really upset that I'm getting charged for condiments.


Pizza great only thing is never ask for cheese or pepper or ask for cheese and you'll get pepper and lots of it.

Andrew A.

Got a pizza that is skimped out on pepperonis, manager agreed that it had less than usual and offered to make another but i would need to wait extra time. Make sure you ask them to not put 1-2 per slice before you drive out and get a surprise. Other than that not bad. Just sucks because lil ceasers has double the ammount for 6 dollars

raed helaleh

that are a thief I never get my order right . thay charge extra for delivery. . there price up and down . sucks place .. no one buy from there

James Meegan

Needs modification if it wants to work at that capacity...because the place sucks...too small

Kevin S.

I ordered a medium pizza and some que papas last night, immediately after eating I began to feel sick. Idiots need to learn to stay home if you're sick, now I'm gonna feel like shit for Christmas.. thanks

Gary W.

If I could rate this place 0 I would. My wife's electric scooter ran out of power in their parking lot. I ask the manager if she could order a pizza and wait there while I went to get our vehicle. Nope! Mind you we are both clean people out in Anaheim for a vacation riding new scooters we purchased. Nope! Heartless, useless and probably incompetent in the arena of basic life skills.

Sherry Thompson

You can have them make the crust like lil Caesars pizza sticks, awesome. Also they take EBT

Veronica Macias

My pizza order is always on point! Wing street = great wings!

Amelia O.

this was my bad experience first time . I ordered a large thin crust pizza , half with cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapeños. i placed my order 12:30 pm to be picked up 2:00. my order was not ready when i arrived at 2:00 . after me waiting patiently to receive my food and beverage , i was jus disappointed and and not happy with at all . if i can describe my experience with two words it would be , BAD.

Jaime R.

I'm here for carry out and it's a disaster phone is ringing and employee is under pressure and seems like no one is here to help. Overall good pizza just poor impression.

December C.

It is so hot in here literally make sure that you order your pizza and have it delivered. Also I think the customer service can do a little bit better as well, in the middle of me ordering a pizza one of the employees walked up to the lady that was taking my order and as I was telling her what I wanted she put her finger up to me and said please hold on I will get to you in a second. Umm ok? Then they had a full on conversation about how lady canceled her order so who's going to be able to take the pizza??? Ummm ok again? Finally I would've my pizza bring it home and let me tell you it was terrible it tasted so gross. :(.

Moe N.

Supreme pizza was the most favourite for me. The price went up but it's O.K. And my favourite pizza hut!

rocio rodriguez

Ver y unsatisfied.. i order a bigdinbox. With cinnamon breadstick side of ranch. Parmesan cheese and pepper. And an extra 16bbq bones wings. And I ended up getting pizza with very light pineapple topping.. cheese salty breadstick with NO RANCH AND NO PARMESSAN CHEESE AND PEPPERS..

Aracely M.

Ordered online, sent hubby Was told the order wasn't placed but they sure charged me for the order that was never given. Now when I called to have the money returned. The ""general manager"" stated that the order was given and that we can go in with a different card if want to change debit cards. She refused to give her name. Never coming here again.

Aundreaa G.

Ordered for carry out and went to pick up my pizza. Went to the front and 3 employees passed by on the side and didn't bother to come assist me. Someone was also making a pizza in the back but I was patient. They finally assisted me 5 minutes later (the store was empty) and when I got home my pizza was hard. My Hershey cookie wasn't cut in pieces and was also all burned on the bottom I couldn't even enjoy it. So much for satisfying my cravings.

Daniel Barron

The pizza was good but the wings they were great 🤗🤗🤗🍕🍖🍕

Jessica L.

I ordered my pizza online as delivery. It was 7:38 pm when I ordered my pizza and it's already 8:43 pm, my pizza have not came yet. I called the pizza hut store to ask why my pizza was taking so long. The person I spoke to over the phone was named Chris and he said they were backed up on drivers with only having 4 drivers at the moment. So I asked him how long more it was going to be and he said 35 more minutes. I told him I would rather come pick up my order than wait 35 more min because there are no drivers available. And then Chris tells me, yes that would be better it would be more quicker for you and your pizza should be ready in 15 min. So I question why isnt it ready now and he said because they have not cooked it yet. Just hearing that my order has not even started cooking yet after ordering my pizza and wings over an hour ago made me really furious. So I said okay I will pick up my pizza in 15 min. 25 min later I went to pick up my pizza and It was 9:18 pm when I got to Pizza Hut. The front cashier tells me that they can't find my order. Already I was already mad that I had to go pick up my pizza and now they tell me they can't find my order!? There were atleast 5 workers when I was there and not one person was able to get my order ready and right. Instead they blame the delivery guy and said he took my order to deliver it somewhere else. I kept calm to make sure I don't go crazy on the workers but inside me I was screaming and yelling ready to blow up. So the worker tells me he was sorry they are remaking my order he will refund me my money. He tells me again another 15 min. I just wanted to go off and file a complaint not even wanting my pizza anymore. I left this pizza place at 9:44 pm and it took more than 2 long hours to get my order right. Having this really bad experience makes me don't ever want to order pizza from any pizza hut place anymore. They got nothing but unprofessional workers! I would not recommend this place at all.

Kimiko Gayle

I ordered carry out... Once I got my final order I was happy with it & it was good... s/o Leanna hopefully I spelled that right. She has great customer service.

J Gajito

Web orders charge a "$ervice Fee", then they don't offer or include any condiments(no parmesan cheese or peppers), but while waiting, another customer was offered condiments. Kind of a double-standard discriminating employee. Treat the online web customers like dirt and the walk-in customers better, end of that store for me.

IrvIng E.

Order took 2hours to be delivered to my house when I live 20min away then when it finally arrived my pizza is cold not even warm. When I called the store the employee that answered the phone gave me attitude and acted like if I was lying to him I do not recommend this place to anyone

Alexandra G.

Literally the most incompetent Pizza Hut ever. I placed an online order for a cookie pizza, pasta, and a drink at 4:42. The driver came in the allotted time period and dropped off the cookie, the breadsticks, the drink.... but no pasta. I called the store and let them know what happened at 5:40, and they said they would send the driver right back with two pastas for the trouble. Forty minutes later, at 6:20, we still hadn't gotten our pasta. I called the store again, and they said they were really busy and the best they could do was credit our order for 12 dollars. So almost two hours later, we still had no food and they were only offering to refund half of our order. Order from somewhere else.

Jesse M.

This place needs new management, apparently the guy as manager right now doesn't know when someone makes a mistake. As well as not losing a long time customer, all you had to do was deliver the 5 breadsticks with some type of complimentary item and everything would be alright.

Samuel Freise

Good Pizzia. Nice staff. I ordered off the internet and when I got there the cashier had a coupon that discounted my order I was very pleased when I saved money at point of sale.

Delfino P.

Wow walk in and first thing out his mouth was I don't know what your gonna do but our systems are down there are other ways of making this situation better saying things like I'm not sure how long this is gonna be but your more than welcome to wait or we can accommodate you once the system is up very rude wow

Kelly P.

Just called and the guy taking my order was completely clueless. So frustrating! How hard is it to take a pizza order! Won't be going here again.