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The experience is cool, but for $200 I built a lightsaber that looks cheap, and stopped consistently turning on after a couple days. The shop was unable to fix my issue and told me “it was working as it’s supposed to”. I insisted it was defective and a $200 product should work consistently after 2 days of use, but I was told it was fine even as the employee watched it fail to turn on. I left, came back later, and spoke with someone else. This person let me exchange the full review
absolute waste of $200. while the body of the lightsaber feels better in the hands that the “cheap” $100 ones from Target. My Savi’s workshop lightsaber sounds and light affects when fighting with them are completely disconnected from my actions. Went back and asked the staff a few days after making it and was told that all the internals are checked when they are made and if there was something wrong It would have been picked up. So, unless you want an expensive paper full review

Travelled to Baatu and Black Spire Outpost after hearing the call of some sort of energy field created by all living things. Questioned what was so special about this unassuming scrap metal shop, but eventually after listening to the call of this energy field (and parting with some credits), I and a few other travelers met the Gatherers. All this time they were secretly helping others build Lightsabers. No surprise given the First Order’s tyranny is everywhere.

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