Soup Shop (State College Blvd./Lincoln Ave.)

214 S State College Blvd, Anaheim
(714) 603-7802

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Elizabrth Cruz

Pho is awesome here, the beef bone is awesome here, the fat noodles are awesome here! As a side note the chicken breast pho is amazing, it's juicy, and we all know when you put chicken in soup it's ironically dries up, but nope, not here, it's perfect!

Albert Vo

Cold weather calls for a warm bowl of Pho. Legit Pho shop with flavorful beef broth soup. I recommend you get the Pho Combination order with beef rib.Food: 4/5

Alapaki V

Cold weather calls for a warm bowl of Pho. Legit Pho shop with flavorful beef broth soup. I recommend you get the Pho Combination order with beef rib.Food: 4/5

Wang Hung

The pho will be average like in Bolsa area except about $2 more expensive. The small dish of basil and bean sprouts is that, small, had to ask for more.It's not bad tasting though, sometimes when it's at a random place you're essentially skeptical but it is pho, you won't be wowed but you won't be disappointed.

nohemi U

Egg noodle & chicken breast pho! The beef broth was delicious & the chicken was really tender & thin ??? One of the best spots for pho in OC!

nohemi ramos

Egg noodle & chicken breast pho! The beef broth was delicious & the chicken was really tender & thin ??? One of the best spots for pho in OC!

Simon Seidl

Absolutelly fantastic food! T-bone Pho was amongst the best i have ever had, considering the rich broth, fresh herbs and great quality meat. Really large portions that can be easilly shared inbetween 2 people (unless youbare really hungry). Springrolls were also nice. I loved the homemade chilly sauce - please keep it as spicy forever!

Samantha G.

I ordered the pho brisket, mango habanero wings, and popcorn chicken. The wings were really tiny but they were alright with the sauce. The pho brisket had a lot of flavor and the meat was really tender. The popcorn chicken was my favorite!

Elliot C.

First time here, we came at 12:50am and the place was still so busy, the cashiers are so nice at this late of the night. We got bo luc lac, crawfish garlic noodle and pho. My god the pho broth was sooo sooo good. I got the crawfish noodle, it was interesting, spicier then I thought. But highly recommend it. Overall the place is great for opening late with such good food .

Michelle N.

The pho was good. Love the flavors.meat was great.the server is very nice and sweet. After covid, a lot of pho place taste like water broth.

Mike L.

Came here after a long Disney day. One of the few places open late. Service was pretty quick to sit us down and take our order. Ordered: "special" Pho Combination with oxtail and beef bone add ons, crusted Parmesan cauliflower, and a crispy chicken rice plate. Everything tasted amazing. The pho especially filled me up til I was disgusted with myself, but I was satisfied. Food was all superb. This place is a must try spot!

W. D.

I'm so glad I came across this restaurant while I was on my way to Northgate Supermarket a few months ago. No need to drive to Westminster anymore when I'm craving because I finally found a great pho place in Orange and the best part, they're also open late! I've had their combination pho with rib bone added for an extra fee, oxtail pho, and garlic noodles and they're all amazing! The garlic noodles are very garlicky though so I can only eat a little bit at a time. What I love about this place and what makes pho really good is the broth. Theirs is always full of flavor and never watered down. And the rib meat is so tender it falls right off the bone. My family and I are fans!

Daniel N.

Me and my family wanted to try this place out one night because we had heard a lot of good things about this place and let me tell you, I've tried a lot of Vietnamese food places, this to me was one of the best! This server named Bao helped me decide on what to get at the restaurant while it was my first time and he helped me decide on the Pho Combination and it was the best Pho in all around Orange County. Bao was a very kind Gentleman and served our table very quickly and was so kind. Usually the servers at Vietnamese restaurants serve very uncaringly and have an attitude but Bao was so respectful and polite. Definitely going to have to come back next time.

Jennifer N.

Late night bussin'! I loved that Soup Shop offers a decent, full menu in the late evening to satisfy the hangry people at night. (Reminds me of the good college days). A few friends and I were feeling hungry after some drinks and we were craving something hot with soup, so we stumbled upon Soup Shop. Soup Shop in Anaheim is a pretty small restaurant , but their tables are comfortable and gives each party some decent space in between for privacy. The cravings were real at night and we wanted to order everything in sight, but we decided on: Fried Steam Baos: Usually, you would eat this bao steamed and it had pork, egg, sausage, etc inside, but this whole bao is fried. I never had a fried bao before & I highly recommend to try! It was bombastic bite! Popcorn Chicken: I don't know if we were just really hungry or this popcorn chicken is pretty up along with Bon Appetea or Boba Tea Lounge, for those who've tried! It was fried perfectly and the chicken was juicy on the inside. Paired with their sweet chili dipping sauce, it was worth ordering. Pho Combination: This is a basic pho that you can order at any pho restaurant. The portion is pretty good for all 4 of us to try, but it wasn't the stand out for the night. The soup was also not piping hot as I'd like it to be, but it satisfied the craving. Garlic Noodles w/ choice of protein, Shrimp: The *star* of the night and for every garlic noodle lovers out there! I would come back just to order this, with shrimp again or their shaken filet mignon! The garlic noodles was coated evenly with butter and garlic. Every bite paired with the shrimp was holllllly! The shrimps do have the tail shell attached but easily overlooked because the flavor hits every taste bud. Paired with the green aioli sauce, yum! Garlic Fried with Shaken Filet Mignon: The filet mignon cubes side by side with the garlic noodle dish was a hittt! The portion was very generous but the fries tasted like anywhere else, that's why I would probably get it with the garlic noodles cus that's just an easy combo; can't go wrong there! We tried a few of their drinks and I'd pass next time, but everyone taste is different, so if you feel for it- go for it! I can't wait to visit Soup Shop again.

Patricia Evans

Filet mignon and garlic noodles, my husband had the fried chicken with garlic noodles. We also ordered fried rice. The proteins were absolutely delicious! My husband like the noodles but I preferred the rice. Nether rice or noodles were overly oily as we have in the past at other places. And not overly garlicky. The restaurant is small but clean, service is friendly and we were served pretty fast. We were the only ones there but they also had at least three to go orders. If you get hungry late at night they are open untie 1:30am. My only small suggestion is they should cut the onion and bell pepper smaller.

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Soup Shop (State College Blvd./Lincoln Ave.)

214 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 603-7802