Taco Bell

1600 W Katella Ave, Anaheim
(714) 491-6682

Recent Reviews

Charlie Lopez

Better than most taco bells at 1 in the morning

Rory Arline

Thay have great food there!

Steve Valencia

It was a bad experience, kids are running around. The kids belong to one of the employee and she was letting the kids run through the back room where the food was being prepared. No good !!!

Chris Leon

The place was under staffed and the dining room needed attention. The girl who helped me was nice and the food was ready quickly but my family and I agreed it's now lacking. We won't be visiting any taco bell anytime soon. Do better taco bell!

rhys ngatuere

4 stars only,not as nice as I thought it would be and the meals are pretty expensive for a fast food restaurant.refill your own soda is great with a nice selection of drinks.

Roxsana Cazares

Ordered thru grubhub my order was completely wrong i payed extra stuff that wasnt evn added to my order


One of my favorite go to for the double beefy burrito. Gets busy but the have never missed up my order

LuzCelia Romero

Staff very nice and professional love the food but their friendliness is what keeps making me choosing this Taco Bell

Tom C.

The have down sized their menu as well as the portion sizes. But, their prices did not get smaller! Not worth the money. Off to Del Taco next time!

Linds D.

Conveniently close to home and work. Employees are always nice and get order correct. Love that Taco Bell is cheap with good food.

Brian B.

Worst service ever . i know it's a fast food restaurant but damn ...I'd give 0 stars if i could

Pedro Carvajal

Food came out just fine, but the bathroom facilities as well as the tables were all dirty. Had to switch to another table and still clean it. Makes me nervous how clean it is where I can't see.

Luna P.

Love their food and prices! The cherry sunset freeze is really good! Definitely will have to continue coming here when I have a late night binge.

keith whipkey

I love Taco bell and I have I have eaten Taco bell for years. Their selection is good, something for everyone in the family, and there are also healthy choices. Their prices are reasonable and service is prompt. I personally love Their spicy potato soft taco Thinking about it makes me wanna get one

Jeanine V.

Paid extra money, $1.80 to be specific for a taco supreme just for them to NOT put the sour cream & tomato..... smh horrible service can't even double check their work. Who charges this much for sour cream ? Might as well get a whole thing at Food4Less next door. Double check your work -_-

Alberto Nevarez

They are very friendly to the customers and very helpful to there customers when they need help and always have there restroom clean.


Food is pretty good, service is nice.

Aliah E.

This location is not open when it says it's open . Don't waste your time . They either close early because of employees that don't want to work late or yelp has wrong hours . This has happened to me multiple times now ..

Eleanor D.

Don't waste your time. Drove all the way from my hotel to this location. Their hours state they close at 2AM...they wouldn't take my order at 1:45AM. The woman working the drive thru would not even acknowledge the line of customers in the drive thru. Super unprofessional. By looking at the other reviews, it is clear management does not care.

Brian Salvatore

Quick service for a convenient dinner

Gabe V.

This Taco sucks. I ordered two chicken Quesadillas today and only got the tortilla and Cheese.

Abdulmalek M.

Don't go to this Taco Bell it's bad everything does not work it. The drinks taste bad it's like i m drink water. Do not go to this Taco Bell. Bad

Mike D23

Close to our hotel while visiting Disneyland. Got some food after the parks had closed ~12:30am and the food was quick and fairly decent. The only poor quality portion was the steak that I had added to a nacho supreme. It was rubbery and tough, but this was definitely due to the time of day that we ordered it. Key rule: Late Night keep it simple if you want it to be good. If you complicate the order with any changes then expect troubles. No brainier.

Colby Chambers

The order was correct but some technical issues. Ordering seems slow most of the time.

Rob Glenn

Great visit. Drive thru was on point, and got my order right. Very friendly.

Gerald Oliver

Well it's taco bell. Same as all the others. Tex-mex fast food. Can't really say much else about it except they are more expensive in Cali than any other state that I've seen. You can get a real street taco for cheaper at countless taco places around here. But I'll admit I do get a craving for some Taco Bell crunchy tacos every once in a while. 8)

Claudi Cristales

It's easy to substitute beans for meat on any of the menu items!

Manny A.

Came here to do a Postmates delivery. Drive-thru took a good 45 minutes and just as I finally got to the speaker, the order got cancelled for taking too long. I've worked fast food in high school and my goal was to get the customers in and out of the FAST FOOD restaurant. If I was getting food for myself, I would have left within 5 minutes.

Jose M.

Was helped by a gentleman by the name of Joseph, he gave amazing service and made sure my order was correct, every other time I've came, they forget my tacos or mess up my order, he's the only reason I'm coming back

Richard L.

It was a little busy...ordered on the kiosk...paid it took about 10 minutes of waiting.... everyone that had ordered at the counter had their order(s) and gone before getting ours. Had to go back to the counter and wait because they forgot our drinks. At the drink dispenser they are out of ice...got slim shavings. Then the Baja Blast was tasting off so I had to choose a different beverage. Sitting here eating other dinners complained about having no ice too.

Coach C.

For a place closed to Disneyland worst customer service. The young lady training what seem to be a new employee young kid she was extremely rude, she asked me if I wanted my change back...even this was 18cents considering is by Disneyland most tourists do need every penny. Sure enough a tourist couple was next to me they were short 4pennies this lady would not allow them to get the meal. She refused to tell me her name. I end up offering to pay for them. She eventually went to lunch and when the other employee called for her plate to be picked up her Lunch was ready she did call her by Jackie so I'm assuming her name is Jackie. So rude, the bathrooms were very dirty for 11:00am when another customer said they were out of paper in the bathroom same employee said "I heard you" Never in my life heard anything like this before at a fast food!

Random Human

Great place and food was amazing. The service was great and the place was clean. Overall, great quality .

Red, White and Bill Elliot

The best thing about this Taco Bell... it's in the same parking lot as M&M Donuts. If you are in this Taco Bell right now get up and walk out the door, take the 25 yard walk across the parking lot and get the best Blueberry Donut on the planet. Take the burrito and/or taco and drop it in the garbage or just leave it on the table for the employee to clean up and get a dozen donuts. Trust me you will thank me later. I am like Sam Beckett and about to fix right what once went wrong and change your life for the better.

Leobardo Alonso

3/10/19 1130am,

Paul Gonzales jr

Nacho fries are the best nacho tacos are the best what can you see

Julio Gomez

Great place and food was amazing. The service was great and the place was clean. Overall, great quality .

Khuong D.

This taco Bell does not honor the T-Mobile promotion. I placed my order on 2/15/19 and went to pick it up at the drive thru. I was first told to come inside the restaurant even though my order confirmation shows I selected drive thru pickup. When I went inside, I was told I needed to make a purchase above the free taco promotion. I showed the promo terms which didn't require it. Then I was told the promo is only valid on Tuesday. Again, I showed the T-Mobile terms for the promo which didn't limit it to Tuesday. I was then told "Sorry, you need to make a purchase." Just be upfront and tell customers you don't honor the promo instead of telling three lies to waste my time and yours.

Jooanna Z.

Bad and idiot stag are working in this store which they lack of humanity .i request them to use the rest rum and they said you have to buy something .

Sonhui Kim

I have been going to this Taco Bell since year 2001. I love TB food but lately they don't make it like I see in commercial. Special $1 dollar burritos were tasty but filler was almost empty. I know it's only a buck, but pictures I saw on ordering board were much more fuller than what I got. Even in their commercial showed bigger, in actuality was not. Very disappointed. Nonetheless, I enjoyed flavors.

Gregory M

I'm not sure why Taco Bell decided their restaurants should be dark and moody. They need to be so bright you can see them from outer space. This parking lot isn't the best and doesn't attract the best clientele, especially at night.