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Susan Chartier

The Pharmacist and her staff are absolutely the best. They have always gone above and beyond to provide what is needed for my son's medicines. I have never, ever worried about not getting his medicines because they are special and have specific directions to even dispense. Thank you Linh for the amazing things you do for not only me and my family, but for everyone.

vivek bhagat

Very friendly and helpful staff. Well experienced pharmacist, Short waiting time.

Shannon A.

Abusive and hostile customer service, particularly by an employee named Lynn. Lynn literally yelled and argued continuously when I attempted to find out why my prescription hadn't been filled for Over Four solid months and still hadn't been filled to date. It literally took me leaving four separate voicemails (one each month because no live person ever answered the phone when I called) to receive a callback on my fourth attempt. Lynn was immediately rude, condescending and blame shifted all responsibility of getting my prescription filled to Me and my Doctor Office. She was abusive to the point I had to end the call and forfeit my prescription to avoid further verbal abusive by her. I will never ever utilize TelNet Pharmacy again!! I will notify my insurance company of my experience, so they are aware of the abusive manner their employees treat customers.

Karen J.

My Pain Management Doctor (I have horrible chronic pain) recommended TelNet when 4 other pharmacies refused to fill my script for Fentanyl. They call me when it's time to refill. We set up a date and approximate time (giving them a 4 hour window) as to when they will personally deliver then they call me when they're about 10 minutes from my home. Needless to say, I transferred all my prescriptions to TelNet.

Robin H.

When I first started with this pharmacy they were marvelous! I do not know what happened, but since the 1st of the year they changed radically. They have become the most unprofessional business I have ever dealt with. I am on an opioid medication, yes. I am on it due to chronic pain. Without my medication I would not be able to walk, and take care of my 86 yr old Mom. They have "run out of medication", tried to tell me that I would not be able to get my prescription filled "in the entire county", that I should switch medication (against my doctor's advice), lectured me that I was mistaken that going without my prescription would cause problems ( again incorrect per my doctor), told me that I would have to purchase a medication that I didn't need or they wouldn't fill my prescription, and tried to tell me that I had no idea how a business worked. Having been the General Manager for a chain of stores I found that one hard to swallow. They started tap dancing again this month, and when I asked them directly if they wanted me to switch pharmacies they denied it 2x. On the 3rd time they finally turned it back on me, that I was mistreating them! They refuse to own their mistakes. It is ALWAYS the customer's fault! If you have ANY choice of which pharmacy to use, do NOT pick this one!!!!!!

Megan D.

Love love love this pharmacy and the staff! Gabby (spelling?) was super helpful and prompt. I plan on switching to them for all my pharmacy needs. Thank you for your amazing service and timeliness

Jon Mar

unkind staff.

Katherine Gutierrez

I am so happy to have the option of going to a dedicated pharmacy. The pharmacist and her staff are so nice and thorough, I really appreciate them.

Sherrie R.

This is the best pharmacy by far. If I have a problem they will do their best to help. They keep me updated. They deliver but, I will drive down to Orange County just to say hi. They are fast and super friendly I love 45 mins away. So super friendly. Seriously best pharmacy ever. If I could give them more stars I would. Thank you Tele net for being amazing.

Louis D.

These people have been a god send and lifesavers. The fact that they can and do handle my pain medications and all my other scrips and are always friendly and on time and most importantly deliver to my front door is fantastic. So happy my pain doctor referred me to them because they have been so helpful and always friendly and prompt over the phone never had a issue.

Martin Zuniga

Lin is a true caring person and looks out for the customers well being and making sure your prescriptions are filled on time. I get phone calls from here letting me know when my prescriptions will be ready. I have never experienced such attention from any pharmacy as I do here. These people are great and will treat you good as well if give them a chance. Thank you for your help.

Rosa Rivera

Best pharmacists ever in Anaheim on State College and Ball Rd. I have been coming here for months and want to let everyone know how kind, thoughtful and caring my two pharmacists Lin and Victoria have been during that time. They know me by name and have consistently delivered stellar service and never fail to act in my best interest and the best interest of my health with my prescriptions and advice on those prescriptions.I observed how well they interacted with all the customers, directing them to the right window and answering numerous questions. They were pleasant, patient, caring and service oriented. Victoria is bilingual and I had such a positive experience with the staff. It is a very busy pharmacy but they have always made me feel that they had time for me and my questions. They are to be commended. Thank you for all you do for me.

James Anderson

Gave 3 stars because the staff , 1 out of 2 of the pharmacies was helpful and wonderful , the other 1 not so helpful or wonderful ! Good luck and make sure too bring lots of patients !!!!

James A.

I'm giving three stars due to my last experience here . The staff and one of the pharmacist that I got to deal with is amazing the other not so great ! Make sure to bring a lot of money and a lot of patience if the main pharmacist is not there!!

Martin Z.

This pharmacy and the people who work here really do care about getting you your medication. In most pharmacies I've been to, they treat you like a number instead of a person, but at this pharmacy you're treated with respect and compassion.

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TelNet-Rx Pharmacy - Drugs Store

2129 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806
(800) 298-7176